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Who Hijacked Reality / #624 What I see as the core problems for humanity..

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011



Journal Entry #623

December 6th, 2011

“The moment we are willing to lose everything is the moment we are truly free.”

Gary David Currie

This is how I see life, my worldview and I could be wrong on anything I say. I often find people completely disagree with what I present but then they are not willing to show me why. They just want to tell me I am wrong. If there is one thing I feel I have demonstrated over the many articles I have written I it is the value I place on truth and acceptance of the truth no matter what it may be.

The core problems;

Lying to ourselves not acknowledging the truth;

I see this as the number one issue facing humanity and everything else that we do that is not attributed to the natural world is based on this. It is as if our entire way of life is built around believing in and acting on what are probably lies. I have been told many times that I am arrogant for thinking I have it right, who am I to say what is true or even what truth is and that I just don’t get it or understand. All of this may be true but what I do think I have got right and  again I could certainly be wrong is the process for discovering what is true and what is not.  That process is science.

I will repeat my definition of truth which is really just an expansion of the dictionary definition and the method or process of science. I feel that answering this fundamental question; what is truth and how do we determine it is vital and yet as I ask this to many I have so far not been able to get even close to a consensus on this.

Truth- all that is, all that is real, all that is part of reality and all that is factual.

How we determine what is true based on a shared accepted point of reference we call reality. – Verification through the method of the scientific process, reason and logic.

I believe that we cannot verify anything 100% as doubt can always be cast however small so we work on a system of probabilities, best guess and beyond reasonable doubt to say that we know something is true.

We should never believe anything in the unknown to be true until it is verified as known. We can speculate, imagine and engage in fantasy thinking but must always come back to our base of reality. The unknown should not be used as an argument to dispute the known or another unknown as this is just pure speculation.

For every question there can only be one answer that is true.

Once something is known it is no longer up for debate there is only acceptance or ignorance.

There is only truth based on my definition.

The truth will remain the truth no matter what we think our try and do to it, we are powerless over it and yet it is what gives us our power.

Something is either true or it is not even if we do not know if it is true or not.



Here is the Scientific method so we are clear;

1. We often first make an observation of something that has happened.

2. We then consider what caused this thing to happen by posing an educated guess or hypothesis.

3. we can then make predictions about what we should expect to see if our hypothesis is correct.

4. If necessary, experimentation and data collection may be conducted.

5. Further observation is necessary, which will lead to 3 possible outcomes..

a If we observe that our data positively supports our prediction, then we have hypothesis confirmation..(at least for now)

b. If we observe that our data do not support our prediction, then we have hypothesis falsification and we may be forced to either give up or modify our hypothesis.

c. If there are simply not enough data to decide either way, then we suspend judgement.

6. Finally we need to consider whether there are any other competing hypothesis that provide an equally plausible or likely explanation for our observation and  we need to ask ourselves which seems more reasonable. If there are no others, then we may decide to tentatively to accept the hypothesis based on the currently available information.

This really is everything in my opinion but until we can get agreement on this we will as a species have a hard time on this journey.

 Christopher DiCarlo



How much of our daily life is taken up by unnecessary drama? Drama is part of life as events unfold that are out of our control but what I am referring to is the things we say and do that create problems, the gossip and poor treatment of each other. We cannot seem to avoid looking at the misery of others and creating our own misery.  I do
believe it is because we avoid the truth in life and lie to ourselves that we need drama to justify why we do this. Drama begets drama and then the steamroller is in action. Workplace drama, high school drama, entertainment drama, family drama, drama queens, personal drama and global drama. Drama is everywhere and most of it is so unnecessary.


I see nothing wrong with desiring things in life, working towards a life that one feels will bring them happiness but when that desire ignores the important things in life we see the balance of life tilt towards the negative. Do you really need what you have? As long as others in this world do not have the basics should we not care?

Life is short and we only have one shot at it. There will be up’s and downs, triumphs and disasters and I have no idea what will make your life a life worth living as that is will be up to you but I would like to propose this;

“It is not death itself we fear but the idea of a life not lived ending.”

Gary David Currie


Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #587 There can only be one answer that is true to any question.

Monday, October 10th, 2011



Journal Entry #587

October 9th, 2011

We ask the big questions because they seem to define our purpose in life and this seems to be the foundation for how we live. The answers to these questions are as diverse as there are humans on this planet but I will say that the reality on this is that there can only be one answer that is true. So what is this answer? Why do each of us think we have the answer even if the answer is no answer? How will we know who is right or who is wrong?

I have been continually asking one question in my search to all and the answers are rarely the same. I feel this question is the essential question we need to answer and most of my writing and thoughts are based on this and the answer I fell is as close to true as I can get.

What is the definition of truth and how do we determine it? This answer will form the basis of one’s belief system. It appears to me that the very first question one should ask is why are there so many different answers when only one can be right? How can we be so confused on such a basic question?

Often the answer to this for many will include a supernatural origin or an appeal to a higher power but does this fit into how reality works? Do I even have how reality works correctly identified? Many will say I do not.

Even though I believe I can be wrong on anything based on reason and logic and how we understand existence there can only be one answer that is true although that answer may be many answers together? So for example if 2 or more answers are true then this will equate to the one answer that 2 or more answers are true.

This unwillingness to find agreement on the definition of truth is what I see as the basic problem that divides us, causes us to engage in conflict and allows to have justification for so many of the man made problems we deal with daily.

How do we get past this? I don’t know but we must find a way. We all want to be right, we all want our beliefs to be true but this will be impossible as there can only be on true answer. Sure I feel I am on the right track and I am more than willing to put what I believe to the test but for many the very idea that they are asked to put it to the test contradicts their beliefs and this will stop them from seeking with an open-mind.

I certainly do not want us to agree on everything but there are some basic fundamental truths that we need to acknowledge to continue to evolve as a species. Look I would never try and force someone to believe what I do but if I feel they are causing harm to others I will challenge their beliefs and for some this harm is obvious and needs to be changed.

For example religious beliefs and not all or all people are causing harm to humans daily and the evidence is credible, people are being killed over them. So as a species we should not accept this and this should be obvious.

I think it great to explore different beliefs and views as to what truth is, what god means and how we got here for example, the questions that drive us to better ourselves but there has to be an agreed upon line that somehow must be enforced to stop the craziness that goes along with some of the more obviously crazy and destructive answers and the actions that follow.

Now as an example and this is not really destructive there is an organization that believes that the Earth is flat despite  verifiable evidence that it is not and if they want to believe this then go ahead but to try and convince others about this stupidity needs to be put in its place.  If we have humans who believe this as true then what else that is so blatantly false will they believe?  

I saw a video today that just made me sick. A person had his hands cut off as punishment according to Islamic law. WTF. How in anyway can this be OK? It is a fundamental denial of an obvious truth that leads to accepting false beliefs and when acted on in an authoritative capacity it can lead to acts such as this. We need to step up and stop denying the obvious. We need to start accepting as a beginning what truth is.  Iraqi Prisoner Gets His Arms and Legs Cut Off (Warning: Very Graphic)

Sure we can continue on this path of stupidity and if I may be so bold to say that many of the beliefs we hold are stupid as they are not based in reality. I do not accept them because there is no good evidence or reason to. Throughout my blog I have identified many of these beliefs and the harm they lead to and we can argue about this all day but there will only be one answer that is true and I think we need to make a serious effort to accept this and agree upon a standard method of determining what is true and what truth is defined as.

Why should I even give a shit? Why not just concern myself with my little corner of the planet and those I am directly in contact with, the ones I care about? I care because I value my part in humanities journey, this is part of the journey for me as I value what is ethical and I value the truth. I want to be able to look myself and my family in the eye and know that they understand I stand for what is right for humanity and that I actually give a shit. In turn this will show them I care about them as well as I want to see a world they will be part of be the best it can be. When it is their time they can choose to act in this manner or not to but I know their actions will be of a positive nature and not a negative nature because of my actions. I can already see this.

We need to take a huge step here and address this question with our brightest minds, with those whose integrity is for the human race and for a better world and we need our leaders and all of humanity to accept what they propose with an open mind. This will begin the process that will lead us into a new age for all that will be a benefit to humanity and not harm.

There is only one true answer to each question.

Gary David Currie

Seek the Truth Always

Who Hijacked Reality / #554 2 simple changes and the world will notice.

Monday, September 5th, 2011



Journal Entry #554

September 5th, 2011

I am constantly trying to evolve in who I am and I have found that 2 major things have helped this development over the years. I would like to propose them for all to consider;

I have acknowledged that I can be wrong on anything;

This simple admittance has freed my mind from the constraints that once held it prisoner. By admitting this I opened myself up to seeking knowledge and accepting what is offered for consideration. It has not made me gullible but sceptical. I do not immediately deny something well that is not true there are things that I have acknowledged as not true and when they are presented in the same way experience guides me to not waste my time but for many other things it allows me to listen before I judge.

One of the consistencies I have noticed in humanity is that we seem to have an incredibly hard time agreeing with each other. We all want to be right, to feel important and I am no exception but I think I have found a good balance on this.

When I ask one simple question it appears to not be that simple at all. Now only one answer can be right and I follow what I think is right until I am proven otherwise but if we just could reach an agreement on this one question it would be the basis for a profound change in humanities journey. I see it as a positive change.

The question is;

What is the definition of truth and what method do we use to determine if something is true.

The answers are all over the place. My answer is simple to me but not to others.

Truth is all that is, all that is real and all that is reality, the facts of existence and the universe.

Learning to agree by listening will offer us a huge advantage.


The second thing is that I have decided to value my integrity as incredibly important, my word is my bond. I rarely see this.

Now imagine if all who committed to something followed through on their commitments, first of all people would take their time before they committed to be sure they could deliver. Relationships would improve, our politicians would be bound by their election promises and the world would generally be a better place because we would all know where we stood on something and knowing  is more than half the battle in life.

Integrity defines a person in my opinion as someone to be trusted and trust is the foundation for all positive relationships. This will lead to people valuing the truth and to be careful and responsible for their actions.

2 little changes will change everything as they have for me personally.

Life is just way too short to be wasting it on an overabundance of pride and ignorance.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #544 The 11th, commandment, though shall not lie to thyself.

Friday, August 26th, 2011



Journal Entry #544

August 26th, 2011

I can only speak for myself here but I certainly have lied to myself and I imagine everyone else on this planet has as well but at this point in my life I work very hard at not lying to myself.

The goal for me is to acknowledge and value the truths in this universe but the very first truth that must be acknowledged to do this is the definition of truth. I find so many definitions that will fit into the desires of each individual. I would hope that eventually we can agree on what truth is.

Truth…All that is, all that is real, that is factual.

I also cannot imagine anyone on this planet who desires to be lied to or to lie to themselves but I feel we do it anyways. Why is that? The video I posted below offers a very good explanation for this as well as covering some other very valuable issues.


Phil Plait The Goal of Scepticism Part 1/3

I daily continue to learn how to determine what is true and what is not, how to be truly sceptical on any new matter to determine the truth. One of the problems I see is that we have already determined many truths in life that still many continue to deny or to lie to themselves even though I fully believe they do not believe they are.

I do not expect anyone to take my word for it and I am under no illusion that I can change anyone’s mind. My goal is simply to acknowledge what is true and to share my thoughts and findings. This of course is a gradual process that will be achieved through many hours of discussion and mutual respect. What you acknowledge as true will be completely up to you but I do hope that one day we will reach a consensus as to the definition of truth and how we determine it.

One of the things I continually struggle with is that people are aware of the process to determine to truth as they use it daily throughout their life’s and yet we as a species continually have a difficult time on certain matters. As Phil Plait says we are not hardwired to be critical but to be of faith but this can certainly change.

