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Who Hijacked Reality / #349 I used to be just like you.

Sunday, February 13th, 2011


Journal Entry #349

February 13th, 2011

I consistently hear these words from many of the faithful, “I used to be just like you and then I saw the light.”. What does this mean?

Now I will qualify that to my recollection only one person has ever said this in a manner that is not condescending and that person Is Rolf Hansen whom I highlighted yesterday.  He said “My pleasure Gary the reason I like you so much is, you remind me of myself.” This is vastly different than “I used to be just like you”.  Who Hijacked Reality / #348 People who make a positive difference in our world. #4 Rolf Hansen

To imply that they used to be just like me suggests that they know me intimately. Of course they don’t. If they were like me then they would not believe what they believe they would believe what I believe. This is also an implication that they believe I will let go of my views and follow in their footsteps and see the light of Jesus. This is condescending telling me that what I actually present and say is not valuable.  It implies I am wrong and that they are right, they do not even acknowledge that what I say could be right.

This also implies that they are not listening and only hearing what they want to. If you are not listening this also means that there goal is to change me and if they were me they would know that this is impossible as one can only change themselves.

This is just another form of righteousness believing one to be right and not admitting one could be wrong. This to me is the most dangerous part of any belief system. Once one starts down the road they feel is the only path they are driven to get to the destination whether it exist or not.

Are they really just like me?

If they were like me they would use reason /logic /and the scientific method to determine truth. They would admit they can be wrong on anything. They would deal in reality and probably not be like them. If they used to be like me they would probably still be like me. They would be seeking truth and a better world not believing in fantasies.

They would also be bald, male, intelligent, creative, handsome and not believe in the god they believe in.

So really they are no just like me at all so I wish they would stop saying they used to be just like me.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie