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Who Hijacked Reality / #483 A message to believers;

Sunday, June 26th, 2011



Journal Entry #483

June 26th, 2011

IF you believe in a god or are involved in any of the religions of this world this message is for you. I am generalizing as I could not possibly address each person’s individual preferences in their belief.

I realize that you believe so strongly in your god that it directs your life. You take your god at his word and you have no doubt that he is real and that all that is promised will be delivered. There is probably nothing I can say that will change your mind and that is not my goal as only you can change your mind. I offer something different. I offer you to take seriously the idea that we can all be wrong. I can be wrong and you can be wrong and it is this fact that will lead to a mutually beneficial world.

In saying this I will also point out that based on what we know and how we determine what is true in this world, this reality which is the only reality that your god is probably not real. There has been no credible evidence that supports what you believe. Yes there has been evidence but none of it is verifiable in support of you god. You simply believe because it is what you desire. You want the goodies; you know, living forever, prayers answered and all that magical stuff. In order to get these you buy into the program presented by your respected faiths.

If you want to believe this who am I to stop you. What I do ask of you is to keep it to yourself and stop trying to impose your beliefs to the rest of the world. I will stop when you stop. I challenge these claims because they are harmful.

The issues your religions promote affect those that do not believe as well as those that do.

Believe in your god but above all practise the love so many preach they are all about. Stop judging others; stop trying to sell your faith to everyone. Can you not see that many of the ideals your faiths endorse are harmful? If they affect general human rights then that should give you pause to wonder why you believe what you do.

Let me be clear on this; there should be one message and one message only from each and every one of you and that message is peace and love. Anything else from your holy book that does not support this is in direct conflict and should be ignored. Lead by example, by your deeds. I should not even know your faith unless I ask.

Stop pushing what you feel your holy book says down everyone else’s throat. Keep these agendas away from those who do not believe and let your god tell us when he is ready. Stop interfering with the daily life’s of people. There is no need for churches and anything else that you feel you must do to appease your god. Just be the example of love and peace that you profess. This is not too hard to understand.

When you stop this I will stop challenging you as there will be no need for me to for I will only see the good in your faith demonstrated by your actions. As of this moment that is not the case as I see so much harm being done in the name of your gods.

You will get into your heaven or paradise just as easily if you practise love than if you push for creation in the classroom or if you stop gays from getting married or any of the many ridiculous agendas that religions try to impose on nonbelievers.

I cannot imagine an all powerful god who could not take care of any of these issues himself if he truly wanted to so if it is not bothering him why do you let it bother you.

I will have more respect for your faith if you stop telling me and others that we must be like you, that I must live a certain way and that what I am doing is a sin or wrong.

I am a human being and I feel I am a good person. I do not need your god like you do to be a productive positive human being so why do you keep telling me I do. I will stop when you stop as again I see so much harm not love being practised.

So be like the one you say you follow and be peaceful, be kind, be humble and love. No more violence and war in your god’s name we have enough problems to deal with. No more television shows promoting your agenda or billboards. No more rallies to tell me your god is right and I am wrong, Show me by being a good person and judging no one, accepting all and I will be more apt to listen. Lead by example no matter what the rest of the flock is doing, do what is right not what people say god wants.

Let your god speak for himself as I am sure he does not need you to do his work for him even though you think he does. Just be that humble servant and serve humanity.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie