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Who Hijacked Reality / #645 When do we give up?

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Journal Entry #645

April 24th, 2012

This is a dilemma, when do we give up, throw in the towel and say enough is enough?

I would say never but is it wise to never say never? This will of course be up to the individual and who am I to say that they should not give up. I will offer two qualifiers as a guide;

1.  The goal should be realistic.

2. The goal should be attainable.

Once I have used these guidelines I personally am like a pit-bull and it will take a lot for me to give up. I may appear to give in to a situation but that does not mean I give up. If it is worthy I will pursue it.

When it comes to the ones we love we see the real dilemma. When do we give up on them? If my son was in trouble half way around the world would I stop at some point and not help him. I really could not live with myself if I did this. I am in this situation now with another loved one as that person has given up so should I?

I realize I have no control over what they do nor do I want any but I see the situation taking place for all the wrong reasons and to give up on them at this point is difficult. I will not chase and I will not have the illusion that I can change anything as this must come from them but I made a commitment in so many ways and if I give up on them I give up on my commitment to them. So what kind of a person am I if I do not honour my commitments even if they do not honour theirs?

Without our word our integrity then who are we…..


Powerful Inspirational true story…Don’t give up!

I would not hesitate to do this for my sons and others I love and I would hope we all feel this way.

I get told all the time that I should just let it go but they are not me and I must live with myself.

At the end of the day as I put my head on my pillow I must be happy with my choice and for me it is not giving up on what I value. I would hope that there are those who would not give up on me as well.

So when do we give up? I believe if you valued it in the first place then the answer should be never if it is based on the 2 parameters I offered. We must have hope in life or else life is not worth living.

The moment we give up may very well be the moment we should not have given up..

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #643 Why I continue to speak out…

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Journal Entry #643

April 18th, 2012

My personal belief on god is this and I have said it many different times in many different ways. “ I don’t know”.

Truly this should be the answer for all and to pretend that you do know and have special access to the all knowing and then act on a set of rules  from this all knowing  entity is simply insane but many do engage in this insanity.

I will focus on a discussion I had with a person who started a group called “Born Again” from India. It seems that India and Africa is where Christianity is growing unchecked and completely unbalanced and this is where it becomes dangerous.

I will let the discussion speak for itself as it will be my best evidence for those I believe are thinking clearly to see what I am presenting. The righteous mind is a dangerous mind.

I will post the link to their page where they have amassed big numbers and continue to grow.

9,230 members…!/groups/bornign

Born Again page on Face Book.

Now the person I am talking with is the founder of this group and actually invited me to join as they said so they could save me from my atheism and show all what devil atheism truly is. I like to play in the lions den and not preach to the choir so I accepted.

My original post and I even took out the swearing for them;

Gary David Currie

 I don’t know why but I get so mad and frustrated at how we treat each other but I do. There is no need for any of the terrible things we do to each other. I get so disgusted at humanity. We sit back and do nothing while so many suffer. What a pathetic species we are because we know better and do nothing. We continually hurt those we love and
ignore those we care nothing for.

We squabble over politics, religion and money, we engage in pathetic drama and self pity when all we have to do is just treat each other good and all this will not matter.

I am so frustrated…….Our apathy will be our undoing……

Jawahar Peter ……….when people deny their creator they become curse to other fellow humans. but they never repent of their atheism.

Classic line

Gary David Currie……….. Nice attitude. Sad for a god to be this way. By the way sounds like I care about humanity more than you do as you only care about your god. I am a human being first so quit with all this atheist labeling. There are no sides here. I actually thought you cared about your fellow man.

Jawahar Peter ….by acting kind hearted atheist, you create so many other atheists like you who can’t team up JESUS lovers. so many Islamic terrorists don’t allow Christian aid workers to reach fellow humans. u American atheists by your foolish ideology deny JESUS love on cross and resurrection to encourage Russian atheist leaders
to support Muslim terrorists.

Jawahar Peter … instead of criticising genuine love of JESUS and genuine Born again believers you can 1. believe in Lord Jesus and be Born Again 2. help us to criticise false infiltrated Satan agents like Benny Hinn Todd Bently who like parasites eat Christian aid money. then i can agree u are real human with kind heart ,until that time u are a hypocrite justifying your atheism which indirectly creating suffering for starvation deaths in Africa and elsewhere.

Gary David Currie……Jawahar Peter you know nothing about me. Ask Bappa Mukherjee who I am. I am not even American…You condemn me so easily..

Jawahar Peter  …you are not yet Born Again, that’s for sure. John2:25 JESUS did not need anyone to testify about man, for Jesus knew what was in man. it doesn’t matter u are American or not. you are human atheist denying Gods love on the cross thus dead in sin and are deceived by Satan. I pity u more than those starving in skin and bones. Many Born Agains were persecuted with hunger and perished in flesh but they are rich in Spirit. But u deny spirit and I pity u. but my prayer is u must be Born Again and be
our brother and co worker of Lord Jesus Holy Spirit to eradicate/minimise human suffering. if u don’t join Gods plans get delayed.

Gary David Currie….. See wrong again I did that years ago. Too many assumptions my friend..You think you are so righteous in you preaching and condemning others if you are what it means to be a Christian no thanks…

Jawahar Peter  …… Gary I could be wrong, its possible i am self righteous. but why don’t you become better than me by accepting Jesus as your Lord and saviour and then help so many starving people? Why you wanted to remain as a branded atheist and still wanted to appear good/righteous to others by posting about starvation deaths and thus appear as” LAST prostitutes and tax collectors and atheists are better than FIRST Pharisees and scribes “

Derek William Helberg …..Jawahar, have you not let the Spirit of our Lord guide you? Paul clearly writes in 1 Corintians 5: 11-13 for us not to judge those outside of
christianity. Matthew 10:14 and Mark 6: 11 tells us to dust off our shoes and walk away from those who do not welcome you, or listen to your words.

Gary David Currie  ….. Jawahar Peter you branded me an atheist as if it is some sort of disease. You cannot change me as I cannot change you so accept me where I am and see the good in me as I try to with you. Remember you asked me into this group I did not ask to join. I am a human being first and foremost and when it comes to Jesus or god my answer is simple ” I don’t know”. If you think you know then good for you but stop acting like the devil you think I am and telling me how right you are and how wrong I am. To be honest I am more like Jesus then you have ever shown you are.. Just stop all this judging nonsense.

Jawahar Peter…… you yourself told that you were an atheist. But Jesus paid the price on the cross or atheists also. I was also a foolish atheist for some time in my life. But I
confessed my sin and accepted Jesus as my Lord.

Jawahar Peter ….. its true Gary I invited you, so that me an ex-atheist can help a friend to come out of atheism. if u don’t like me or this group u are welcome to unjoin the group.

Gary David Currie …. Yes I am an atheist but only because I have no good reason to believe in god but that is my choice.. Like I said I concentrate on the good in someone not what you disagree with. Jawahar Peter you called me the devil and labeled me evil. What right do you have to do this. I fight for the rights of all every day. I look for the good in all and I champion the truth so how does this make me the devil.

Who are you to judge me? Leave this to your god and he and I will take care of our business… Like I said you know very little about me.

Gary David Currie…… If you don’t like me in this group you are welcome to delete me. Who do you think you are telling me that you are right and I am wrong? Let god do this not you…You job is not his job..

Gary David Currie…. By the way you missed the entire message of my post here in the beginning…So what does this say about you. Is this not common ground for us to work from?

Jawahar Peter…….. JESUS alone can be our common ground. We must be Born again. let the dead bury their starving dead but we must raise the spiritual dead atheists back to life with resurrection power

Jawahar Peter ….my privilege being Born Again is I am Gods co-worker and I am His child.

Jawahar Peter…. me missing your message is of not much importance compared to you missing JESUS.

and this says it all

Jawahar Peter …those who sit back and don’t worry about the suffering of Lord Jesus on the cross are of more cruel in heart than those who do lip service for African starving deaths.

Gary David Currie …. Actually I am professing the message of Jesus and you don’t even see it which is the sad part. The only thing we disagree on is the supernatural stuff. You are so wrapped up in your beliefs you cannot see beyond them in any way..

Jawahar Peter….. u believe a pseudo-Jesus ,not Born of Virgin, not suffered on cross and hence not resurrected. being an atheist for now you have all the beliefs of new age, Hindu, Islam, Buddhist assumptions. but to be our friend You must consider the Jesus who suffered on cross for your , mine and all humanity sin and rose again from
death. without that foundation your claim to further Jesus message is invalid.

Gary David Currie… sorry that you friendship requires I bow to your ways. I give my friendship for other reasons.. Really sad what you profess my friend and not Christ like at all..

Jawahar Peter ….apart from Christ all reasons are meaningless and temporary. we are eternal beings ,should talk eternal things. JESUS said we must be Born Again. why don’t u be more Christ like than me by being Born Again?

Gary David Currie….  Again you assume so much. I did this long ago when I was young. I have been baptized and according to the faith once done I am set for life. Also I know far more about your faith than you do I just chose to met others where they are at like Jesus would. You really are so wrapped up in what you believe you cannot see anything anyone else says. That is sad to me. This is what is wrong with Christianity today everything you are professing Jawahar Peter.. Very sad

This person is so deep in the chosen fantasy, so deluded that they cannot for a second even step outside of it to even listen to hear another. This is truly dangerous especially if they get a little power and influence behind them. This will lead to tragic consequences.

And this is an example of why I speak out to thwart the danger as best I can before it has tragic consequences. This is why we all must speak out.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #621 What do you do about this? It at times just seems insane to me…

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011



Journal Entry #621

November 29th, 2011

During a discussion I was having where I posted the true Christian dilemma as 2 Christians with similar ideas about their faith were saying how everyone else has it wrong I posted my video as an example of how we just need to step up and stop treating each other as enemies. The person removed it as they felt the links that you tube offered after the video was finshed were not appropriate for the people on his list as he is a youth pastor. Now I cannot help what you tube posts after and really to try and stop others from making decisions as to what to watch is not cool in my books. This will just peak their curiosity even more.

Now I understand he wants to maintain a squeaky clean image but it is what it is and the song is a great message. The discussion that followed quickly from my perspective generated into one of arrogance and righteousness on their part but you be the judge.

Even when I offer something that can be viewed by all as a great message it appears people will find a reason to promote their exact agenda. I get it that he has a right to take it away because of his association but really the song is just a good message…

The song…


“We Are Here” By The Freeman (Official)

Now some of these comments are priceless and I will highlight them in red. One comnment can sum up an entire position one takes………

The discussion;

Gary David Currie………. Again it is all subjective but you do what you feel is right. Anything is easy to justify.. I am not in a p[position to tell others how they should follow their faith and besides you guys take care of doing that yourself. Carry on……….. It seems my video disappeared… Interesting.

Belief Pictures………… Why did it disappear?

Gary David Currie ……………I have no idea…

Belief Pictures………. Hmmm…


I did remove it (and have removed many links on my personal page, from Christian and non-Christian friends alike).

As an minister and youth leader in the church, I need to be aware of where links go on my page — since I am responsible for leaving them there or removing them.

After your new song plays, additional suggested videos come up that contain subject matter / language that I would not want anyone saying they got to from my Facebook page.

Belief Pictures…………. Thanks makes sense now…

Gary David Currie ………..Censorship cool your right to do so… I will no longer post my music for you to hear so you are not offended and kept in the bubble that you offer…Good luck…

Belief Pictures………. What???

Belief Pictures……. M__ is only speaking of appropriateness.

Gary David Currie ……..

I have absolutely no control over what you tube suggests and to be honest this should not affect the message in the song I have written. I really thought that Christians and all people would be able to relate as the message is universal and one of compassion and kindness.. Also Do you not think people are smart enough to make their own choices and really if they want something inappropriate you will not stop them. You cannot control the flow of life but good luck trying…

             ……..First classic comment……….

Belief Pictures ………….Gary people are not smart enough! That’s the whole point… without God and direction from the Holy Spirit they are looking for their own ways… ways that lead them to nowhere. His focus is the correct one.

Belief Pictures………. It is the association he doesn’t want…

Gary David Currie……… I get it Belief Pictures . I just view it a different way.. well thank for the chat.. As it appears I am not one to be associated with according to Belief Pictures.

Gary David Currie……….. By the way Belief Pictures I have more faith in humanity than you offer to be smart enough..I don’t look down upon the human race in such a way.


I didn’t write that I was offended, merely that I need to be aware of where links go that are posted on my page. I don’t think your new song (which I have watched) is inappropriate.

Your song FMF doesn’t “offend” me, but I’m sorry to say that I would not think it appropriate to play to a young child that might miss your intended message and simply repeat the chorus. If a Christian friend put a link on my page with doctrine / views that I found misleading, I would remove it too (and I have).

I am concerned about the young people I am responsible for.

And, it has nothing to do with smart. Temptation visits all of us.

Can I control “everything”? Of course not, nor do I need to. Being responsible and thinking about others sometimes calls for making the “best” decision in a given situation.

                    ……… classic comment………..

Belief Pictures…………. Gary you have faith in humanity? That doesn’t say much…

Gary David Currie……… Belief Pictures that says everything because humanity is all we got..

Christian………If “fallen” humanity was everything, we’d all be doomed and nothing we would do would have any significance or lasting value (in fact, it wouldn’t have any actual value at all) — might as well try to “rent out” the planet to someone else! Gary, I truly find what you preach to be a depressing anti-gospel of the hopelessness of “fallen

Thankfully, we can have more than mere “fallen humanity”.

One of the problems is that Christians will call our “fallen” humanity “natural” or “normal” — it is not. Our current, sin-filled world is NOT the humanity that God established. Now we have to be “born again” to get back to the “Good” humanity God originally created.

Gary David Currie………… I preach reality if anything and I am sorry you have to have faith in imaginary things and I will continue to have hope in humans..

                   …….next classic comment………..

Belief Pictures………..Gary you do not know what you are talking about. M____ is in truth and worships the living God. His entire life is a reflection of that. You have your poles reversed and Satan wants to steal hope away from you so you don’t get saved…

                 …. next classic comment………..

Belief Pictures…………. It is not imaginary to believe in your creator.

Christian ………. Gary David Currie, am I the only one that finds it odd that atheists always have to resort to the “everyone else is delusional, we are the only sane people” cry when unable to make “progress”? Basically, the atheist actually believes himself to superior to everyone that is not. Now that is a dangerous mindset! The atheist claims to want to “work with all people”, but actually proudly believes themselves smarter than anyone that is not an atheist — since those other people can only be delusional or uneducated.

Whereas the true Christian believer has realized that he/she is JUST AS BAD and foolish as everyone else and comes to the realization that humanity is not suffering from a MENTAL problem, but a sin problem.

                     ………next classic comment…………..

Christian…………I truly am coming to the conclusion that atheism generally has nothing to do with a knowledge problem, it is MORAL problem. Atheists try to make it look like they are rejecting God with their mind, but are in fact separated from Him by their unrepentant hearts.

               …………..and more…………….

Belief Pictures…………… Gary once again you are incorrect. Humanity is not all we have. We have JESUS! We can have a relationship with Him today if we choose to… big part we much CHOOSE to…

Belief Pictures………… Atheists don’t believe in God… I wonder if God believes in atheists… hmm…


Belief Pictures…… On a serious side I think the whole atheist movement is a bunch of bunk. It’s a cop out. It’s like M____ said a moral problem… it’s so they can live their own immoral lifestyle and do things this way… this isn’t Burger King. You cannot have it your way!

Gary David Currie………. Good luck boys this discussion is old news.. you will do what you do and I will do what I do and where humanity ends up will be based on the path we choose… I have no need to defend who I and neither do you as we will each find those who have common ground. I have said my piece and wish you both luck on your journey..

Christian……..Gary, you’re correct — this discussion is a bit too familiar! (We might have engaged in it once or twice before!) – lol !!!

We are indeed on an interesting journey called life. One other common ground (I assume) we all have is that we believe we only get “one shot” at it to get it right and that we are doing what we believe is best.

My final comment: If I’m on the right track (and of course I believe & hope I am), I truly hope you’ll get on the same train so we can arrive at the same station someday! ;)

               ….and the final classic comment…………

Belief Pictures………….. We don’t need luck… we need Jesus!


What can I say when you think you have the gold cup in the dark room nothing I can say will change that.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #619 The eternal human dilemma…

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011



Journal Entry #619

November 22nd, 2011

What is this dilemma I speak off and how could I possibly know what it is? Good questions…

I don’t claim to know but I will venture to take an educated guess.

We all think we are right and we feel no one else is listening to what we are saying. I am sure there is not one person who is capable of understanding this concept who has not felt this way at one point or another in their lives.

How do we get past this?

We can’t both be right if we disagree but we can both be wrong”. This saying and I could not find the source of if I am quoting it exactly sums it up. It really doesn’t matter what we believe to be right or true what is important is if we can verify it or prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

I see this dilemma in so many aspects of my life and the life’s of others as we all want to be heard, we all want to feel important and what better way of achieving that feeling than to be right on something. It feels good to have accurate knowledge on something. I am no exception to this.

What I would like to clarify with me is that I hope I am at stage in my life where it is not about being right but about acknowledging what is true whether I am right about something or not. Why is this important? Well at times it is not but I will say most of the time it is because if we follow something or believe in something that is not true I will say it will eventually provide negative results. The truth is important as it leads to trust and if we do not have trust in things again it will be difficult to act with positive results. We can trust what is not true but I do believe we are just fooling ourselves by doing this.

If I am wrong on something I deem important I would like to know as I want my beliefs and my journey to be as true as possible.

I guess it mystifies me why people want to live in a delusional state as eventually the fantasy will end. At some point the party stops and the after effects of the party always bring back reality, hard. Eventually the drug wears off, the beer glasses refocus and we have to deal with our actions.

So how do we figure out who is right and who is wrong? This is the problem as the method one accepts to do this; to validate what is true will determine their actions. It appears that too many use a method which distorts reality and we see the problems daily. The only method we have so far that has a good track record is the scientific process and yet many deny this process in favour of their version. It is not being right that should be important but what is true.

Because I use this and so many don’t my method has been an affront on those I interact with and I find this sad because I personally only want what is true as the truth has demonstrated its value in accepting it.

We need to listen to each other as this is very important but the companion to this is when we talk for others to listen we must try and talk with what is true as our focus.

Without truth we are living a lie and that is the truth..

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #609 I believe the idea of god and supernatural concepts have had their pedestal time.

Saturday, November 5th, 2011




Journal Entry #609

November 5th, 2011

This is an exciting time for humanity as we are reaching a point of global communication for all, a time when information is not being withheld to those who seek it. This has been one of the tricks of religion and beliefs that are based on the supernatural and when you realize how the trick is done the illusion is broken.

I realize that no one likes to be told they are wrong, that what they hold sacred is probably not true but I also believe that people will value the truth more than they fear being wrong. Sure ones pride will hurt for a bit as many have invested a lifetime in their beliefs and a certain number will not be swayed from what they hold dear but it is just a matter of time. Change cannot be challenged as it is a constant in our understanding of the universe and with each death there is new life, new beliefs and new realizations. That is how evolution works.

God has had his pedestal time and now we will replace it with a new belief system. What that will be I am not sure but I do hope it will be based on the ideals we are evolving into. I hope the betterment of humanity through reason and acceptance of what is true will lead the way. I see this taking shape as I write and I am excited to be part of it.

We are a curious species, we want to know things and it is this drive that will lead the way. God is no longer a viable answer to what we seek. We have better answers and a better method of seeking those answers. I could be wrong and god might be true but I am confident that it will not be the gods we have created and worship currently.

There should always be those that say what needs to be said not what people want to hear. They will not be popular, they will be shunned and they will be ignored. I will applaud them. Challenging people to step outside their comfort zones is how we evolve and mature as a species.
Gary David Currie

I often see people say that this debate is pointless as either side will not bend so we are getting nowhere, I very much disagree. What we are demonstrating is that nothing should be above question and that claims require proof. We talk and debate to raise awareness  and to say that, while I respect your right to believe in what you believe I do not respect what you believe because it is harmful.

To me it is about a harm /tolerance line, I don’t really care what a person believes I care how they act on those beliefs and it is vital we talk about this, as I have said before religion / god has had way too much pedestal time. When those beliefs trickle down and affect our lives then they must be challenged. When people in positions of power make decisions based on these irrational beliefs they must be challenged.

It is not difficult to prove something to not be true within the real world as reason; logic and the scientific process have given us the tools to do it so if what you profess is false it will be revealed this way. A quick dose of reason and poof the illusion is gone.

For theists who can’t friggin’ get it, why do they never argue the obvious: it may be an illusion…and that requires absolutely a intelligent illusionist given the magnitude of deception required to pull off the feat! Far more difficult to attend to than pitting god as inferable from nature; which is damn near impossible to support. They’re still stuck in goddidit mode.

Steven Hoyt

Evolution is a force that shapes all we do and this will not change. We simply evolve or perish.

The pedestal is empty right now and we are just trying to figure out what to put up there next or if we should put up anything at all.

A huge reference  in today’s culture is the red pill / blue pill analogy one represents the real world and the other the world pulled over our eyes,  I think it is time we just take the green Pill.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie