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Who Hijacked Reality / #392 The success of any delusional thinking depends on keeping it a mystery.

Sunday, March 27th, 2011



Journal Entry #392

March 27th, 2011

Once the veil has been lifted and the aura of the mystery is identified how can one continue to accept delusional thoughts as real? The answer is they cannot and that is why the mystery must be maintained and promoted. I see it frequently. My job is to remove this mystery by offering credible evidence as well as demonstrating that the claim is not valid. The hoops one has to jump through to do this seem endless.

A great example of this is on the show “THE BIG BANG THEORY”. Sheldon is considered a genius even by his own mother. He denies the existence of Jesus and yet his mother who considers him very smart still denies his conclusion.  The character will not face the facts. I know this is a TV show with fictional characters but I can easily see this scenario being played out in real life. In fact I have witnessed it myself many times.

I often say in regards to any gods that are claimed that if that particular god where to just present themselves and verify that they are who they claim to be then the matter would be settled but this would take away the mystery. There is nothing like actually having proof to put an issue to rest.

We can see that science daily offers explanations that then become verified for many of the mysteries we wonder about. Once it is a fact we move on to the next one. The problem with mysteries like gods or anything related to these esoteric concepts is that they are currently beyond or reach to be able to give a definitive answer; they deal with the big questions. Still we are ignorant and in denial if we do not accept the knowledge about these concepts that we already know and that is exactly what happens.

There are plenty of mysteries that are based in reality but unfortunately the answers or the possibility of getting an answer seem beyond our grasp. As the physicist Brian Cox says “if you just hold up a dime towards the sky in that spot there are 10,000 galaxies” I am paraphrasing from a quote I read. Now if that does not offer mystery I don’t know what does. If we could just understand that when we don’t know something the very first answer we need to give is “I don’t know.”

I have covered the many reasons we engage in delusional thinking and the reasons that as a society we accept those delusions as normal but I would hope that we continue to as I and many others  focus on what is probably true and not keep filling in the blanks / mystery with manmade concepts that are steeped in mystery.

I consistently see people try to fill in these blanks and when challenged they do everything to a void actually facing the challenge. I see k the truth and this should be the goal for all but right now it is not. They believe it is and of course feel I am the one that is delusional because I do not engage in the fantasy of the month but I hope this will continue to change. I see this change slowly happening but it is happening.  I am going to repost a great video from Michio Kaku on our chance of moving on as a species. This will directly relate to the reason mystery and how we approach it is so important.  Will mankind destroy itself?    

Mystery and the wonder of seeking out what we do not know is fantastic but that search must be based in reality dealing with the process that science and reason has given us to verify truth. If you just speculate and take as true the answer you feel is right without verifying it or even basing it in reality then you are probably dealing with delusional thinking and this really needs to stop.

Each mystery we unravel brings us closer to a sane world.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie