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Journal Entry #622

December 2nd, 2011

Each day we all make many choices and sometimes we realize the consequences and sometimes we don’t but I do believe we will always do what we feel is best for us at that moment.

I believe we are limited in our choices as we have no control over what others do and what the natural world will do so we are confined within our view of the universe, of the planet and of the world that we surround our self with.

Delaying a choice is still a choice and once one realizes this it becomes easier to make choices that will have a better chance at positive results than negative. Often choices we make will decide the choices others must make and then they now must decide their options based on their inability to choose for others.

Life certainly seems complicated at times but if I can break it down I may offer to you that it really is simple. A problem or dilemma at times may seem overwhelming at times but if you are able to see the core or foundational choice that will determine either a problem being solved or continuing to be a problem then that will be the choice you make. From there you make choices in that direction.

This is what I see as the hard part for many; they do not see reality in the situation and if you are trying to include unrealistic options the choice will have unrealistic results.

Each problem we face is dealt with this system; At times we may bypass some steps very quickly but this will be the thought process. We may bounce back and forth between these steps or we may never get to the final step which will not allow the problem to be solved but nevertheless this will be the process. You can acknowledge this process which will give you a better chance at solving the problem or you can deny it and the problem will not be solved, your choice.

The 5 stages; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance


Now these stages are usually associated with loss and death but I do believe they have a much wider application and are vital in most problem solving. I must point as the article does that the stage of acceptance does not preclude everything being rosy and peachy it allows one to reach a stage where they can realistically deal with the problem and find a solution that will help them move on to the next daily event in life without carrying the weight of the previous problem. No matter what it is, no matter how big or how small this process is vital.

No one escapes this process, no matter how strong or confident you think you are we will all go through this and to recognize this as valid is a great start to a healthy mind which leads to a healthy life.

So realistically we need to get to a stage where we realize what we can control, what we have influence over and what we do not. This has been offered in many different ways from many different cultures in the form of prayer, affirmations and just general wisdom and to deny this process is unrealistic and the first part of the process.

Find those that can guide you, help you and have your best interests at heart and this will help you get through the process and onto the next stage of your life.

Personally I try and be as realistic and rational as possible and when faced with problems I acknowledge this process as true and do my very best to work my way through it.

Life is not fair, we do not always get what we want in fact I would say most of the time we don’t but the idea is to find the best possible happiness. How you do this will be your journey and how I do it will be mine I just hope we all have a great journey along the way.

So think about your choices carefully and the consequences of that choice both negative and positive before you make it but remember once a choice is made it cannot be unmade.

“Life is like licking honey from a thorn”

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie





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