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Who Hijacked Reality / #703 I’m Done

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Journal Entry #703

December 15th, 2012

Yes I tend to say many of the same things over and over and that is because they are worth repeating. We all at times get to a position in our life’s surely more than once where we feel lost , paralyzed as to what to do, where to go, what direction to take and begin to question all that we are.

Personally I am working through this now once again..

I have to tell myself that a 25 year marriage and all that goes along with it, the highs and the lows and all in-between once ended is not just ended.. As it took years to build it will take years to move on from…

I think it is vital that one takes the time and does not rebound into something new to find familiar ground to replace what one has lost to redefine a life and to truly start fresh. I have done this…

One must enter the darkness, deal with the pain and come out the other side. I am doing this..

I wrote 2 songs one back in May 21st which was a significant date for me as it was my wedding anniversary and exactly 6 months that my wife left. I needed to continue the healing process and a month later I wrote the second song.. Now one does not just find closure one just finds a place to fit things in while moving on.

So many really never truly know the pain they cause in others. For me I was treated like a teenage romance had ended but it was a 25 year marriage.. still 6 months after the songs were written I deal daily with the pain of loss but the point is I deal with it.

If we could only step into the mind, the emotions of another would we do what we do to each other, would it even come to the stages it does as our empathy would be forced upon us, there is no denying something once we know it.

“I’m Done” by The Freeman

“Avoid Me” unplugged by Gary David Currie of “The FREEMAN”.


Here are the lyrics to both songs and they can speak for themselves.

I hope this song and video inspire you to feel better about life and that you share this with others as you never know who might need it. There is so much pain in this world so many of us need a connection to help us move on and I offer this song.
Please share it, only takes a second and it may just help someone more than you know.
Sharing is vital for humanity and we truly need to get better at it.

If you possibly have good audio gear to listen to you will appreciate the song more.

I’m Done by Gary David Currie of The FREEMAN
Copyright 06/2012

Words and music by Gary David Currie

Pack your bags and head for home

I can see this life will only brings you pain


If you could reason for a day

 Step out of the darkness and see your way


Wipe those tears from your eyes

Take a long deep breath so you don’t fade away


If you could reason for a day

 Step out of the darkness and see your way



I’m done crying through this pain

I’m ready to see the word again

I wanna laugh

I wanna sing

I’m done crying through this pain


Step out the door the sun will shine again

Feel that breeze oh now tingling your skin


If you could reason for a day

 Step out of the darkness and see your way





“Avoid me”  
by Gary David Currie


She don’t look me in the eyes no more

Doesn’t walk beyond this crowded door

She dreads coming home at night

Even though I will not fight

Is she seeing someone new?

Is she still the girl I knew  anymore


Well I don’t want to lose her

But it’s just not up to me

She thinks that I’m a loser

Why did she marry me?


Her eyes they avoid me

Her touch so cold

She looks at me with anger

As is I didn’t know

Her eyes avoid me


Would have gone to hell and back for her

Worked my fingers to the bone

But she can’t see beyond her feelings

To run away from our home



Is the way life’s supposed to be?

Is this the way it ends

Is she lost or just afraid

Is she still the girl I knew  anymore.




Being human surely can be a painful process at times well in fact most of the time but it is all we got.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #636 All Songs from the album “Sandbox Junkies”

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Journal Entry #636

February 4th, 2012

There are 15 songs from the album “Sandbox Junkies” that I have released all but one on youtube so here they are for your enjoyment.


“Broke N Blue” by The Freeman (Official)


“What I Have To Say” by The FREEMAN


“Left are the Memories” by The FREEMAN (OFFICIAL)


“We Are Here” By The Freeman (Official)


“What’s Your Story” promo video ( be in our video) by The FREEMAN with bloopers.


“Ya Got” by The FREEMAN


“Damn You Woman” by The FREEMAN


“Sandbox Junkies” title track by The FREEMAN


“Running from the Gun” by The FREEMAN


“Left your life today” by The Freeman


“Hide from yourself” by The Freeman


“The Show” by The Freeman


“Can’t stand in the Middle” by The Freeman


500 Dead Today by The Freeman

Thanks for listening

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #635 Songs from the album “Sandbox Junkies”

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Journal Entry #635

February 3rd, 2012

Well if you have followed my blog at all or scanned through our website you will have noticed that besides writing I have many other passions and music is at the top of the list.

2 years ago we released our debut album. “DOG KUF” and slowly started to build a fan base. Over the next 2 years we worked on the new one “Sandbox Junkies” which was planned to be released 2 months ago but life got in the way and it will be put on hold for awhile but since the music was completed I decided to release the music as videos on You Tube for people to enjoy.

I will offer 2 of the songs here and the rest over a period of time on the blog. If you like these songs or even if you don’t please share for others to decide for themselves.


“What I Have To Say” by The FREEMAN

“What I have to say..”

Lyrics by Gary David Currie       Music by Gary David Currie & Zack Currie      Copyright   July 2011


You don’t want to hear what I have to say..           Repeat..

1st verse

What’s your drug of choice, what gets you high, are you satisfied with just getting by ?

