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Who Hijacked Reality / #339 The Junos’& the Grammys are about entertainment and who is most popular so what happened to what music used to be about?

Friday, February 4th, 2011



Journal Entry #339

February 4th, 2011

One of the reasons I write songs and create art is to express how I am feeling. Now my emotions and what I write about vary but it is important to me to write about the issues in the world that affect humanity as well as all the happy things. Music was a way of expressing outrage or dissent as well as happiness and love but for a long time it is seems that it is all about the money.

Most genres of music started off as a way to be unique to tell the world about things that needed to be talked about but that is lost in the mainstream. Neil Young and others wrote about issues that they felt were important. Rock was a way to protest, to dissent and to just plain be angry at times, the same with Hip Hop. This is rarely recognized in the music industry as it generally is not a money maker. Slim Swayze is an internet radio host who promotes underground Hip Hop and the issues of today. The music he plays is full of passion, anger and a multitude of emotions and the vast majority if artists are just putting it out there. They are not making money they are addressing real life. This needs to be recognized by the industry and award shows that promote the machine. American Idol has it’s place but it represents what the music industry is all about money. The real essence of the art is lost.

Yesterday in The Toronto Star and article was written talking about the Junos and how they are trying to appeal to everybody but in the end it is all about who is the most popular.  I am sorry when you have Justin Bieber up for artist of the year this kind of makes me just hate these award shows. Biebers music certainly has its place and I am not here to critique this teen idol or others.  I just see the passion that music can bring out in humanity to address all aspects of life lost in these awards. You have to follow the rules. Music is a powerful force that can unite the world. It should be a reflection of all the events and issues humanity faces both positive and negative.

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Now you can say I am just trying to promote my music and you would certainly be right I am but it is deeper than that for me. There are many artists who put their true feelings out there and we need to listen to them as well. I feel I am just one of them.–neil-young-appearance-to-be-highlight-of-junos

Excerpt; “Our goal is to engage everybody,” said Berry. “When we were here in 2000, it didn’t have all these public events. It was great for the industry, but it didn’t engage the general public outside of the industry who are just great music fans.”

I want to add a new category to these events, no signed artists are allowed to be eligible for this award and it is to recognize artists who address the social issues of our times.

“Best original song to address a current social issue affecting humanity.”

This important part, in fact the essence of what music stands for is in my opinion lost to the mainstream but needs to be recognized by the music industry.  A starving child does not give 2 shits about American Idol or Justin Bieber. Music used to be a catalyst for change and we need to get this back.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie