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Who Hijacked Reality / #645 When do we give up?

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Journal Entry #645

April 24th, 2012

This is a dilemma, when do we give up, throw in the towel and say enough is enough?

I would say never but is it wise to never say never? This will of course be up to the individual and who am I to say that they should not give up. I will offer two qualifiers as a guide;

1.  The goal should be realistic.

2. The goal should be attainable.

Once I have used these guidelines I personally am like a pit-bull and it will take a lot for me to give up. I may appear to give in to a situation but that does not mean I give up. If it is worthy I will pursue it.

When it comes to the ones we love we see the real dilemma. When do we give up on them? If my son was in trouble half way around the world would I stop at some point and not help him. I really could not live with myself if I did this. I am in this situation now with another loved one as that person has given up so should I?

I realize I have no control over what they do nor do I want any but I see the situation taking place for all the wrong reasons and to give up on them at this point is difficult. I will not chase and I will not have the illusion that I can change anything as this must come from them but I made a commitment in so many ways and if I give up on them I give up on my commitment to them. So what kind of a person am I if I do not honour my commitments even if they do not honour theirs?

Without our word our integrity then who are we…..


Powerful Inspirational true story…Don’t give up!

I would not hesitate to do this for my sons and others I love and I would hope we all feel this way.

I get told all the time that I should just let it go but they are not me and I must live with myself.

At the end of the day as I put my head on my pillow I must be happy with my choice and for me it is not giving up on what I value. I would hope that there are those who would not give up on me as well.

So when do we give up? I believe if you valued it in the first place then the answer should be never if it is based on the 2 parameters I offered. We must have hope in life or else life is not worth living.

The moment we give up may very well be the moment we should not have given up..

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #637 Play the cards you’re dealt to the maximum.

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Journal Entry #637

February 11th, 2012

Today I am packing up my house and getting ready to move at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. I find myself dealing with a situation that I must make the best of. I did not want this to happen but it is completely out of my control so I must grab hold of what is in my control.

I have had people say to me that I should not be publically talking about what has happened to me and although I have not made all the details public I feel I must if I am to stay true to what I profess talk about it and the consequences from actions both within and beyond ones control.

When things happen to us especially directly from the actions of others we are forced into making decisions on how to precede with our life’s. Often those who have put us in these situations have no idea of those consequences, what their actions have put into motion or how it will eventually affect them but the axioms of the world will always be true. We have a price to pay for all we do.

We must deal with all of our emotions and if I am to profess a worldview of truth I cannot back down when it is something personal and unpleasant to deal with. For me dealing with all things openly and honestly head on is the right and healthy attitude to have. We rarely get what we want but what we can do is to maintain our integrity, be truthful and face the situation head on. I have seen lies, fear and secrets destroy people even when they do not know it is destroying them as the truth will not care and always follow you wherever you go.

So play the cards you are dealt and then get a new hand.

I do believe that what is true will prevail, what is right will find its way and that people really do want to do the right thing but most just don’t know how to do it. I see people living for the moment which I endorse and going on their feelings but part of this must be long term thinking and the consequences of our actions.

I have been hurt recently and put in a position where I have lost so much but as I come through this I see the opportunity to start again while building on who I am. I like who I am, what I stand for and my worldview. I find that most who do the wrong things and who avoid dealing with reality do not like themselves and that they do these things to escape reality, what is right and what is true. This will never work as reality always catches up with you like it or not.

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #629 Staying the course…

Thursday, December 15th, 2011



Journal Entry #629

December 15thth, 2011

The hardest thing in life in my opinion is doing what is right, valuing the truth and have the integrity to stick with this.

Part of staying the course is to realize that one makes mistakes and that one can be wrong on anything and that truth will always show up and find its way through the lies. Often we think we have the truth or that we are doing what is right but as we look deeper peeling away the layers of deception and lies when we do get there it is often not what we want it to be or think it is. It is our fears that hold us back and fears are usually based on what might be not what actually is.

