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Who Hijacked Reality / #697 It has been a long year with many lessons and many things confirmed

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Journal Entry #697

November 6th, 2012


Well it has been almost a year since my life was drastically changed. November 21st will be the exact date and the roller coaster has been quit a ride.

I have had to make a huge change, face my fears and basically start my life over. So what have I learned in all of this.

The first thing is that the process of grieving is a must to get through anything, we must follow it, and accept it for things to get better, to heal and to move on in our lives. I have also learned that very few will do this; they think they do but they do not. I am talking about the 5 steps of grief, bargaining, denial, anger, depression and appetence.

On a personal level I embraced it and actually put it into motion to deal with the situation of my wife not wanting to be married to me anymore. I knew it was going to be painful and I offered her a choice and she chose to leave. This set in motion everything I had to deal with.. I knew the basic price I was going to pay and the most likely outcomes.. At this stage I am open about what happened but the details will be kept private…

Because I value and champion the truth to deny this would be against all I follow and promote so I accepted the process and believe me it was and still is incredibly painful not just for me but for others as well.

So I am out the other side, 6 hard months of getting through the painful part and getting to acceptance.

Now what I have learned is that almost everyone I have met or had been close to will not get past the stage of denial and bounce back and forth between the other stages of anger and depression. So many live their lives in these stages and then try and escape dealing with things through the many various escapes we have as humans.

Because I am not one to be fooled to play games with and I see past all these excuses to not deal with things I am a threat to many so I have lost many along the way. I have lost friends, acquaintances and most of all loved ones as they avoid me and blame me. Now play this out when all those involved are at the same level of avoidance and you can see how many of the problems as humans we create continue to not get dealt with.

In short so many are walking around in denial on so many things..

Secondly and related very few if any will face the truth, will face thier fears which is usually the cause of all the problems the root of the denial… This is huge and I see it everywhere..

When this happens people build their walls and don’t let others in but of course they cannot get out as well..

I have seen people willing to do terrible things to those they say they loved, to deny what will set them free and to continually blame and focus on the harmful things in life when the solution is easy to see if one is willing. I have written about these and if you want to and are seeking the truth you can scan through my many articles to find them or message me as I will talk with you.

Now again on a personal note it will be a hard task for me to find someone to be with as it will take someone very strong and secure in who they are to be with me. I have much to offer but most are not willing to accept it and to face life and reality on realities terms.

I have learned that people like me and we are few and far between are the last thing people want to deal with as many say they want the truth, honesty and openness until they actually have it..

I have seen so many give into their fears instead of facing them and the price they pay daily is enormous, I have seen this transpire into so many of the issues we have around the world. I have seen wilful ignorance rule the day.

I will continue to follow my path promote what I do and live my life to the fullest. I will offer what I see as probably being true and hope that others are willing to seek the truth as well.. I will accept the loss of those I have loved as best I can knowing I did nothing of significance to lose them and they have just ran away. I see this in so many running from the fears.. so much running, avoidance and escaping which of course is an illusion.

I truly see how we can get out of these daily messes we create but no one wants to listen and that is the key here no one wants to listen because if they do they will have to face what they want to avoid. Thing is you will face it either way on its terms or yours…

Fear is the mind killer….

If only people would just stop running and face things this would change everything.

“Denial of the truth and the actions that follow is humanities biggest problem.”

Gary David Currie

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #684 The bubble principal.

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Journal Entry #684

August 21st, 2012

Each day as I do my best to embrace life I see so many others caught up in the struggle to live in their bubbles. Many of these bubbles are so small that I can see the pain of existing in them in the eyes of those walking around.

I see glimpses of people who have their heads hanging down as to look up is a strain realizing they are trapped trying to escape but they simply don’t know how. Many are trying to find themselves. Often this is done later in life as they finally realize they have been living a lie but still they don’t know what to do and many often take the wrong path trying to escape.

Carrying all that baggage becomes difficult and pushing that bubble around becomes exhausting.

It really is not that hard and all we have to do is ask and seek answers to some central questions and they will define who we are. Once we know who we are the bubble is burst and life takes on new meaning. The drama, lies and secrets seem to disappear and a calm surrounds us.

Personally I figured this out very early in life;

I guess I figured out the secret if you will to be comfortable in your own skin. For me the journey started early say around 8 years old as I had some very traumatic events take place in my life.

These events propelled me to ask the big questions and seek out answers. I am still looking but along the way I solidified some very basic answers that have stood the test of time. I truly like myself. I always have…

This has served me well..

I can only be a guide for others and there are those moments when I see people escape that is uplifting for me but they are few and far between.

I will offer my thoughts in the pictures and words I have written lately but again I have one central message that really is the foundation for all we do. It will be up to you to find it for yourself.

I have my days as well but the core of who I am easily gets me through these little humps.

These pictures are all original and part of my daily life. Some I offer words and others I feel just stand well on their own.

Please share the love and enjoy…



Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #637 Play the cards you’re dealt to the maximum.

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Journal Entry #637

February 11th, 2012

Today I am packing up my house and getting ready to move at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. I find myself dealing with a situation that I must make the best of. I did not want this to happen but it is completely out of my control so I must grab hold of what is in my control.

I have had people say to me that I should not be publically talking about what has happened to me and although I have not made all the details public I feel I must if I am to stay true to what I profess talk about it and the consequences from actions both within and beyond ones control.

When things happen to us especially directly from the actions of others we are forced into making decisions on how to precede with our life’s. Often those who have put us in these situations have no idea of those consequences, what their actions have put into motion or how it will eventually affect them but the axioms of the world will always be true. We have a price to pay for all we do.

We must deal with all of our emotions and if I am to profess a worldview of truth I cannot back down when it is something personal and unpleasant to deal with. For me dealing with all things openly and honestly head on is the right and healthy attitude to have. We rarely get what we want but what we can do is to maintain our integrity, be truthful and face the situation head on. I have seen lies, fear and secrets destroy people even when they do not know it is destroying them as the truth will not care and always follow you wherever you go.

So play the cards you are dealt and then get a new hand.

I do believe that what is true will prevail, what is right will find its way and that people really do want to do the right thing but most just don’t know how to do it. I see people living for the moment which I endorse and going on their feelings but part of this must be long term thinking and the consequences of our actions.

I have been hurt recently and put in a position where I have lost so much but as I come through this I see the opportunity to start again while building on who I am. I like who I am, what I stand for and my worldview. I find that most who do the wrong things and who avoid dealing with reality do not like themselves and that they do these things to escape reality, what is right and what is true. This will never work as reality always catches up with you like it or not.

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #632 Sick and tired……..of all the bullshit.

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Journal Entry #632

January 14th, 2012

It has been awhile since I have written on my blog. Like I have said I was facing a personal tragedy that has taken me some time to work through. I am so thankful that I acknowledged the steps one must take to get through. I did not fight them but let them happen. I never knew I had so many tears in me. I am starting to get to the last stage but will still go back and forth between the last 3 stages of grief. Acceptance is the goal.

As my world view changes on my journey and as I try to keep both my eyes and my mind open I continually learn. I see so much waste of potential in humanity focusing on the things that do harm not bring about positive change and happiness.

Sometimes I think I am in the wrong place and in the wrong time. I feel as though I do not belong here and do not fit in. I long for a society where the beings are peaceful and have put their barbaric past behind them. I feel I would fit in there. I just get sick and tired of all the bullshit and harm we do to each other. It is so unnecessary and counterproductive to the species.

I am sick and tired;

Of the way we treat each other.

Of people focusing on the negatives in life and not looking for the good in each other.

Of lies and more lies and more lies as I see fear, lies and drama as the killer of humanity.

Of not acknowledging and accepting the truth on anything.

Of our lack of empathy towards each other.

Of wilful stupidity.

Of just doing the wrong thing for all the wrong reasons..

Of our complete lack of foresight as a species.

Of our lack of humility when called for.

Of our selfishness that does not include the welfare of others.

Of our runaway greed and self indulgent behaviour.

Of all our fighting and violence towards each other.

Of ignorance.

Of not sharing with each other creating a gap in our well being.

Of just not listening to those that can truly set us free..

Of our belief in things we cannot know to be true and the resulting behaviour of acting on those beliefs.

Of constantly appealing to the emotions that do not bring about the best in us.

Of wilfully hurting others and just not giving a shit…..

Of ignoring reality and the consequences of this action….

Of the blinders we seem to like to wear and the paths of destruction this can leave behind.

I really have hope for our species but at the same time I do believe most of us do not deserve the lives we have been allowed as we waste them. We waste our potential and our limited time in life. I have watched people engage in self indulgent behaviour ignorant to the consequences, to the effect on others. I am sure we all have seen this at some point.

Can we make it? I think we can but it will take a leader unlike anyone we have seen before, A person who shows us a position we have rarely seen and then the willingness to listen to this person.

I really am sick and tired of all the bullshit and to be very frank here most of what we do to each other is absolute bullshit.

It is our fears in life that propel us to run from all that is good, right and true. What I have seen has led me to the conclusion that this is not something we can escape although humanity tries hard with a terrible cost. What is right and true will eventually prevail. One can only run so long until they must turn around. It is then when one faces their fears and is willing to take the road back while difficult well worth it that they will have a worthy life. This is inevitable for all. If we could only learn to accept this before we start running away from truth, what is just and what is right we could rise to our potential as individuals and as a species.

I try to see the good in humanity and the good in all. I try to see the potential not where they are at.

I offer this as a mantra of sorts that if we could all adopt we could begin to achieve who we truly can be;

I will see the good in you even when you do not.

I will see what you can become even when you do not.

I will look beyond where you are at and see where you can be.

I will take your hurt and your pain so that you can be free.

I will be a light when you are lost.

I will be an anchor when you are adrift.

I will see you even when you do not see yourself & I will be there when you are ready to see me.

Gary David Currie  10/12/2011

I believe love can conquer fear, that right will trump wrong and that justice will prevail. I have hope for humanity, I have hope for those lost and we must make the light brighter for those to find their way back.

I feel as though I do not belong here but also realize that I do. I hope one will rise above the voices that deceive us, that this person will value truth and see the good in us all and that we are finally ready to listen.

Personally I have nothing left to fear. I have faced my fears and now I am ready to truly live. I hope all can reach this point as it is liberating…

We must face our fears or they will face us.

I must have hope for without hope we all have lost our way……….

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #613 The more I talk with people the more I find what we have in common.

Thursday, November 10th, 2011



Journal Entry #613

November 10th, 2011

I have been actively involved in promoting my agenda with the main goal being positive respectful discussion around the globe and I want to pause and offer a few thoughts on the results of this.

We seem to each have our own answers to the big questions you know the ones that define us and direct our life’s, the ones that influence our daily decisions and at times these answers seem worlds apart.

1. What can I know?

2. Why am I here?

3. What am I?

4 How should I behave?

5. What is to come of me?


The more I talk the more I find out one thing, one very important thing. Once we get past all the posturing and bravado we have more in common then we think. I have learned to read between the lines and to listen to the intent behind the words and actions as this reveals who we truly are;

We are all afraid. Behind the anger, righteousness, declarations, avoidance and attitudes we basically want the same things. We want to be loved, to love and to never be alone. We want peace but we just don’t know how to get there and most of us are lost.

We strike out at others to show how brave we are be it through words or deeds and we strive to find our way in this world. We don’t want o be alone in the dark. Once I can get past the facade we all put on to mask this fear I see that if given the choice we will choose kindness over hate, empathy over apathy and peace over violence but we just don’t know how to express it.

I see we all have a story that is ripe with struggles and all the ingredients that make life worth living and we all want to share this with someone but many are uncertain how to do this so we embrace whatever we can grab on to that will bring us out of the dark and into the light.  

I hope one day we see what we have in common and that we conquer our inability to face our fears, that we find the goodness in ourselves for when we do this we will express this in how we see others.

Doesn’t matter if I am right or you are right on any matter if we are not listening to each other now does it? If we strip away our egos we will start to feel what others feel and this is when we truly change, we truly grow and find the meaning to our lives we all so desperately seek.

I cannot change anyone nor do I want to and in some this fear will dominate their life’s so much they will kill for it, lie for it and die for it. The more I talk the more my fears subside as once we face those fears we have nothing left to fight about.



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Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie