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Journal Entry # 97

June 16th, 2010



The day George Carlin died June 22nd 2008 was a sad day for the world. He was not only a very funny man who brought joy and insight into my life and countless others but a man who was able to recognize bullshit in life on an epic scale.

He had a way with words that allowed the English language in its simplicity to sound intelligent. I could listen to his shows and skits over and over again finding something new each time. If you are not familiar with George I of course highly recommend you listen to his brand of comedy and insight.


George Carlin – Religion is bullshit. 

I dedicate this post to George Carlin who along with Lenny Bruce and other comedians allowed me to be able to say what I want when I want to. The 7 dirty words bit created controversy that still resonates to this day. Do you know the 7 words? I will never forget the day I ran down to Sam Sam the record man to pick up a copy of this alblum which I listened to over and over  and over. It was amazing that someone was speaking in the language that regular people talked in. I loved it when he challenged the establishment. This was a man I could emulate. He was cool.


The Seven Words

There really was no escaping the truth in one of Georges skits and for me that is very important. I wish I could find the humour he did in these situations but for now I will just enjoy his comic stylings. I salute George for his unwavering ability to see the truth.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

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