Do you feel the need to believe in lies? Born innocent eyes open wide.

Counting the days until you die, graves calling you gods waiting by..


You don’t want to hear what I have to say, what I have to say


2nd verse

Join the machine a cog in the wheel, days repeat no green fields.

Take your head out of that feeding trough see what it’s like when you’re not lost.

Is the weight of living like a cross to bear, let the saints and sinners all beware..


You don’t want to hear what I have to say, what I got say what I want to say…..Repeat..


Repeat main line..

Say, say, say, say, say, say, say…. (low voice to high)



“Ya Got” by The FREEMAN

“Ya Got”  Lyrics

Ya  got

Right wing left wing chewing on a chicken wing.

Mac book Facebook does anybody read a book

Pop, rap, rock is back no playing with a backing track

Science geeks Jesus freak here’s the dumbass of the week

Double down Baconator stuff it on and pay it later

Ah what a world


What in the world do we think we’re doing?

  Is anyone still sane?

What in the world do we think we’re doing?

  Is it a game…


Ya got

Free speech, no speech airports looking in your briefs

Viral, out of control post it on the you tube show

Star wars, Start Trek what a stupid argument

Bollywood, Hollywood 15 minutes if you could

Polar bears running scared, Clinton on what not to wear.

Ah what a world



Ya got

Gay, straight lots of hate climate change is it too late

Big bang star burst what a great big universe

Vampires, cheating liars, evolution revolution

Sex, drugs rock n roll Dr. Drew for your soul

Conspiracies, clear the trees oceans filled with our debris

Everyone thinks their right, Guns kill people fight

Everyone thinks their right, Guns kill people fight




Thanks for listening

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #621 What do you do about this? It at times just seems insane to me…

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011



Journal Entry #621

November 29th, 2011

During a discussion I was having where I posted the true Christian dilemma as 2 Christians with similar ideas about their faith were saying how everyone else has it wrong I posted my video as an example of how we just need to step up and stop treating each other as enemies. The person removed it as they felt the links that you tube offered after the video was finshed were not appropriate for the people on his list as he is a youth pastor. Now I cannot help what you tube posts after and really to try and stop others from making decisions as to what to watch is not cool in my books. This will just peak their curiosity even more.

Now I understand he wants to maintain a squeaky clean image but it is what it is and the song is a great message. The discussion that followed quickly from my perspective generated into one of arrogance and righteousness on their part but you be the judge.

Even when I offer something that can be viewed by all as a great message it appears people will find a reason to promote their exact agenda. I get it that he has a right to take it away because of his association but really the song is just a good message…

The song…


“We Are Here” By The Freeman (Official)

Now some of these comments are priceless and I will highlight them in red. One comnment can sum up an entire position one takes………

The discussion;

Gary David Currie………. Again it is all subjective but you do what you feel is right. Anything is easy to justify.. I am not in a p[position to tell others how they should follow their faith and besides you guys take care of doing that yourself. Carry on……….. It seems my video disappeared… Interesting.

Belief Pictures………… Why did it disappear?

Gary David Currie ……………I have no idea…

Belief Pictures………. Hmmm…


I did remove it (and have removed many links on my personal page, from Christian and non-Christian friends alike).

As an minister and youth leader in the church, I need to be aware of where links go on my page — since I am responsible for leaving them there or removing them.

After your new song plays, additional suggested videos come up that contain subject matter / language that I would not want anyone saying they got to from my Facebook page.

Belief Pictures…………. Thanks makes sense now…

Gary David Currie ………..Censorship cool your right to do so… I will no longer post my music for you to hear so you are not offended and kept in the bubble that you offer…Good luck…

Belief Pictures………. What???

Belief Pictures……. M__ is only speaking of appropriateness.

Gary David Currie ……..

I have absolutely no control over what you tube suggests and to be honest this should not affect the message in the song I have written. I really thought that Christians and all people would be able to relate as the message is universal and one of compassion and kindness.. Also Do you not think people are smart enough to make their own choices and really if they want something inappropriate you will not stop them. You cannot control the flow of life but good luck trying…

             ……..First classic comment……….

Belief Pictures ………….Gary people are not smart enough! That’s the whole point… without God and direction from the Holy Spirit they are looking for their own ways… ways that lead them to nowhere. His focus is the correct one.

Belief Pictures………. It is the association he doesn’t want…

Gary David Currie……… I get it Belief Pictures . I just view it a different way.. well thank for the chat.. As it appears I am not one to be associated with according to Belief Pictures.

Gary David Currie……….. By the way Belief Pictures I have more faith in humanity than you offer to be smart enough..I don’t look down upon the human race in such a way.


I didn’t write that I was offended, merely that I need to be aware of where links go that are posted on my page. I don’t think your new song (which I have watched) is inappropriate.

Your song FMF doesn’t “offend” me, but I’m sorry to say that I would not think it appropriate to play to a young child that might miss your intended message and simply repeat the chorus. If a Christian friend put a link on my page with doctrine / views that I found misleading, I would remove it too (and I have).

I am concerned about the young people I am responsible for.

And, it has nothing to do with smart. Temptation visits all of us.

