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Who Hijacked Reality / #654 You can’t have it all so choose wisely..

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Journal Entry #654

June 1st, 2012

My status on Face book…

You can’t have it all folks. If you want the career as an example you will probably give up the family and vice versa. Life is a balance so chose wisely what you value when you are young as this will set the tone for your life and remember everything you do will affect others so think of the consequences before you make your choices.

Everything you do will get boring, get old so be in it for the long haul and the little rewards along the way. This one decision of choosing what you will stand for in life will determine your path far more than you can imagine.

When asked what you will fight for you should not hesitate to know the answer but make sure that answer will serve you well in all aspects of your life not just the moment you are in and your feelings right now as they will change.

Choose wisely…

So many have not figured this out and spend their entire life trying to find the answer. Of course they want the easy fix and are not willing to do the work required for the long haul. When it does not work out as they planned they run or give up and to me this is the problem. They give up because they do not have convictions, because they have not decided what is worth fighting for in life and will simply move on to the next thing which is actually their conviction. I hope you get this one very important point I just made.

I find this pathetic to give up so easily. If something is worth starting then it is worth finishing. This is never more obvious than in relationships. This is why I said choose wisely and don’t just jump in and commit until you are actually truly ready to commit and not do what feels good for the moment. Moments always change.

Personally I figured this out long ago with a couple of key values, ideals or convictions that I would be willing to fight hard for and I do believe these are worth sharing. Now I can only control my actions and not others and they will follow what they have chosen. Don’t be fooled as we all choose something even if it is to not make a choice or commitment and to give up as this will be your conviction. What you chose will become your habit of behaviour in life and until you value another will set the tone for you and those who you affect. This is why I say to not take this lightly.

First realize that you cannot have it all, there is not enough time as this will be a contradiction. I am not telling others they are right or wrong but that all we do will have consequences along the way so be prepared to pay this price and don’t whine unrealistically when that price comes.

The idea is to know which battles you are willing to fight and why you are willing to fight them.

We all want to be valued in life, to be seen as important in the eyes of others and how you go about doing this will demonstrate the convictions you have chosen when you were younger. Most people pretend they are lost but really they are not but are not willing to recognize what they have chosen. Can this change? Yes it can but it is not easy to break the habits we form when we are young.

In essence on any matter you will chose one of 2 options you will run or you will fight so once this is recognized and accepted you have a great start to life.. Have no illusion these are the only 2 options on all your interactions.

I will say this if you are going to run on anything don’t pretend that you are willing to fight because this will be a lie to yourself and all those around you.

You will always be passionate about something….

What I chose;

I chose as my number one value to seek the truth always.

Now this will not usually be what I want to hear, what I want in life but I realized that lies will only lead to more lies and that train will always crash so it was better to know the truth be it bitter than to believe a lie that sounded sweet because underneath the sugar is what counts.

I chose to not commit lightly and to think through all the consequences to critically think but when I do commit to stay the course.

I chose to value family above all in my relationships and to not compromise on this keeping in mind I can only control what I do and not the actions of others.

I chose to walk the talk or to shut my mouth.

I chose to fight as best I could to right the wrongs in this world.

I chose to figure out my strengths and to concentrate on them while recognizing my weaknesses and working on those that were worth working on.

I chose to be passionate about my battles.

I chose to realize I can be wrong on anything.

I chose to the best of my ability to not let others bring me to their level but to show them they could rise to mine. I realized this would be the path of most resistance but I
was willing to be that example and accept the condemnation and hate that followed as a result of comfort zones being broken.

There is more but this is the essence of who I am and what I have chosen as my path.

I do believe I have chosen wisely even though at times it feels as if I have not. So again when you are asked the question what will you fight for in life I hope you know the answer because you will always fight for something even if it is to run so choose wisely..

