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Who Hijacked Reality / #608 Are we naive, stupid, ignorant, arrogant, lazy or is it that we just don’t give a shit about anyone but ourselves?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011




 Journal Entry #608

November 1st, 2011  


I have had to take a couple of days to think about this one as many of my recent conversations have yielded one of these answers. No matter how I put it people will not like what I say if the feel they are being attacked ort criticized but one should be open to critique if they are to learn and grow as a human being.  Let’s start off with a great quote;

I think the trouble with being a critical thinker or an atheist, or a humanist is that you’re right. And it’s quite hard being right in the face of people who are wrong without sounding like a fuckwit. People go “do you think the vast majority of the world is wrong”, well yes, i don’t know how to say that nicely, but yes. ~ Ellen Degeneres

This will appear to offer that I think I am more intelligent than others and I will say this is true, you may call it arrogant if you like but it is simply the truth. There are also plenty of people smarter than I am which is also the truth.

The examples of this are countless, stupidity and ignorance seems to have no boundaries and there are those who have no problem bringing harm to those that threaten them in any way.

So many continually refuse to use the brains they have for anything other than silliness. We will not listen to those who can actually offer us a better world and violence and intimidation is still a major force for control in this world.

If we can’t agree on simple concepts such as truth, empathy, respect and we continue to value dominance instead of co-operation then we will not get anywhere. Short term gains are easily lost.

An example;

Gary David Currie

Remember these words;

“For we live by faith and cannot see nor understand what we believe, entirely, but nevertheless the reward is worth it in the end.”…..

Downward Christian Soldiers


Another example this one on Aids denial, yes really Aids denial..

An example of a discussion and even when I offer the counter evidence to his claim he continues to deny, my point was to get all the facts and information before one makes a claim or conclusion;

Frankie Gotz

In 1975 they created AIDS in a


Gary David Currie …..Wrong there are documented cases in humans as far back as 1955.

Do your homework before you make a song about something. >

Frankie Gotz /\    LMAO you’re funny

HIV is not even scientifically proven to exists

HIV and AIDS are not the same thing

Watch this film that interviews virologists, biologists, scientists and doctors who will give their professional factual testimony on the topic of HIV. It also interviews people from CDC who make regulations on how to diagnose someone with HIV- they don’t make sense


Gary David Currie ……Ok then

AIDS denialism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

Gary David Currie…………. Look you said they created aids in a laboratory in 1975. If you are going to profess something as true then be sure you have all the facts.

Frankie Gotz ……………wow why are you part of this group. you obviously haven’t taken the red pill homie..

 Don’t believe everything you hear off wikipedia silly boy.

 Let me tell you something.

 This is right out of the Center for Disease Control book that is given to doctors and shows them how to diagnose people with HIV.

 You can be
diagnosed with HIV without even taken an HIV test.

 You can be diagnosed with HIV even if you come up negative in the test.

This CDC flow chart made by CDC (these regulations are applicable all over the world)

Frankie Gotz……….. And secondly there is no scientific evidence to this day that proves HIV is real.. wikipedia is not evidence

watch the film, it’ll prob change your whole out look on it

Gary David Currie…………. I’m sorry if you want to buy into every conspiracy you go right ahead. I go by evidence not by a few fringe deniers of something.

Frankie Gotz….

So yeah if I see the lies, i will expose.


There is no scientific evidence that HIV even exists.


HIV and AIDS are not the same thing. And I bet you didn’t even know.


What I am presenting to you is not a theory. The diagram is from CDC, it clearly states you can be diagnosed with HIV without even having an HIV test (on the left)


The film I provided is not a ‘conspiracy theory’ video. It is a professional video that interviews hundreds of virologists, biologists, scientists and doctors around the world. It interviews both sides- Center for Disease Control (the ones perpetuating the lie of HIV) and the ones who oppose the lie of HIV.


And I’m sorry that your brain blocks out information

PS- Wikipedia is the tool the elite use to spread dis info… it’s filled with tons of real facts, but it’s also filled with tons of disinfo

Gary David Currie ………..Actually my brain looks at all the information not just what supports a pet theory. Look I am going by your opening remark which you still have not proven. I have made my point go ahead and do your thing.

Frankie Gotz ………You haven’t proven anything, you’ve provided me with Wikipedia that has tons of lies in it.

I have provided you with the necessity to further look into it. Instead you push aside and label it ‘a pet theory’ so in conclusion, yes you do block out info if you do not look at what I gave you. You have the free will not to look at it, but then my comment stands justified.

Peace bro

Gary David Currie …… 

Real Answers to Fake Questions

“House of Numbers” is a film with a hidden agenda: it tries to make viewers doubt…

Frankie Gotz ….yup reading some bs is more truth than listening to the testimony of hundreds of virologists, biologists, scientists and doctors..

 Thank you for the link.. peace man

Gary David Currie …..Look a few minutes of research and you can see that this is bull.

Gary David Currie….. Links to legitimate sources…

HIV/AIDS denial – The Skeptic’s Dictionary –

“…the magazine Continuum, run by HIV-positive dissidents, shut down when its editors all died of AIDS-related causes.”*..

Gary David Currie…….. Like I said get all the info not just what supports  your beliefs then make a rational informed conclusion before you write a song about it. Sorry I am not trying to be an ass but as you said;

 Frankie>>>>>>So yeah if I see the lies, i will


Well I do the same. the red pill does not mean you but into every pile
of nonsense out there it means you actually look for what is true.


This did not take long at all to see that there is more research you
need to do before making claims.


Frankie Gotz…… K k sorry sorry, i just got all worked up.


First I never made this song, it was Sabac Red.


And Secondly, ok i don’t know for a fact if AIDS was created in 1975.


And Third I am asking you to watch that film, because HIV is a lie.


The more people they diagnose with HIV the more fear they can create that there is this killer disease out to get everyone. And plus if people are gettin diagnosed with HIV without even takin an HIV tests, this means these ‘new patients’ are vulnerable to HIV medications that subtract their health and actually kill them quicker.

 Look into AZT medication for HIV patients.. It kills them off.

 This one chick was diagnosed with HIV 1995. She took another test in another country and she came out negative for HIV. You can have HIV in one country and not have it in the other.

 This chick in the film below: She used to be part of an organization called “women at risk” for HIV. Everyone in that organization except for her and 2 other people, were taking a medication called AZT.

 Everyone in that organization except her and 2 other people died- meaning everyone that was taking the medication died. and it’s been 16 years since then and she’s
still alive, she most likely would’ve died takin the medication.


So look into it, spread truth, because the ppl who r infected with HIV might not even be sick!



Gary David Currie….. Ok Frankie Cool with the song but please if you are serious about this topic read the link to the credible links of scientists before you just go ahead and believe.

This link explains it nicely and offers tons of verified scientific support.


I have seen the film and that is exactly why I offered you counter arguments to what you offered. Look at the big picture not the little conspiracy. There is a method to verify what is true it is called science.

 Sorry but the vast majority of people infected with aids are sick and any credible organization that works with aids or HIV will call bullshit right away on this documentary.

 you say you want the truth but really do you?

HIV/AIDS denial – The Skeptic’s Dictionary –

“…the magazine Continuum, run by HIV-positive dissidents, shut down when its editors all died of AIDS-related causes.”*..

Frankie Gotz ……no no, HIV and AIDS are two different things.

 There is scientific evidence that AIDS is real

 HIV is not real, there is no scientific evidence, so I’m asking you to give me the scientific evidence,

 I don’t think you’ve the seen the film, I’m not calling you a liar.. But trust me that film is pretty convincing that HIV is a lie

 Anyway man thanks for the link, of course I will check it out.


Gary David Currie ………..Again read the info and don’t rely on the film.. There is plenty of evidence that HIV is real..I have linked you to the evidence..

 You can start here tons of evidence. Other than that I am not going to do your homework for you.. Credible links and peer reviewed scientific papers. Overwhelming evidence to counter what you just said..

 yes the film is convincing and that is the point as they have a hidden agenda. Go with the science not the pseudoscience.

AIDS Denial is Pseudoscience

Frankie Gotz…….. that’s one view point, a small percentage- the elite of the health industry.

 what about the viewpoints other 90% who have examined HIV pictures. There is no scientific evidence bro.

 it’s not there. HIV is an infection they say that causes AIDS.

 I skimmed through some of the articles there.. Those are articles, not evidence… Evidence includes having physical evidence, meaning they should have the virus known HIV captured and contained. They dont’ man. Even the pictures they have of HIV- professionals ALL around the world will say that is not evidence, and the pictures of the HIV itself are very not clear.


They have physical evidence that AIDS exists, so how come they don’t have physical evidence that HIV exists??


Gary David Currie…….. Ok then continue on in the delusion my friend I just gave you all the scientific evidence what more can I say.. Crazy begotts crazy.. Good luck.

Adam A………….I will seriously insist that Frankie Gotz takes a look [with an open mind and consideration] into every counter-claim by Gary David Currie on this topic. I’ve been a victim of health frauds that directly affected my health and have only begun waking up recently. Maybe your belief is not currently affecting your health in any way, but I just believe that the general principals of being realistic and scientific are good. [scientific not meaning 'following some elite group' but rather acknowledging that many credited individuals and groups from different avenues agree on the same topic]

As you can see people just refuse to get all the facts before they go off on their cause. This is just one example now add the same formula to the bigger causes like religion and politics and you have a recipe for disaster

We think we are so safe in our little cocoons and bubbles but the real world does not work this way. Crime is everyway human rights abuses abound on this planet.  Major crime syndicates, dictators and religious dogma cause so much suffering. Ignoring the big ones there are even small delusions that threaten are safety daily and we just seem to not pay attention fuelling this by our ignorance.

My point is simple until we change the way we think we will always have so much garbage that is not in our best interest. It only takes a few bad apples but we have more than a few, When people are willing to kill you if you disagree with what they do or say and this is allowed to happen then we have huge problems.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie