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Journal Entry #623

December 6th, 2011

“The moment we are willing to lose everything is the moment we are truly free.”

Gary David Currie

This is how I see life, my worldview and I could be wrong on anything I say. I often find people completely disagree with what I present but then they are not willing to show me why. They just want to tell me I am wrong. If there is one thing I feel I have demonstrated over the many articles I have written I it is the value I place on truth and acceptance of the truth no matter what it may be.

The core problems;

Lying to ourselves not acknowledging the truth;

I see this as the number one issue facing humanity and everything else that we do that is not attributed to the natural world is based on this. It is as if our entire way of life is built around believing in and acting on what are probably lies. I have been told many times that I am arrogant for thinking I have it right, who am I to say what is true or even what truth is and that I just don’t get it or understand. All of this may be true but what I do think I have got right and  again I could certainly be wrong is the process for discovering what is true and what is not.  That process is science.

I will repeat my definition of truth which is really just an expansion of the dictionary definition and the method or process of science. I feel that answering this fundamental question; what is truth and how do we determine it is vital and yet as I ask this to many I have so far not been able to get even close to a consensus on this.

Truth- all that is, all that is real, all that is part of reality and all that is factual.

How we determine what is true based on a shared accepted point of reference we call reality. – Verification through the method of the scientific process, reason and logic.

I believe that we cannot verify anything 100% as doubt can always be cast however small so we work on a system of probabilities, best guess and beyond reasonable doubt to say that we know something is true.

We should never believe anything in the unknown to be true until it is verified as known. We can speculate, imagine and engage in fantasy thinking but must always come back to our base of reality. The unknown should not be used as an argument to dispute the known or another unknown as this is just pure speculation.

For every question there can only be one answer that is true.

Once something is known it is no longer up for debate there is only acceptance or ignorance.

There is only truth based on my definition.

The truth will remain the truth no matter what we think our try and do to it, we are powerless over it and yet it is what gives us our power.

Something is either true or it is not even if we do not know if it is true or not.



Here is the Scientific method so we are clear;

1. We often first make an observation of something that has happened.

2. We then consider what caused this thing to happen by posing an educated guess or hypothesis.

3. we can then make predictions about what we should expect to see if our hypothesis is correct.

4. If necessary, experimentation and data collection may be conducted.

5. Further observation is necessary, which will lead to 3 possible outcomes..

a If we observe that our data positively supports our prediction, then we have hypothesis confirmation..(at least for now)

b. If we observe that our data do not support our prediction, then we have hypothesis falsification and we may be forced to either give up or modify our hypothesis.

c. If there are simply not enough data to decide either way, then we suspend judgement.

6. Finally we need to consider whether there are any other competing hypothesis that provide an equally plausible or likely explanation for our observation and  we need to ask ourselves which seems more reasonable. If there are no others, then we may decide to tentatively to accept the hypothesis based on the currently available information.

This really is everything in my opinion but until we can get agreement on this we will as a species have a hard time on this journey.

 Christopher DiCarlo



How much of our daily life is taken up by unnecessary drama? Drama is part of life as events unfold that are out of our control but what I am referring to is the things we say and do that create problems, the gossip and poor treatment of each other. We cannot seem to avoid looking at the misery of others and creating our own misery.  I do
believe it is because we avoid the truth in life and lie to ourselves that we need drama to justify why we do this. Drama begets drama and then the steamroller is in action. Workplace drama, high school drama, entertainment drama, family drama, drama queens, personal drama and global drama. Drama is everywhere and most of it is so unnecessary.


I see nothing wrong with desiring things in life, working towards a life that one feels will bring them happiness but when that desire ignores the important things in life we see the balance of life tilt towards the negative. Do you really need what you have? As long as others in this world do not have the basics should we not care?

Life is short and we only have one shot at it. There will be up’s and downs, triumphs and disasters and I have no idea what will make your life a life worth living as that is will be up to you but I would like to propose this;

“It is not death itself we fear but the idea of a life not lived ending.”

Gary David Currie


Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

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