Who Hijacked Reality / #583 I am change, I am reason and I am truth.. I am the FREEMAN..



Journal Entry #583

October 5th, 2011

The age of reason is upon us; soon there will be no excuse for stupidity, for intellectual laziness and ignorance. All you want to know will be at your fingertips with instant access. Those who refuse to learn, to acquire knowledge will fall by the wayside it is inevitable. We are always in stages of transition and this one will separate what we know as truth and what we believe as lies.

The places for deception to hide grow smaller each day and as the generations pass the younger sheds the ways of the former. We are in this transition now. Societies will fail and others will rise to take their place but have no illusion it will be knowledge and intelligence that will fuel the growth.

Secrets will become things of the past and transparency will not only be demanded but respected by all.

This will enhance our world our species as all will be in the open. When one cannot hide their misdeeds there is less of a chance to commit them. Balance will always find away to be as the natural order of the universe will accept nothing less.

We will bring out the best of our species or we will perish. We will not deny what and who we are as we have for so long. We will accept the limitations and the possibilities and see that because of these we are who we are and will continue to be what we can be.

New leaders for a new world will emerge as change is a constant. Those that are guided by fear shall be consumed by it and those that embrace the change will be inspired by it. We shall let go of our barbarism because we recognize it for what it is. We shall let go of our greed as we see what it has wrought us. We shall become one race again realizing we began as one race.

We shall enter the age of reason, the age of truth as we must. We will see with clarity and act with dignity for all life. We will not let the fear of the unknown consume us but embrace the mysteries that await us.

We have witnessed what humanity can become if we dwell in fear and what we can accomplish if we stretch to meet our dreams. We have seen that we can disagree, have diversity while still recognizing our commonalities.

We have seen what hate, deceit, greed and power can create and we will see the love, kindness and empathy that will conquer it.

We have seen enough to know what we must do and now we must do it.

I am change, I am reason and I am truth.. I am the FREEMAN..

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

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  1. scott says:

    Gary, Why do you love?

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