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Who Hijacked Reality / #257 To the Lion’s den I go.

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

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Journal Entry # 257

November 17th, 2010

I often get told I am crazy for arguing with people about religion or anything that I feel is a false claim. Why do you do this? You are never going to convince them. If this was my goal it would certainly be the definition of stupidity to continue in this fashion. This is not the reason I do it.

I have no illusions that I will change anyone’s mind on any given matter only they can do that. I do this because they have made a claim that is not only untrue but when acted upon is dangerous to humanity. The truth must in my opinion be championed even though it has not asked me. Now the believer feels they are commanded by their god to spread the word either by force or persuasion. I am commanded by myself.

I have been called a troll, someone who needs his ego filled, one who thinks he is smarter than everyone else, a hater of the chosen god, a denier of truth, a troublemaker,  a blind man, a natural man, one who always thinks he is right. And of course the ANTICHRIST which I am particularly proud of. I also get compliments as well. I have been told I have way to much patience.

I personally have had enough of this delusion and the harm it spews forth. I want a better world to live in. I want to see humanity rise to its potential of evolving intellectually and morally.  I want a better life for my family on this planet. I don’t know completely why but I actually care about humanity. I care about this planet and I care about the truth.

Also I am named after David who fought Goliath. The goliath of religion is huge.  I am looking for my slingshot.

Nothing will be accomplished preaching to the choir in my opinion so of to the Lion’s den I go.


Gary in the Lions Den.

I will leave you with some lyrics for song called “Let this be the Moment” I wrote for the upcoming album called “House of War” . I am curios if anyone knows what the term House of War is defined as in the context of religion.

Let this Be the Moment.

Let this be the moment that we become one race, the human race.

The moment every man, woman and child is proud to be human.

The moment we set aside our petty disputes, our Gods and let reason and common sense lead the day.

The moment we let our differences unite us.

The moment that we have compassion, empathy and pride to be part of one race.

The moment we have no enemies, that we value the weakest of us as we do the strongest of us.

The moment we would see it more valuable to save a life than to take a life.

The moment the planet values us instead of despising us.


Gary David Currie

I believe the truth on this matter must be challenged. The claims of religion must be challenged. If for one moment we sit back and do nothing we will wake up one morning with all of our freedoms gone.

 Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie