Who Hijacked Reality / #455 Our survival instinct is so strong….


Journal Entry #455

May 28th, 2011

Our survival instinct is so ingrained in us that once we realized that we are going to die and what that means we created a way to believe that we could survive beyond this.

Look at everything we do on a daily basis it really is about survival, about existing and all else flows from this. I have used Maslow’s hierarchy of needs before as an example as it perfectly illustrates and explains why we do what we do but I will say that it does not happen in an orderly fashion such as demonstrated in the chart. It is the self realization, our awareness that we are alive that we exist that drive us. This is what separates’ us from all other species on this planet, our ability to see beyond the moment.

We want to live beyond what we think is our mortal life so we have created all these elaborate delusions to extend this life. Now there is of course no credible evidence for any of this but humanities history is rich and diverse along this pattern. We now know better and yet we still carry on in this self deception.

Besides our need to survive daily with the necessities it seems we fell this need to be valued, to feel important not only to ourselves but also to others whom we surround ourselves with. Again this will only be valued in this one and only life so why do we spend so much time fooling ourselves that there is a life beyond? Not a only a life but we have decided that this life is so fantastic that we have created so many other delusions to support the main delusion. Once we buy into the nonsense then the games begin and what games they are as we have made them so elaborate with so many rules that we end up killing each other over them.

Also during this existence we have realized there is what we call reality but reality does not fulfill the desires that we truly want. It only hinders them  by telling us that this is probably the one and only life we will get so what do we do, we ignore reality by pretending that it does not exist. Well it does whether you like it or not.

Doesn’t matter what I say or do it will not change reality, you will not live forever so suck it up butter cup and get on with what is actually true. It really is the same message over and over I promote but I just try to say it in as many ways as possible hoping that something will click in the minds of people. It seems like a futile effort at times as the delusion is powerful the fantasy is hypnotizing but at the end of all the mystery it really is not true, there are no gods or anything else that we have created to fulfill this desire to survive beyond this life.

Why do I continually promote the idea that god is not real? Besides than fact that it is the truth and I value the truth this life we have can be so much better for all by accepting reality and working towards a positive existence for all. The time and effort both physically and mentally that is exhausted in keeping these delusions alive is staggering and futile. The web of lies that has been created from this survival instinct must be exposed and accepted for what it really is. We are so caught up in this deception that most cannot see that it even might be a deception. If there really is an afterlife do you not think that someone would have been able to get a clear message back to us somehow to let us know it is real?

There are so many other ways to fill the needs we have, to feel important without fooling ourselves. If you truly look at the method we have chosen to feel important such as religion you will actually see it makes us feel less important than more important. The harm that is caused far outweighs the benefits so use a little common sense here and realize that reality dictates things in a certain way even though it may not be what you want. I am sure you will find some way to see that you can benefit from reality by accepting it more than you can by denying it.

This is the one and only life, this is the only moment and all else is delusional thinking so embrace this moment, embrace this life and let’s get on with the business of survival that can be more pleasant than miserable. It really is a choice and we need to stop choosing the delusion.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

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