Can I control “everything”? Of course not, nor do I need to. Being responsible and thinking about others sometimes calls for making the “best” decision in a given situation.

                    ……… classic comment………..

Belief Pictures…………. Gary you have faith in humanity? That doesn’t say much…

Gary David Currie……… Belief Pictures that says everything because humanity is all we got..

Christian………If “fallen” humanity was everything, we’d all be doomed and nothing we would do would have any significance or lasting value (in fact, it wouldn’t have any actual value at all) — might as well try to “rent out” the planet to someone else! Gary, I truly find what you preach to be a depressing anti-gospel of the hopelessness of “fallen

Thankfully, we can have more than mere “fallen humanity”.

One of the problems is that Christians will call our “fallen” humanity “natural” or “normal” — it is not. Our current, sin-filled world is NOT the humanity that God established. Now we have to be “born again” to get back to the “Good” humanity God originally created.

Gary David Currie………… I preach reality if anything and I am sorry you have to have faith in imaginary things and I will continue to have hope in humans..

                   …….next classic comment………..

Belief Pictures………..Gary you do not know what you are talking about. M____ is in truth and worships the living God. His entire life is a reflection of that. You have your poles reversed and Satan wants to steal hope away from you so you don’t get saved…

                 …. next classic comment………..

Belief Pictures…………. It is not imaginary to believe in your creator.

Christian ………. Gary David Currie, am I the only one that finds it odd that atheists always have to resort to the “everyone else is delusional, we are the only sane people” cry when unable to make “progress”? Basically, the atheist actually believes himself to superior to everyone that is not. Now that is a dangerous mindset! The atheist claims to want to “work with all people”, but actually proudly believes themselves smarter than anyone that is not an atheist — since those other people can only be delusional or uneducated.

Whereas the true Christian believer has realized that he/she is JUST AS BAD and foolish as everyone else and comes to the realization that humanity is not suffering from a MENTAL problem, but a sin problem.

                     ………next classic comment…………..

Christian…………I truly am coming to the conclusion that atheism generally has nothing to do with a knowledge problem, it is MORAL problem. Atheists try to make it look like they are rejecting God with their mind, but are in fact separated from Him by their unrepentant hearts.

               …………..and more…………….

Belief Pictures…………… Gary once again you are incorrect. Humanity is not all we have. We have JESUS! We can have a relationship with Him today if we choose to… big part we much CHOOSE to…

Belief Pictures………… Atheists don’t believe in God… I wonder if God believes in atheists… hmm…


Belief Pictures…… On a serious side I think the whole atheist movement is a bunch of bunk. It’s a cop out. It’s like M____ said a moral problem… it’s so they can live their own immoral lifestyle and do things this way… this isn’t Burger King. You cannot have it your way!

Gary David Currie………. Good luck boys this discussion is old news.. you will do what you do and I will do what I do and where humanity ends up will be based on the path we choose… I have no need to defend who I and neither do you as we will each find those who have common ground. I have said my piece and wish you both luck on your journey..

Christian……..Gary, you’re correct — this discussion is a bit too familiar! (We might have engaged in it once or twice before!) – lol !!!

We are indeed on an interesting journey called life. One other common ground (I assume) we all have is that we believe we only get “one shot” at it to get it right and that we are doing what we believe is best.

My final comment: If I’m on the right track (and of course I believe & hope I am), I truly hope you’ll get on the same train so we can arrive at the same station someday! ;)

               ….and the final classic comment…………

Belief Pictures………….. We don’t need luck… we need Jesus!


What can I say when you think you have the gold cup in the dark room nothing I can say will change that.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #620 We Are Here

Saturday, November 26th, 2011



Journal Entry #620

November 26th, 2011

We can argue and disagree as a species all we want to but at the end of each day the facts will not change. We are all here on this great big blue ball and no matter how we treat each other that will not change this. I hope that we learn to treat each better, to see that our differences are also our strengths and to treat to the worst of us as we would the best of us.

This really is not that hard and yet we make it so complicated…………………………

I wrote this song to bring attention to how we see each other around the world. I hope it connects with each person on some level.  We are all here and the sooner we see each other the better things will be. We are all different and we are all the same. We are all valuable.

Enjoy the vocal talents of Erin Janine Docherty and Rene Gendron who help bring this song and video to life.

I ask you all to spread the love and see the good in each other.

Gary David Currie & Zack Currie of The Freeman


“We Are Here” By The Freeman (Official)


“We are here”                                                                   lyrics

Written by Gary David Currie

Over here over there everywhere but I’m not where you think I should be

I fight for my right to belong in this world but you still won’t see.

I’m forged in fire you won’t break me down


I see you don’t see me the possibility of what I can be

I’m not in your way pass me by each day just stop recognize me

Look around you will see me there


We are here, we are strong

We are here we belong  ………….repeat

            We are here


I am you, you are me we could trade easily you can feel what it’s like to be me

You can walk where I walk see what I see don’t you see your connected to me

I am you, you are me


Break I’m stronger than you think

You see right through my eyes

Hide behind your lies

Think I’m weak

Video pics



I hope my song has touched your life and that you can relate to the words in some way.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie