Who Hijacked Reality / #524 Is all we do natural as opposed to man-made?



Journal Entry #524

August 6th, 2011

I had an interesting discussion today with a good friend of mine (Rene’) after we watched a video called Baby Yoga. I will post the link with an article and he original video posted by a Russian woman who offers a unique perspective on exercising very young 2 week olds to toddlers with swinging motions that have many in North America disgusted and shocked. I personally found it fascinating as I am always interested in how other people see the world we live in.


DadWagon Q&A: Exclusive Interview with Baby Yoga’s Lena Fokina


While this may seem dangerous for the newborn I would ask myself is this my conditioned response kicking in from living in the western world or is it a valid method of conditioning your child with practical positive benefits as claimed by those who practise it. I would have to verify the evidence before I made a decision but I would certainly not just put forth my bias before this.

So do we truly understand the natural world and really is the natural world all there really is, reality? If everything we do is just part of the natural course of things then truly it must run its course.

Let me use the example of the Earth’s population. I have proposed that we have more people presently than the earth can sustain comparing it to an island. If the islands resourses can only support 100 people comfortably and we raise the population to 200 what will happen? Will we run out of resources? Will people fight to survive?  Will we find better methods to utilize the recourses or will we just die off? This is basically what is happening to our species on earth now but on a larger scale.

Is this the natural process of culling the herd that humanity now uses? Are wars necessary to this process?

The question I usually get is “Who decides who will live and who will die?” My answer is nature will. Yes this seems cruel as we are a species separated by others through the act of empathy but ultimately we are about survival as this is the natural process. I have been labelled the natural man by some but honestly I see it no other way as the universe and all it implies is all we have.

No matter how we view things, what trivial or important issues we engage in the natural process cannot be stopped so is it better to embrace this or try and fight it as many do by claiming gods and anything else that is not part of the natural world. Now of course these are false claims as again all we have is the natural world so I say embrace it, work with it for the least possible misery for all instead of attempting to control it which is impossible and definitely an illusion. Nature is in control which I have no doubt in.

When there is drought that leads to famine as cruel as this sounds is this part of the natural process, the culling of the herd? I am not in the situation of starving to death and in no way am I endorsing to sit by and do nothing but just trying to understand why things happen that seem cruel at times. I guess what I see is that we cause more than necessary cruelty upon ourselves by trying to control the natural flow of the universe.

Let me be clear on this. We are not in control, never have been and never will be as a species so we need to stop engaging in this futile behaviour and embrace the natural world.

The question is; are our actions in attempting this control just part of this natural process to begin with?

Nature always wins and there is nothing else but the natural world so I will gladly bear this label of the natural man living in the natural world and seeking all this natural world has to offer. My mortality will be through my music, writing and experiences that leave others with memories of my time here. Doesn’t matter if I like it or not that is the way it is.

Control is an illusion my friends accept this fact.

There is only the natural world as this implies all that is real and reality. Man-made is still natural.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

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2 Responses to “Who Hijacked Reality / #524 Is all we do natural as opposed to man-made?”

  1. Rolf Hansen says:

    Gary you have the most amazing pieces of litrature,that you come up with.You are an amazing person,keep this up people will always remember you my friend.Love to the family,glad i came onto FB,or i would never have had the pleasure to meet a man like you.

  2. Thanks Rolf, Once again I am humbled by your words of kindness and inspiration.

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