One of the most important things I have realized is that changes regarding our beliefs and what we value as true does not happen overnight. It is a gradual process of discovery and questioning and answering that can take years.

All I can offer is that I personally subscribe to the philosophy of the 11th commandment and I hope that all others will do their very best to follow it as well. This will be the journey humanity must engage in for us to continue to advance both individually and as a species.


Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #463 Demons and Delusions.

Monday, June 6th, 2011



Journal Entry #463

June 6th, 2011

There is nothing like reality to demonstrate how delusional people can be. Often I will have a conversation with believers and things are going well at first. We talk about concepts of truth and reality and when it is applied to the rest of their life they understand and agree but then when we come to their belief in their god it always takes a turn back into the delusion. Why is this, because reality and fantasy just don’t mix.

This conversation is a great example of how the delusion controls the thinking, how the desires corrupt reality.


Gary David Currie …………….Wow don’t you just love delusional thinking. Once down the path the pit stops are hard to see.


“I fear the man who believes he has arrived for the destination always changes.” Gary David Currie

Gary David Currie ………….I hope you understand that admitting you might be wrong leads to an open -mind and is the beginning of actually finding the truth..

Christian…………. I love truth whatever it is.

Gary David Currie………. Excellent so now the next step is to agree on the method for determining what is true and use this method on all things. I to love truth as well no matter what it is as I really don’t have a choice even if I think I do.

Christian…………That´s a good to start with. Can we agree that truth is holy?

Gary David Currie ………………No I would not agree to that. Maybe we can start off with the dictionary definition. I will then tell you mine and you yours and we can go from there. Saying truth is holy makes no sense as it only addresses a certain truth all truth. What I need from you to start with is a definition of truth backed up with a method of determining truth that works on all things as this is the foundation to determine truth. All truths. We can even leave religion out of this because if you bring it in then it will have to work on all things not religious.

Christian…….. Ok I agree.

Gary David Currie…………. So give me your definition and your method..

Christian…………..Can we agree that truth is not subjective but same for all people.

Gary David Currie……….. Yes it is the same as there are infinite truths. The definition of truth will not change. Here is mine since you have not offered yours.

Truth is all that is , all that is real.. now show me what method you use to determine truth in all matters, or things in life.

Christian…………Truth is all that is and all that is real. So next definition is what is real? Is it only what we can grasp with our senses or is there something that is true but we don’t know it or can see it?

Christian…………The next interesting question is, IS everything scientifically proved TRUTH?

Gary David Currie ……………you are correct there may be and are probably many things that are real that we have not confirmed as of this point and yes all we have is our sense to verify. But we cannot say something is true until we can verify it

Christian……Is there anything you can think of that is true but is impossible to prove?

Gary David Currie……… yes everything is scientifically proved truth at this point because we really have no other method of verification. Science and reason is the best method. if there is a better method that works on all things I will use it as I only seek what is true.

Christian…………What scientifically is “truth at this point” can change later and be proved to be lie by same method ??

Gary David Currie ……………No because we have no way of saying it is true until we can verify it. we may want it to be true but that is irrelevant. Also and this is very important we must include what we have already verified as true in the process even though at some point it may be proven wrong. The problem is that people take something as true and run with it that has not been verified. For example alien abductions or ancient aliens. Ghosts are another example.

Christian………….I agree. It is not true at this point, even though it is possible. OK.

Gary David Currie………….. I agree it can change but until it does we would be stupid to not follow it as this is what we know at this point. That is what science is all about. Science doesn’t know everything or else it would stop. All science is, is a method we use to determine truth by testing things through various methods to see if they can be proven to not be true.

Gary David Currie ……Now here is the problem if you are referring to gods of man. They may be possible but highly improbable as the evidence to disprove all the evidence to prove god is sound so why still believe in something that is probably not true? Because you want it to be. I appreciate you honesty and willingness to be open-minded at this point I am actually very impressed. I am in no way trying to change your mind that is your choice just talking about truth and how we determine it. This is what I use as a method on all things.