What I have offered here will be evident in all we do as human beings and will affect all of our actions. It is the core of what is going on in our world and why I talk about it.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #628 Chasing

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011



Journal Entry #628

December 13th, 2011

Life sure can be interesting, it can be full of joy or full of sorrow, full of pain or full of happiness, full of excitement or full of dullness, sometimes we make the choices and sometimes the choices are made for us.

On my personal journey and that really is what my blog is all about, my experinces and how I  see the world, how I see life and how I grow and learn there are many small realizations along the way and sometimes huge ones. I would not say I have had at anytime that epiphany moment and I do look forward to that someday but I have had those many little moments. The important thing I realized long ago is that I needed to be open to them and I do believe I am.

One of these realizations is to find that balance between chasing want you desire and knowing when to stop. As long as you keep chasing someone they will keep running. There is a difference between being with someone and chasing them. There is a difference between trying to get out your ideas and forcing them onto people. Advertisers have figured this out a long time ago and I would say the best at it are those who peddle drugs as they get you hooked and then you are chasing them.

I think life is really simple and they we tend to complicate it which in turn kind of makes it seem a little crazy. We really know what we want but the problem is that what we want in the moment always changes. Just when we think we have it all figured out boom the next moment presents a left turn. That is what makes life exciting those left turns.

If you have something that is worthy, that is based on truth I do believe people will seek it out. Sometimes you have to chase others a little just to get the idea out but then you have to back off or they will not value it. Once they are hooked they will chase the idea and it is then the process of equilibrium can be worked out.

No magical formula for any of this just a moment by moment adjustment in our lives.

This is all part of the process of seeking the truth on any matter and if one is willing to do this, to be open to the changes and process that life offers they will be amazed at what life has in store.

I personally believe at this moment I have found this balance in regards to who and what I should chase, when to stop and why. Of course this may change but for now I will go with the realization. It seem to be all about letting go and doing the things you love because they are the things you love to do. Sure I hope my music and anything I do artistically is a success and I think I do everything within my power to bring this to light but at this point i just need to relax on it and other things in my life and while I have hopes as  to how they will turn out I must also enjoy the moments I have without them. Very hard to do to let go  on anything but once one accepts that they
really are holding onto to an illusion in the first place as control does not exist then the chances improve.

You never know who is watching from the sidelines and what they will bring to your journey.

I wrote this the other day and I think it offers great value.

“I will see you.”

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie





Who Hijacked Reality / #622 The choices we make….

Friday, December 2nd, 2011



Journal Entry #622

December 2nd, 2011

Each day we all make many choices and sometimes we realize the consequences and sometimes we don’t but I do believe we will always do what we feel is best for us at that moment.

I believe we are limited in our choices as we have no control over what others do and what the natural world will do so we are confined within our view of the universe, of the planet and of the world that we surround our self with.

Delaying a choice is still a choice and once one realizes this it becomes easier to make choices that will have a better chance at positive results than negative. Often choices we make will decide the choices others must make and then they now must decide their options based on their inability to choose for others.

Life certainly seems complicated at times but if I can break it down I may offer to you that it really is simple. A problem or dilemma at times may seem overwhelming at times but if you are able to see the core or foundational choice that will determine either a problem being solved or continuing to be a problem then that will be the choice you make. From there you make choices in that direction.

This is what I see as the hard part for many; they do not see reality in the situation and if you are trying to include unrealistic options the choice will have unrealistic results.

Each problem we face is dealt with this system; At times we may bypass some steps very quickly but this will be the thought process. We may bounce back and forth between these steps or we may never get to the final step which will not allow the problem to be solved but nevertheless this will be the process. You can acknowledge this process which will give you a better chance at solving the problem or you can deny it and the problem will not be solved, your choice.

The 5 stages; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance

Now these stages are usually associated with loss and death but I do believe they have a much wider application and are vital in most problem solving. I must point as the article does that the stage of acceptance does not preclude everything being rosy and peachy it allows one to reach a stage where they can realistically deal with the problem and find a solution that will help them move on to the next daily event in life without carrying the weight of the previous problem. No matter what it is, no matter how big or how small this process is vital.

No one escapes this process, no matter how strong or confident you think you are we will all go through this and to recognize this as valid is a great start to a healthy mind which leads to a healthy life.

So realistically we need to get to a stage where we realize what we can control, what we have influence over and what we do not. This has been offered in many different ways from many different cultures in the form of prayer, affirmations and just general wisdom and to deny this process is unrealistic and the first part of the process.

Find those that can guide you, help you and have your best interests at heart and this will help you get through the process and onto the next stage of your life.

Personally I try and be as realistic and rational as possible and when faced with problems I acknowledge this process as true and do my very best to work my way through it.

Life is not fair, we do not always get what we want in fact I would say most of the time we don’t but the idea is to find the best possible happiness. How you do this will be your journey and how I do it will be mine I just hope we all have a great journey along the way.

So think about your choices carefully and the consequences of that choice both negative and positive before you make it but remember once a choice is made it cannot be unmade.

“Life is like licking honey from a thorn”

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie





Who Hijacked Reality / #549 Many tell me it is a choice but is it truly the choice they think they are offering?

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011



Journal Entry #549

August 31st, 2011

Who hasn’t heard the words from a Christian if you live in a predominant country with Christianity “Have you heard the good word, have you heard about Jesus”?

Now in their minds they believe with all their being they are offering you the greatest gift one could ever be privilege to but is it really that great?

They will tell me I have a choice which I agree I do but their parameters of choice are not mine at all. Basically the choice they feel is being offered is eternal life or eternal damnation through acceptance or denial of Jesus their personal lord and saviour or something to that effect depending on the religion.


Jesus Loves You!

Now this is also what they feel free will is all about but I very much disagree as I believe we only have limited will as we are bound by a set of rules within this universe, my choices are limited.

What about the child that grows up in the Christian environment and then decides later to deny the gift offered. What are their choices? Are they as simple as salvation or damnation? NO as the choice does not just involve this simple concept (Which of course I do not acknowledge as true) they are also bound by all the consequences of this choice. How will they be treated by family members, how will they be treated by community and what stress will they endure by not conforming to the norm of their environment? So the choice is not that simple or wonderful.


Christian Mom Attacks Her Atheist Son!

What if one lives in a country ruled by religion in all aspects of daily life? Do they have true choice on the matter? There are penalties for not believing so the choice may have nothing to do with the religion but with daily survival. How many actually believe because they must to fit into the world they live in?

Now getting to the choice of salvation or damnation; what if I do not like the 2 choices and I want eternal life even if I do not believe? Why can this not be a choice as well? Why am I forced to choose between the parameters they define? I don’t like those parameters and who decided they were the right choices to begin with. I did not hear or see god come down here and tell me that was the offer as it appears humanity has determined these choices.

Really they are offering a false set of choices as either way they have defined them and I could just as easily offer them 2 choices based on my parameters that they would not like either.

Another thing why does an all powerful god need to be constantly promoted? They are like used car salesman advertisings all the time. Do I really have a choice to to see this at some point.

Eskimo: “If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?” Priest: “No, not if you did not know.” Eskimo: “Then why did you tell me?”
Annie Dillard 

The choices are designed by man to control man as it is a win /win situation for those in the positions of power for their professed god.  Either way if you buy into the nonsense they got you by the balls as it is all based on fear. You fear you will be punished if you do not behave and you fear you will not get the reward if you do not do what is expected of you to receive it and the game continually changes. I for one do not like to be controlled.

What they seem to be ignoring is that control is an illusion that can be broken anytime. We cannot control only influence and the influence peddlers are very good at this game of illusion.

The pressure to conform is a terrible way to get things done as we are naturally rebellious just look at teenagers. As we continue to become more intelligent as a species these influence peddlers will be called more and more for what they truly are.


I make my own choices base on the laws of the universe not on the pretend laws of gods and I hope you do as well.

I would love to see the results if all were truly able to choose without pressure of any kind as I think many just conform to make life easier and really do not truly believe.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie