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Who Hijacked Reality / #370 The death of GOD.

Saturday, March 5th, 2011



Journal Entry #370

March 5th, 2011

In life there are certain things that are inevitable. Time always moves forward and the cycle of life and death is a natural process. If we are to survive as a species god will eventually die. Not a real god of course but the manmade concepts we call gods.

The concept of god presents the idea of freedom but this is an illusions it really represents absolute control. It is that very idea of freedom that will be the death of god. Freedom of thought will lead man to embrace critical thinking and this will lead to all other freedoms. It is the youth that will change the world.

We can see it all over the world as countries long denied the basic freedoms are at their breaking point. There has never been in the history of man more opposition and challenge to these long held concepts. People are waking up to the idea that if we continue along the same paths we have been on it will lead to our destruction and the basic desire to survive will prevail.

We must embrace our evolution and give up the archaic beliefs that have been the justification for so much misery. I and many others are speaking out, challenging the claims and asserting our rights to live in a peaceful world and we see the belief in lies with gods being the dominant one as destructive. It is time for god to die, all gods and all concepts that are related to delusional thinking.

God is so small in this modern world. The universe is so vast and amazing that we can only imagine what wonders it will offer us.

We will either kill ourselves while clinging and acting the manmade gods or we will move past them. The evidence is massive to demonstrate that there are no gods and there has been no credible evidence presented to verify that the gods of man are real. I have written many posts demonstrating the evidence so now is not the time. It is the time to predict that god is dead and now it is just time to prepare the eulogy and say goodbye.

The concept of god has had its place in history. It was the answer to the questions we realized we wanted to explore but we have much better answers now and we understand the concept of truth and how we verify it.

God is Dead and the quicker we get through the mourning process and stop the denial the quicker we can get on with the process of building a better life for humanity. That really what is where we are at we are moving through the 5 steps of grief denial, anger, bargaining depression and acceptance. The sooner we get to acceptance the better we will be.

It is almost like we are dealing with the first 4 steps all at the same time. Time to move on.

GOD IS DEAD  time to accept this fact.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #220 God, let’s approach this logically.

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

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Journal Entry # 220

October 13th 2010

Ok, I will assume god is real, your god. Where do we go from here?

From everything I have read in the bible god is omnipotent, all knowing and all powerful.

What this means is that he already knows everything that is going to happen or has happened. He is an absolute control as he can decide to change things or not change things,  correct. He has set the parameters and laws. This is his show. Somehow and for some reason he decided to create us and everything else.

Now if he is in complete control then all things that happen in this universe have already been decided. I have no say or control over my life and neither does anyone else. All things go according to god’s plan, Correct?

So he has decided who gets into heaven and who does not, nothing I say or do will change that since god can already see into the future and past.

So basically I would assume that we according to this are just puppets or play toys. If the gift of free will is in his control as he determines all outcomes then it is an illusion we partake in. We have no choice.


So whether I believe or not makes no difference as it is all part of god’s plan. Also anything you or I complain about or don’t like is all part of god’s plan.

So what’s the point of it all if all things are predetermined? We are all then designed to play a part in this life, game and scenario whatever you want to call it.

NO free will as all things are in gods control. We may have the illusion of free will but that is all.

I am just going by the laws and parameters from the bible.

If god is real then this is how it is.  Show me how it is another way.

If god is all powerful then we are in his control no matter what if he is not all powerful then what kind of a god is he?  Is he fallible? If he is then what are his mistakes? If he knows all and is all powerful then nothing is a mistake. If he can make one mistake then how do we determine what is a mistake and what is not?

The way I see it is that we can’t have it both ways. We view things on how they will benefit us I believe we do all things for selfish reasons and it appears that god does as well. If this is the way it is then fine but then really nothing maters as god had dictated all things.

So either god is real or he is not. I have demonstrated what things are if he is real. If I am wrong using the parameters that god is all powerful again please correct me. This in essence is the real issue. It doesn’t matter if we believe or not if god is real. We have no choice by default of god being all powerful.

Here is the thing, this is a logical proof based on an agreed meaning on certain words and concepts. It demonstrates that god is probably not what we say god is most likely not real. I am sure if you are religious you will find some way to rebuke this because it threatens your security blanket but the truth is there really is no logical or reasonable way to dispute this. You will have to infuse some sort of magical thinking or say something like “you have taken this out of context of the meaning of the bible” in order to do this but that is what the faithful do. They do not deal in reality and that is the problem.

Once you say that god is not real then everything changes, now it all makes sense. This is the obvious answer that most people in the wolrd just seem to ignore in favor of magic and fantasy.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie