Who Hijacked Reality / #393 The (MY) Truther movement.


Journal Entry #393

March 28th, 2011

I am always interested in exploring new concepts and new ideas. I research and look into many various topics. I am not settled on any issue to the point of where I will not change my mind. In order for my mind to be changed the evidence must be credible.

I have engaged in much discussion in the so called Truther movement. I say this because my experience has led me to offer the conclusion that is their version of truth they want to tell you and when challenged on their claims they engage in the same tactics that the faithful or any other claims based without credible evidence people  indulge in. Usually after I have challenged their claims they reach a point where they do not know how to deal with me so they ask me to leave. As long as I agree with them they are fine but I rarely do.

The truth movement is basically another religion for people to connect with. I have observed very little actual truth going on. I have also noticed that this is a business like any religion spawning radio shows, videos and ever other type off item to sell. Now I agree that governments and other ideals need to be accountable but it must be dealt within reality. Pretty much everything I have heard so far is nonsense but they believe it with all the fibre, sound familiar?

Now you can research these sites and claims yourself but my point here is this; they indulge in the same type of behaviour and I am generalizing that any other delusion dwells in just a different delusion.


I went to get a response I gave on a video and I was greeted by this message. They asked me to join the group and then;

You have been suspended from United Truth Seekers

Sorry, Gary David Currie, you cannot access United Truth Seekers as you have been suspended. If you think you’ve been suspended in error, you can contact the administrator.

Top of Form

Message to the Administrator


“REPORT” FEMA Exercises at Giants Stadium. MARTIAL LAW IS COMING

This was the video I commented on.

The claims of this video are alarmist and completely unfounded, even going to the point of predicting a government murdering its citizens.

I wrote this on another site of which I thought I was welcomed but apparently not. I find a common thread of people asking you to leave or banning you when you do not agree. This to me is sad..


Slim Swayze take The Red Pill (Learn the Truth)

My goal is and always will be the search for truth. I have been asked to not post or comment so I will say one thing and then stop. The entire truth movement is about challenging others claims but you also have to be able to support the claims you also make. I agree with some but don’t with others so I challenge by asking questions. If people are just looking for others to agree with them then all you will be accomplishing is preaching to the choir. This solves nothing. The truth deserves our very best and there must be a system of checks and balances to verify it.  The very first thing one must be willing to do is admit they might be wrong. You try to prove a claim wrong in order for it to be proven right. If all people want is to just have others agree with them then that is your right. I personally do not enjoy  just preaching to the choir. Discussion is vital in the search.  It appears that so many cannot handle having their views on an issue challenged and use many tactics to avoid talking about the actual issue.

I realize this site serves a few purposes, For Slim to talk to his people, for musicians to promote their music of which I am one, for people to promote their personal agenda based on the truth movement but it also should be a forum for people to engage in discussion about the many issues raised. When one asks another to stop discussing because they disagree unless the person is insulting and people you have to have a thick skin  then you are engaging in the same behaviour that so many of you are fighting against. You become what you fight to change.

If you take things personally and focus on that part of a discussion you are avoiding the actual issues. My style of discussion has been the focus for many during the many conversation I have on many sites and in many forums. All I do is focus on the issues while not engaging in the drama if possible. When one focuses on anything but the actual issue it is usually a sign that they have no actual evidence for their claim. If you want to believe in things because you feel it is the truth that is your right but personally I actually care about what is true on all matters.

I am saddend by this development and to see that people cannot separate their personal problems which we all have from the actual issues.

I wish you all good luck in your endeavours and I will continue on with my music, art and writing with the agenda of actually seeking the truth.

Good luck to all

Gary David Currie of The Freeman

I seem to be in this area in my views where I do not fit into any group as my agenda seems too challenging to many. Their solution is to usually just ban me or ask me to leave.

I have found so far that very few who claim to be about truth in any way are actually about truth

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

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