Christian…………I ask again, Is there anything you can think of that is true but is impossible to prove? Something like psychology and feelings, or inner conviction about something, like there must be soothing beyond what we can see or beyond universe and our knowledge.

Gary David Currie……….. Why must there be something is my question? Because we want there to. We can speculate forever on this but what is the point until we can prove it.

We have evidence for feelings that is testable, psychology is a field of science and we have… methods to test things. If there is something we will not find it for a very long time I will speculate so why think there is something there when so much evidence that can be verified says there may not be. Do people worship Dark matter or dark energy?

Christian………….My belief is based on an inner conviction that there is a reality beyond our current comprehension. It is because I felt, or if you want to believe I have experienced this reality as I perceived as more real than this I am in now. There was… a brief moment in my life that was not repeated after that, but it left an impression that made me unable to forget that there was something beyond this reality. This life feels like a illusion In comparison to what I saw and felt. I am aware that everything can also have another explanation, but it made a change in my attitude to life that I cannot change. (Maybe you think I am crazy or disturbed but I am considered as normal and I function as a normal person in all aspects) What I want to say is that I am convinced that there is an parallel reality that I call spiritual reality. I also know that I can never prove anything of it.

Christian………Beyond the words in the Bible I can see this reality. Nothing else but the Bible contains this knowledge I have experienced. Believe me I have also read a lot of books. I have two university degrees, and I have read lot of philosophy and psychology.

Gary David Currie…. ..I have no way of disproving your personal experience nor would I want to. But you have said the important part that you have no way of verifying it. Now I am sure that you understand that there can only be one answer to our origins and to all questions that is going to be true so if all the evidence points away from what you have experienced I don’t understand why you or anyone would accept what is probably not true. This makes no sense to me. I have had personal experiences as well but I do not take that leap into the unknown as true. Here is my problem you have taken you experience and then jumped to all sorts of conclusions. I base this on what you say. You of course realize and again I appreciate your honesty that there is probably another answer besides what you say or see.

Gary David Currie ……..You research is bias from your experience it seems. Spiritual reality has no evidence that can be tested so what you are doing since you have studied philosophy is participating in what is called the argument from ignorance. I say this no…t to insult but out of respect for your acquired knowledge. Step outside your experience and try to disprove it to validate it then we can say there is a basis for your hypothesis but at this point there is not. Reality simply does not work the way you say it does even though it might what we know tells is that is does not.


Christian…….Yes you are right, it is not “that” reality like your definition, it is as I said to you a spiritual reality and it is very real for me. Because I have as I call it “Spiritual eyes” I know it is true because it manifests in the same reality you know. It is connected, but not connected in a way you or anyone can figure out. I will give you an example: If you go around and hate most people and complain on most others, it seems for you like it is right to do because you believe it is true what you say, see and think about them. They are bad people. So even if you are right, you will not accomplish anything with that kind of behaviour. What will happened is that you will be depressed, alone, odd, sick, maybe hate by others and similar. This kind of behaviour will even have physical manifestation in your body or around you. This I know is true but no one can prove it will be like that and exactly how it will be in each case. So a specific behaviour will end up in a range of consequences no one knows exactly how but it IS TRUE AND IT WILL NOT BE GOOD. This is just one example of how something can be truth without being possible to prove ever. Another example is. SIN will lead to destruction, I mean who can prove this, “NO ONE” but it is still truth. How do I know? Not because I have read it in the Bible but because I have experienced this under my entire life. And I JUST KNOW, it is TRUTH even if I cannot prove it.

Gary David Currie……… I am sorry but I must be honest with you and tell you that this makes absolutely no sense. If something does not have evidence to take it as true is called the argument from ignorance. I understand your reasoning. You cannot create a new definition of reality and then say it is true.

if we follow this through I must be strong on this point then anything can be true, anything someone feels is true they say can be true. All religions will then be true. All beliefs will be true and this simply is not true. It does not make sense to just feel it or know it because you feel you have experienced it. Let me say that If I say that my experience is the opposite of yours can you dispute my experience? No so we can’t both be right correct? That is why we use credible evidence because personal experience and witnesses are not reliable as forms of evidence. You may be right but all it will be is a guess that has no support and that is a terrible reason to believe something as true.

This is not an example of something being true that can never be proven as all things can eventually be proven or else they are not true.

Again I say this is the argument from ignorance and it is beyond me how intelligent people just go but their gut on things without getting further proof. Your choice though but it probably is not true and if you value what is true you will see this if not you value what you want to be true. Again no offence this is what is true.

You are not acknowledging what we do know; you have ignored all of this in favour of want you feel. So if you are right then I am wrong, the vast majority of scientists are wrong and all the evidence that disputes what you say is wrong. Your experience counts for more than all of this. That makes no sense..

Christian…………Well Gary when you say “no offence this is what is true.” it is to me Pride. Now you claim to know the truth. NO one knows the truth but God “IF he exists” And yes if I am right then all of you are wrong, that is true. Does this make sense .. ?

Gary David Currie ……….No because all the verifiable evidence does not support what you say if it did I would accept is as true. I think you are missing the reasoning behind what I am saying. Why are you right and all other religions wrong if they use the same method , experience that you say is valid. Again this makes no sense. Do you understand what the argument from ignorance is? And yes we do know the truth on many things..

Christian…………Argument from ignorance is what all do including you and scientists.

Christian……yes we do know the truth on many things, but some know more than others

Gary David Currie……….. No wrong again sorry.. The argument from ignorance states that unless you can prove something is not true to me 100% which is impossible I will believe what I want to believe even though it can be proven with a high degree of probability to not be true. What I do and what science does is say I don’t know when we don’t know and not accept it as true especially if there is plenty of evidence to say it is probably not true.

Gary David Currie……….. Knowing more than others will not change the truth on something. You and others ignore so much to fulfill your beliefs. Jana if what you believed had any supporting evidence I would believe it. Again tell me why you don’t believe all others who make similar claims but different gods because there is no evidence that you will accept correct? Now apply that to your god from my perspective and it will be the same conclusion. Why is your experience valid and mine not?

Gary David Currie…………… So why is your inner conviction right and mine or that of others wrong. What basis do you use to refute all others but yours?

Christian……….Because we agreed that there is only ONE truth, and IF my is correct then all of yours is wrong, incorrect. My truth also tells me through the Bible which IS breath of the God by my experience, about all of you and I see how deception works through all of you and then I mean ALL religions including religion Christianity and “religion” Atheism. (For me it is just belief)

Gary David Currie……… Ok but your still missing the huge point.. Knowing what is true is based on a method of discovery and humanities method is verifiable evidence. You use evidence just as much as the next person but your evidence in the case of your god is not verifiable and that is the important part. I will say this again you are just guessing which is what we all do but the idea is to make the best guess we can and that is why we base it on verifiable evidence. Have you put your beliefs to the teat of actually trying to disprove them? This will be the true test.

You think I am all about atheism and I am not I am an atheist by default by seeking what is true not an atheist first. You have put your beliefs before the truth because in all honesty they will not stand up to verification so really you believe solely based on the idea of your desires from the benefits of your belief. My belief is that I find truth.

Gary David Currie……… This whole idea of deception is just silly. Why would I be trying to deceive you? What is my purpose in doing this? That is old barbaric thinking based on control systems from 100′s of years ago. I must admit it really is silly in this day in age to think that there are people who are of the devil who are trying to deceive you into not believing in your god, It is actually paranoid thinking. Think about the time the bible was written in and why it would be beneficial to have this in the bible.

Believe in god if you want to but this silly deception stuff is just out of place in this modern world. This is just another example of why the bible and the beliefs it promotes are of man from 2,000 years ago and have no place in a realistic modern world.

We were actually having a good conversation about ideals and concepts. I was impressed with your willingness to be open so why did you go and bring it to things that just are ridiculous in the real world we live in. Do you really believe in devils and demons? Do you realize the implications behind this belief? Where do they come from? What realm do they exist in? How do they cross over? If they can cross over then why can’t we see evidence of this alternate existence? Why doesn’t god just get rid of them? Are they more powerful than god? If they are then god is not god. Why are they involved in the human world? Do they just run around all day deceiving humans? What is the point? Why have bad spirits and good spirits?

Can you not see the can of worms you have opened here?

Christian ….Lot of questions but there is an answer to each of them.

Gary David Currie ………..We are back to the style from before. I am not doing any of those things. I just speak from an honest realistic position. We were talking about truth but the problem is that you ignored certain things when they contradicted your belief instead of being open-minded all the way through. I told you I am not trying to change your mind I am just talking.

Gary David Currie …………….Well let’s hear the answers to each one of them with proof to back it up otherwise you will just be making it up.

Christian………. Actually a good questions we can take one at a time on my wall. It is deep questions.

Gary David Currie……….. I do understand I just don’t agree and that is the difference between you and me I have taken the time to understand what I refute. You say you have read all these philosophy books but Almost all of them will dispute god, Have you read Hume or Kant?


Gary David Currie………… How about you go back and answer all of the questions I asked before that you ignored first. You still have not answered the most important one and that is what method do you use to determine truth?

Christian………All of those men where just neurotics. Most of them where Demon lead or demon possessed.

Gary David Currie………… And still after all these philosophers you still accept something that cannot be proven as true? You still think that the bible is written by god and not man? You still believe in demons? Are you aware of existentialism? Have you explored all ideas on god? Have you studies evolution?

Gary David Currie…………………. I guess we are done if you belie in demons You have moved into an area I am not willing to follow as it is just plain silly? Really demons come on that is ridiculous and you can’t be serious?

Christian……..There is no method to determine truth. Truth is Jesus Christ and all these men you are talking about, how can they make a method to determine anything about God. That is silly. They are just mere men.

Christian…………You don´t know what demons are, you think it is Hollywood bogyman. That is ridiculous, so you are deceived to not see the true evil inside the people.

Christian………You actually don´t have to have the spiritual eyes to see demon influence on people. You will see that, that is one thing I can promise you.

Gary David Currie …………….Yes there is and it is called science. Ok Jana you are lost then in the delusion. You cannot mix reality with insanity. What else can I say you have jumped off the deep end and then you wonder why people ridicule you as you say? I am done it was interesting for awhile but now it is not . I do not jump into the delusion with those who are inside it. Enjoy.. You showed moments of sanity. Perhaps we will talk again someday when you can stay in reality a little longer.

Christian……………… You are lost then in the delusion, you don´t see obvious things around you. You need proof for everything. Do you need a proof that you exist?

Gary David Currie…….. yes don’t you?

Christian…………….It is not polite to call people crazy even if They were, especially if they were, and if I am insane with two university degrees What makes it you and lot of others without education at all? That is lack of love, what is the point of seeking the truth when you lack the love. What will you do with your truth?

Christian………….. I know very much about science, more than you think. I am just talking to you in hope of opening your eyes to something greater than you can see now.

Gary David Currie……………. And that is you problem the idea that you feel you will open my eyes and that you are right whereas I am just talking with no expectation of opening your eyes as only you can do that. You know Jana you have never asked me about my experiences in religion, what I believe and why. Have you tried to understand what I present and why without bias? Personally I think you are so busy trying to show me how right you are that it will not allow you to understand my perspective. You have no idea what I have seen or ho I really am and I have no intention of sharing my personal life on the internet and that is why I talk about concepts and ideals. If you really knew about science I think I would have seen some of it in our discussions. Those who truly understand science don’t generally believe in gods or anything else unproven.

I hope you enjoyed the conversation and keep your eyes open for demons.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie