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Who Hijacked Reality / #573 Why are people so easily fooled…

Saturday, September 24th, 2011



Journal Entry #573

September 24th, 2011

It never ceases to amaze me at the gullibility people display, there complete lack of reasoning and absolutely abysmal defence of their claims. Today a video was posted which I actually thought was a joke but then noticed that the person was serious. I commented and then the fun began.

No reasoning skills, resorting to insults as a way to scare people away when they disagree and just a total lack of thinking to any degree that was reasonable.

The best evidence is the actual discussion if you can call it that and the video gets a free plug from me here;

Slim Swayze Marshall

check this video out my friend caught in Calgary last night


Extra Dimensional Aircraft #2 / 16th ave. NW Calgary AB 08/24/11

Gary David Currie ………..That’s funny… Extra dimensional is quite a claim. Would that maybe be something on the lenses if it was only on one camera, yes you are crazy with this claim. It really doesn’t take much to convince some people does it?

Qasim …… if it was on lens it would be there constantly -_- and I was talking to this guy the entire time he saw this

Mars …….. ‎@gary haha just go back to sleep


    For calling me an asshole she gets her entire avatar name shown

Gary David Currie…………. Ok then apparently the process of verification of evidence means nothing to you guys, Look up OCAMMS RAZOR. You made the claim not me. The old go back to sleep comment, works every time to show ones superiority.

Gary David Currie………….. And then the insult method, I follow the evidence people not speculation and jumps’ to conclusions as true.

Gary David Currie………. come on this is incredibly lame as evidence for aliens or your claim of extra dimensional beings.

         At this point I realize I am dealing with someone with superior intelligence.

Linda Kinsman ……………BLA, BLA, BLA BORING AND LMAO

Gary David Currie……….. well of anyone has some good evidence I am all ears. If you think this video is good evidence then you are easily fooled. It is funny especially where he jumps to the conclusion of extra dimensional beings when the optimal word in UFO is unidentified..

Qasim…………  ‎Gary David Currie – why wouldn’t u believe in UFO’s ?

Linda Kinsman…………… SHUT THE FUCK UP GARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     This is where I know I might as well be talking to a pigs ass but wanted to just have some fun…

Mars ……….. there have been hundreds of videos captured of ufo activity. A lot are similar in nature and have the ability to transform their shape. These have been ‘called” plasma ships or fleets, because they r usually seen in groups…and this in not a matter of intelligence..but if u do some research u will find that all the evidence out there cannot be ignored

Linda Kinsman……….. YES MARS AGREED

    This would be like 2 village idiots agreeing on something.

    The internet wisdom of painstaking research has been thrusted upon me…

Gary David Currie …………I never said I did not believe in the possibility but this is not good evidence sorry. No there has not been one verified case of An alien ship of any sort. Lots of videos of UFO’s but a balloon can be a UFO.

Qasim … homie they hide that stuff, they don’t let ppl grab evidence, ppl who go out to release info end up dieing. how do u think the crops change and all that ? ppl believe in God, they haven’t seen him either ?

   This comment is especially interesting as I get referred to as homie which always shows intelligence behind it and a helping of paranoid advice.

Gary David Currie……….. Linda is this how you handle challenge to your claims by telling others to shut the fuck up. This is childish and just shows me you have nothing to prove it.



Gary David Currie……….. Come on Qasim that is conspiracy nonsense, That is because there is no god. It is all about the evidence people good verifiable evidence. Amusing video but nothing more..If you want to be gullible and believe go ahead.

Gary David Currie…………. Linda sure we do.. And this is still no reason to believe there are aliens here. That is called negative evidence..


  And when you have nothing intelligent to say a good threat that of course will never be carried out is the best attack. The internet makes us so brave..

Mars…………  yeah I have spent my own time researching…so if u want to find out for yourself u can do the same. we don’t need to prove anything to u and if i couldve captured on video what i saw a few months ago you woulnt have beleived it either. so whats the point of trying to prove anything to u? i couldnt care less what u believe

    I thought I would leave this one as it stands spelling and grammar just to show you what the level of research would be.

Gary David Currie……….. Well Linda come on over and take care of that, get in contact with Slim and he will bring you to meet me.

  It would be my first bitch slapping and I had to call her on it…

Gary David Currie……….. Yes you do Mars you made the claim by agreeing with the above video. I challenged the claim. But you didn’t capture it so you have nothing but talk and speculation. Don’t you people actually value the truth.

     From this point on just more stupidity and I think you have seen enough but low and behold the person who actually took the video jumped in.

Mark ………..‎ Gary David Currie i didn’t read everything u wrote but I understand why it would be hard to believe this is real but i can assure you it is 100 percent real because i have pics videos i did a test in another video with the glare, it jus wouldn’t be possible man, plus the satellite, that we all talked about , landed IN Calgary last night.

and even when i was just @ the restaurant i was eatin @ jus now cnn was playing , n it came up, and u can see the thing I seen buzzin around the satellite, I was standing outside my hotel in Calgary when it happened, I am at centro motel on 4540 16th ave nw i was standing outside

and all of a suddent we seen an alignment Killuminati between a radio tower and 3 other stars or planets whatever they were, and the original thing we seen

but to the naked eye we could not see these things, they moved way too quick. I’m hoping to get some more footage tonight   also, my friend and i seen 4 school buses filled with the military? how often do you see that eh?

   Ok so he offered an explaination so maybe we could have a descent discussion but it was not to be.

Gary David Currie…………… OK Mark I get that but lets be honest. You can say you have something there but the idea is to not jump to conclusions as you have, I know you were excited and who wouldn’t be. I am sceptic on all things and I go by the evidence but it must be verifiable evidence. I am not trying to be an ass here but if you make a claim the burden of proof is always on the claimant. That is how science works, So if your claim can be falsified then it probably is not true. You have to say if I brought this to the scientific world what would my evidence be, Do you not want the truth?

There are some obvious flaws one can see right away. Really what you have is a picture of something unusual that you do not know what it is and that is the honest answer..

Incredible claims require incredible evidence. No offence that is just how verification works..

    His very coherent and reasonable response. I am joking here

Mark …… military in school buses dont our ” tax dollars” ( lol ) go to there high priced vehicles

ok john hutchison

the hutchison effect

radio waves manipulate many things

i have the proof of radio waves on my phone in more than one video

they are blue


When people have convinced themselves that something is real or true based on the worst evidence and then they get others to buy into we are in trouble.

I find that often when people engage in one delusion they will engage in many. I get it we all want to feel important; I mean what could be more important than discovering an alien race. Sadly this often if not all the time is at the expense of rational thought. Once they are in the delusion and others confirm it then it is very difficult to see reality.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #232 Slim Swayze or you can call me Swayze.

Monday, October 25th, 2010

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Journal Entry # 232

October 25th, 2010

If you have read any of my blog posts, talked to me on face book, listened to my music or read any of my published articles or just talked with me you will soon realize that my passion besides my family and music is the pursuit of truth. I am always on the lookout and excited when I find like minded individuals. Slim is one such individual.

I belonged to a group of atheists who I soon parted ways with because they had a different agenda than I did. I was about action and they just wanted to chat. This accomplishes very little for me. About a year later I put a call out on their website for any new members interested in action. I really did not expect anything back but within a day I received an email from a very excited Slim Swayze. Tons of passion and excitement. He appeared to be a man of action. So I decided to get to know him a little better and let him get to know me. We started talking and it was apparent very quickly that Slim was beginning a fantastic journey down what he calls the rabbit hole.


Slim Swayze

He was mostly presenting conspiracy theories yet he was passionate a quality which I admire greatly. He threw out all these theories and of course I challenged him on everything as I am all about evidence. He got mad, he calmed down, he got mad again and this cycle went on until he realized that I was just challenging his views not him. His debating skills vastly improved in a very short time.

He talked about getting a radio show on Trent Radio. He is a huge fan of underground hip hop as he feels this is the punk rock of today. I tend to agree.  I watched him promote the hell out of himself and stay true to his agenda. Soon after this he was on the air. Within a couple of weeks he went from a 1 /1/2 hour spot on Saturdays to everyday on internet radio and I don’t see him slowing down.

He is quick to share his personal story to help others but most of all he is a doer not just a talker. The world needs more people like Slim.  His passion is contagious. He helps promote artists who do not usually get listened to in mainstream. Underground and proud of it.

I have had many conversations with slim and I have enjoyed everyone. I am proud to call him my friend and I urge you to hear what he has to say. He also plays great music. It seems he has a talent as a radio personality which goes to show you that you never know until your try.  Most of all he is passionate about the issues facing us all today. Not the mainstream issues but the ones we tend to want to ignore. He is what I call a pot stirrer and the pot needs to be agitated to get the bottom to the top.


At Trent Radio

Below are his links. I urge you to listen to his show, talk to him and to take the time to hear what he has to say. It will be well worth your time.

 I have his permission to forward these.

Take the Red Pill / Radio show


Web site…..

Face book profile!/profile.php?id=613515183

In this world it is difficult to find the ones who are willing to search for truth no matter the outcome, to take on those bigger than themselves and to fight for what they believe to be right, Slim is one of those individuals and I salute his desire to change the world for the better. He is an example for us all.


Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #184 It’s all subjective.

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

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Journal Entry # 184

September 7th, 2010

I use this term quit a bit in my discussions. It is the best way to point out that how we interpret things and see the world in which we live in. It will depend on so many variables but ultimately it will lye with each individual. For example if you say “Jesus said” what you are really saying is this my interpretation of what I think Jesus said. Even if you quote it from the bible it is all still subjective. Even if god did write the bible it will still be you talking or saying the quote. You will add emotions in the spots you feel are needed.  The only way it would be different if was god was using you and you were completely unaware this was happening then you are just a speaker.

Now I used Jesus as an example but it applies to all things you say or think. To all information you take in and to all things you do in life.

sub·jec·tive sb-jktv) adj.

1. a. Proceeding from or taking place in a person’s mind rather than the external world: a subjective             decision.

    b. Particular to a given person; personal: subjective experience.

This is the definition I am referring to. While the world happens all around us, the universe happens. All we really know is what is taking place in our minds. This is why we can never really know 100% that anything is real. We can discern probabilities.


For my purposes when I am challenging claims from religions to conspiracy theories this becomes important. It also applies to me as well. So really our life takes place within our mind through what we use as inputs and outputs. Does this mean that the rest of reality doesn’t exist? That is a possibility but based on the evidence the universe probably exists. A very good indication that something exists is that we can each acknowledge that as individuals that we exist… I think therefore I am.

We are the stars of our own lives and this is what we focus on 24hours a day.

Here is how I describe the concept of mind / body /soul or spirit.

The spirit is you personality, you demeanour how you perceive life and is really just a part of your mind, the emotional content. There in my opinion is no separate entity that goes on after you die. The implications of this will defy the known laws of physic. 

The body is what houses the mind or brain. It allows it to input information and to output information. It carries the mind where it wants to go and protects it. Without the body the brain cannot survive in its present state.

The mind is what we are all about and everything else is in service of the brain. It makes all our decisions and our complete focus and being in life is determined by it. This really is what a human being is. All our emotions, information and essence are within the mind. This is why our life is subjective as all we know flows from the mind.


I have probably raised more questions than I have begun to answer. Life for each individual is completely subjective. How else could it be? This is so important to understand. Once we acknowledge this we can begin to realize who we are and what our place is in this universe.

This is probably why we use the word I so much. It is usually not your god we say it is my god.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #177 Dog with a bone.

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

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Journal Entry # 177

August 31st, 2010

As I continue on my quest to talk openly about pertinent issues with people I run into some interesting people. Recently it has been both believers and non believers who are young and bent on changing the world. This is a positive force but they are all over the place, very difficult to talk to as they cannot form a flow in their thoughts.


These people are like a dog with a pile of bones in front of him. The dog doesn’t know which bone to take first so he tries to grab as many as he can. Of course it is very hard to concentrate on one bone if you have many. Soon he is going as fast as he can to get to all the bones.  Eventually he will run out of bones and if he has been careful he will find the best ones for last. By this time he is able to savoir and enjoys the bones. Really give it his entire attention. Maybe he already used the best bone. Maybe he should have taken his time and developed a system to determine the best bone. As he gets through the pile he realizes that many were not even bones but just fake bones. Soon he is so tired that he gives up. What he realizes is that he should have started off with a smaller pile of bones.


These people are into Conspiracy Theories. Aliens, gods you name it. Most of these things can be weeded out with a little common sense and reasoning. Maybe they should study how to properly reason.

We have little time on this earth and to get caught up in the bullshit is stupid if you have legitimate goals. I keep hearing I want to do something to make a better world but that is all they do just talk but the talk is not constructive when it is all fantasy. The Star Wars/ Star Trek argument.

Although I like to talk about things from many perspectives I find this counterproductive to my overall goal. I have a really hard time following some of these conversations not because I don’t know what you are talking about but because you present it without a flow and a conclusion. When I hear the NWO is out to get you please back it up with some evidence or else it just sounds paranoid. If you read this and feel you are one of those I am talking about this is not intended as an insult. You have your journey just like I have mine but I am at a point where those topics while interesting are not my focus as I have put them in their proper place. They may be true but the evidence does not support most of the far fringe ideas. Evidence is everything. Speculation is fun but can get out of hand.

 Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie