Who Hijacked Reality / #649 I am just the messenger but many make me the devil they need when they don’t like the message..

Journal Entry #649

May 20th, 2012

Gary David Currie

“I am just the messenger. The universe sets the rules and I try and understand it but people always like to shoot the messenger.”

We all have a unique way of looking at life, our world view as it will be specific to each of us. There will be commonalities if we want there to be and this is how we function in what we deem reality by finding those commonalities but there will be those who see things far different from others, who see the rules of the universe we live in that others do not see. I am not saying I am one of those and I am not saying I am not I am just saying what I see and sharing it with those who want to listen.

I do not force others to see what I see or tell them what to do I just offer my thoughts and world view as I am just a messenger.

It appears that many like to shoot the messenger if they don’t like the message and especially if they feel threatened by the message which they often do. They will take it as a personal rejection of their message and their fears will take over.

I can only talk about my experinces in this and I have been made the devil by many including people I deeply loved. I am not one who is willing to just stand by and not speak out in life on what I see. If I feel I have something to offer I will offer it as to keep it to myself for me accomplishes nothing.

I then become whatever label and demon they need at the moment if they are threatened. No matter what I say they will find a way to demonize me and you may be doing this now. This makes no sense as I cannot control what they think or how they see the world only they can and why even respond or read what I have to say if you do not want to hear it.

If I made the rules in life and you did not like them that may be good reason to challenge me to this point but I do not.

Here is something worthy to think about. If you feel that threatened then maybe what you believe in the first place is not the truth and you know it but are afraid to acknowledge it. Maybe you are letting your fears guide you and are running from them which is never a good thing in my opinion.

You will see me and others how you want to see them but is it how they truly are?

This may sound like a pity party for me and so be it but I do get tired at times of being the devil for others. I realize this will be part of the process if I speak out but to me it just seems like a waste of the precious time we have here to be so afraid of things in life that are not worthy of your fear.

David Currie

Life is conflict simple as that but how we handle this conflict is the important part. If we only react instead of acting then we will always be defending instead of dealing with the conflict moving towards a positive outcome.


An example; I was in a group where I was invited. I told them I would not follow their rules as they limited the discussion to me but this did not mean I would not be respectful. I told them eventually they would not like what I said and probably want to kick me out. They did and then talked about me when I could not respond. So I messaged the main person who has a huge problem with me…

The discussion that followed as an example. It is a bit lengthy as I really must have touched a nerve with him. Also this original discussion was based on my definition of truth which they posted to refute and then did not like my rebuttals.


Gary David Currie……….so easy to talk about someone who is not there to defend themselves. You are a piece of work Simon.


Simon McWaters…………After the amount of disruption that you caused to the forum, it is desirable to go through your many self-aggrandising posts and provide links to the original thread where you caused problems, so that no-one will be deceived by your false allegations that you had been victimised.

I’ve no doubt you are crying to the world that you have been unfairly discriminated against in every other forum you have access to, Gary, but tell me this: do you provide links to the thread on which your behaviour was so poor as to get you expelled?

Just in case you do have a shred of intellectual integrity, here is the link for you to provide, so people can see the evidence and judge for themselves whether your claims are justified.



Onemankind is a forum devoted to discussion of issues of politics, religion, economics and anything else, that are of concern to all humans. New members are requested to
browse through the Rules of E…..


Gary David Currie……………Actually I put it out for all to make their own judgements Simon. I don’t really care as this is just an exercise in free speech and group dynamics. People will see what they want to see Simon as both you and I do.. Do as you will. Disruption is part of life and how we deal with it is the measure of our integrity.

it is only disruption because you were not able to handle it with the integrity you expect from others…

 I hide nothing and was upfront on who I am..

 Bottom line you acted like a child thinking you were the adult…

 I am the gadfly you could not handle…


Simon McWaters….

“I don’t really care as this is just an exercise in free speech and group dynamics”

Would that would explain why you are pursuing the subject so obsessively with me then?

I am only responding because I want you to see the reality of your behaviour, instead of the mythological version you have constructed in your own mind, a narrative in which you are some kind of hero.

The kind of ‘free speech’ you indulged yourself in has added nothing and subtracted much from the value of the forum. You simply refused to engage with reasonable objections to your definition, and had a tantrum when some substantive response was demanded.

You seem to have a delusional belief that you actually *did* respond, but I’d like you to go over the thread again. Actually look for where you provided a response to my
pointing out of the contradictions in your definition. Try to find a quote from yourself that I did not point out obvious problems with.

I know I’ve asked you to do this many times already, but actually *do* it. It’s the only way for you to realise the truth, and perhaps learn something about yourself that could
lead to personal development.

“Disruption is part of life and how we deal with it is the measure of our integrity.”

Indeed; people with integrity act to stop the disruption; those who lack it allow the disruption to continue – or contribute to it.

Of course, that relies on the assumption that the people involved have similar goals. My goal is reasonable discussion, leading to factually and logically sound conclusions,
and that goal is shared by the Onemankind forum, as embodied in the ‘Rules of Engagement’.

As you have just admitted, reasonable discussion was not your goal; it was “just an exercise in free speech and group dynamics”. Because you were uninterested in a reasonable discussion, you were disruptive to the goals of the Onemankind forum. You only wanted to prove that any restriction on free speech was unnecessary – but in fact proved the opposite.

Your efforts to ‘trash’ the forum were deliberately disruptive – and they failed, precisely because of the application of the ‘Rules of Engagement’. You have only proved that the Rules have served their purpose; a person who was uninterested in reasonable discussion, who added nothing of value, and who subtracted much of value, was removed from the forum, thus increasing its quality.

“it is only disruption because you were not able to handle it with the integrity you expect from others”

What I expect from others is reasonable discussion. You failed to show this quality, repeatedly acting in such a way as to block or divert the progress of the discussion, and were therefore expelled.

I gave you alternatives: move on to another point, provide quotes of your claimed responses, provide some new response, or admit a flaw in your ‘definition’. You took none of these reasonable routes, instead throwing a disruptive tantrum, and continuing with your histrionic self-aggrandising irrelevant posts.

On the agreement of all the Admins, you were expelled, as you had refused to add anything positive, and were adding much that was negative.

At no point did I behave unreasonably, and you have failed to provide any evidence that I did so. Continuing these claims only reinforces the conclusion that you are not
interested in reasonable discussion, only with supporting your erroneously inflated ego.

“you acted like a child thinking you were the adult.”

More claims without a shed of evidence to support them. I asked you repeatedly to show such evidence, and you failed to do so – obviously because such evidence does not exist.

“I am the gadfly you could not handle”

You have delusions of grandeur that your character and intellect are incapable of supporting.


Gary David Currie……..Don’t we all…..


For someone to take this much time out of their life to tell me all the things he has I will say they must have felt very threatened.

I see it time and time again as I just offer my thoughts and the reactions will either be defensive which will lead to attacks and labeling me their devil or people will be open to listen.

When they are attacks it certainly can be painful if it is someone you truly care about but nevertheless it will still be the same process.

It will all be based on their fears……


Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

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