“We must face our fears or our fears will face us.”

Gary David Currie

In my life staying the course has cost me in so many ways but I realize that if I give in to what is not true and give up on seeking the truth with openness and a desire to face the fears I would just be living a lie. The layers of the onion at times are so thick it will seem impossible to peel them all away but if it is of value it must be done and it will always be of value because it is your life. I can think of nothing more important than living a life based on the truth.. All else will be false and fake…..

We as a species have a built in fight or flight response, we want to avoid danger and pain and at times it is important to run but often we run when we should be fighting. We need to face and fight what we fear or else it will consume us. That is the beauty of the truth as it will not go away or change because we want it to but once we recognize what is actually true not what we think is true the freedom this offers is wondrous.

I hurts me to watch others run from the truth or to think they have found the truth on any matter when I can see and again I may be wrong  on any of this but when I can see they are just beginning to peel away the layers of the onion. They must keep going as I must and seek out each new truth.

Then and only then can we achieve happiness, a fulfilled life and peace of mind. It is not things that bring this about and while our achievements in life are very important the true achievement is to accept this process and enjoy the journey..

We must forgive ourselves and face our fears to move on. Often we reject the very things that will help us on this journey as those  things or people may have brought us to close to facing our fears and then we run to a more comfortable place but have no illusion those fears will always be there until we face them and those we have rejected may have been the key in bringing us closer to a better life.

I must stay the course even when it hurts even we I see others running away from the truth because if I do not I will not be true to myself. In the end what is right and true will prevail. I usually see that the more people use me as their reason for what has gone wrong in life the closer we are getting to the truth as anger and blame are defence mechanisms. I will take this from others and stay the course.

I am by no means even close to perfect but I do believe I have one quality at this time that is worthy to respect and for me to profess. I am willing to change, accept my faults and see the good in others even when they do not see it. I am willing to take responsibility for my actions and at times when it is necessary call others on this as well as to do nothing less would be cheating them of a life based on the truth. A life based on the truth is a life worth living.

We often do not see what is important in life what we should value and we take for granted these things. These will not end well as each moment we should value what is important, our families and a better life for all humanity.

We tend to focus on superficial and fake things that we think have meaning and are important but these will surely be shown for what they are. If you have someone of value to you look for the good in them. See beyond where they are and as my son says focus on the good things and the good times. We all have struggles and it is so easy  to blame others for things in life but this will not move us towards a good life. Where you are at is only temporary and no matter how bad things may seem the solution is to face things head on and conquer your fears, your real fears and not follow the easy path because there really is no easy path in life. Surround yourself with people that truly care about you not people who make you feel good for the moment. Without struggles nothing accomplished is of value..

So stay the course but that course must be based on the truth and what is right even when it is hard and you want to run it will be worth it to do what is right not what feels comfortable. This is what makes a life worth living. Don’t give up on what should be right and important….

There are plenty of vultures out there to pull you in the wrong direction so they can get what they need for the moment but really they are not on course..

There should be nothing more important than doing what is right not what is easy…..

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie





Who Hijacked Reality / #601 So many great artists never get noticed, what a shame..

Monday, October 24th, 2011



Journal Entry #601

October 24th, 2011

It seems like an impossible task at times; in fact most of the time as the odds are stacked against you. Trying to get your work out in the public eye is a daunting task. Sure I am coming from my perspective here but I can sympathize with so many other artists.

Gary David Currie

We want so many things to go viral but the truth is that nut shots, stupid accidents, boy singers, cats doing dumb things and people with sob stories especially with missing limbs are the ones that do go viral.


-Yeah. Seems what goes viral has to contain a certain formula. Gross, Cute, Shocking, or a Tear Jerker.

Now as a musician and artist I of course want my art heard and seen. Hell I work hard and invest not only time and money but integrity in perfecting my craft so the goal is to get it out there and let people be the judge. The problem is getting it out there. Sorry if I seem like I am whining here but since this is my journal I think I am entitled. I really do feel we have a great product for lack of a better term as artists like to think of their work as something more but really in the end it will be a product but if the people don’t want it then they don’t want it.

The feedback has been great for our latest video and song but again it seems impossible to get it out there.


“What I Have To Say” by The FREEMAN

I have to admit when I see a Justin Bieber video for a Christmas song get 16 million views in a week I run through a range of emotions but clearly that is what a certain group of people want.

So I will keep trying and putting what we do out there the best we can. I enjoy the process and I am very proud of the finished product but it would be nice to get some recognition and make some money if at all possible. To make a living at what you love to do is the ultimate goal.

So many great works of art will go unseen, unheard and unappreciated while in my opinion so much crap will get noticed. That is just the truth and the way it is.

I guess the thing that really bothers me is that people are not willing to give others a chance. Take Face Book or other social networks for example what harm do you do by just sharing the work of a hard working unknown artist so that they can get some exposure. Imagine yourself in their place. Even worst than that is that most hard working artist will not share and in fact I find them the worst for whatever reason they are justifying this with. They should know above all how hard it is to get out there but very few will help promote another artist unless they are a personal friend. I share all I can even if I don’t like it so others can decide for themselves.

I wanted to bring back that emotion, that integrity, the idea of standing for something back into music which seems to be lacking and has been for a very long time, I wanted to add great musicianship along with this and I feel we have accomplished this.

I wanted to write great songs and I can proudly say that I feel we have. No one is harder on what we do than I am so I will stand proud in the accomplishment of what we have done so far and what we will do next even if I am the only one that hears it.

I thank all that have been supportive and all who have listened to what we offer. To those who have said we will never make it, that we don’t stand a chance or have been negative and there have been many including family members the odds are on your side but the passion is on mine.

To waste a life dreaming about what could have been instead of trying to make it so is not a life I wish to live. To waste a life by not encouraging others to go for their dreams is not a life I wish to live. To be an inspiration, to be someone who does not quit when a goal is realistic, attainable and worthy is a life I wish to be remembered by.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #554 2 simple changes and the world will notice.

Monday, September 5th, 2011



Journal Entry #554

September 5th, 2011

I am constantly trying to evolve in who I am and I have found that 2 major things have helped this development over the years. I would like to propose them for all to consider;

I have acknowledged that I can be wrong on anything;

This simple admittance has freed my mind from the constraints that once held it prisoner. By admitting this I opened myself up to seeking knowledge and accepting what is offered for consideration. It has not made me gullible but sceptical. I do not immediately deny something well that is not true there are things that I have acknowledged as not true and when they are presented in the same way experience guides me to not waste my time but for many other things it allows me to listen before I judge.

One of the consistencies I have noticed in humanity is that we seem to have an incredibly hard time agreeing with each other. We all want to be right, to feel important and I am no exception but I think I have found a good balance on this.

When I ask one simple question it appears to not be that simple at all. Now only one answer can be right and I follow what I think is right until I am proven otherwise but if we just could reach an agreement on this one question it would be the basis for a profound change in humanities journey. I see it as a positive change.

The question is;

What is the definition of truth and what method do we use to determine if something is true.

The answers are all over the place. My answer is simple to me but not to others.

Truth is all that is, all that is real and all that is reality, the facts of existence and the universe.

Learning to agree by listening will offer us a huge advantage.


The second thing is that I have decided to value my integrity as incredibly important, my word is my bond. I rarely see this.

Now imagine if all who committed to something followed through on their commitments, first of all people would take their time before they committed to be sure they could deliver. Relationships would improve, our politicians would be bound by their election promises and the world would generally be a better place because we would all know where we stood on something and knowing  is more than half the battle in life.

Integrity defines a person in my opinion as someone to be trusted and trust is the foundation for all positive relationships. This will lead to people valuing the truth and to be careful and responsible for their actions.

2 little changes will change everything as they have for me personally.

Life is just way too short to be wasting it on an overabundance of pride and ignorance.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie