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Who Hijacked Reality / #65 The Code / Selfishness.

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

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Journal Entry #65

May 18th, 2010

The Codes #3 ideal – Selfishness, everything we do we do for selfish reasons. There is no such thing as a selfless act.

If you have been following my introduction of The Code you will notice this is the 3rd ideal. Now I usually can get some agreement from people who are dealing with reality in regards to the first 2 points I presented.  The truth & responsibility but when it comes to the 3rd and 4th points I start to lose people. The reason is that what I am presenting is not what we were brought up to believe as true.

The Code;

  1.      The truth; we either acknowledge it or we don’t
  2.     We are responsible for all of our thoughts and actions within the house rules.
  3.      Selfishness, everything we do we do for selfish reasons.
  4.      Offend, no one can offend you or insult you but yourself.

We were brought to believe that you can be unselfish that you help others and not always do things for yourself. You’re probably shaking your head right now saying that’s right. You can certainly do things for others and help or give to as many people as you want but you do this for selfish reasons. The mistake we make is that we view being selfish most of the time as a negative where I see it as just something that is or the truth.

                                    mother t

Is Mother Teresa an example of  someone who is selfless?

Excerpt from my forthcoming book on The Code on Selfishness.

Upon hearing this statement I’m sure your reaction as well as mine was  something like this. Are you trying to tell me that I am selfish? I do things for people all the time without expecting anything back. This can’t be true. What about the man who gives up his life to save a little boy that was drowning in the river? He jumped in without thinking of himself. He was only thinking of saving that little boy and in the process of doing this heroic act he died. I am sure you can think of many similar stories where people have seemingly sacrificed their life in order to save another. Who are you to say that they are selfish? You’ve got a lot of nerve. I think you get the point. On the surface of the discussion you would appear to be right. It absolutely looks like a selfless act. We must be sure. Is this the truth?

The truth is no it is not a selfless act it is a selfish one. That does not make it any less heroic or make you any less of person for doing your good deeds. Here is why. First of all anything you do you must first make the decision to do it. Now it may appear to happen very fast but in order to act your brain thinks about first. Whatever decision you make will be based on what is best for you. You might think you do not expect anything back but in reality you do. You might expect to feel good for doing what you have done. In the case of the person who sacrifices themselves they might feel that they could not bear to sit and not help. There are a number of reasons to do something but you are still doing it for you. I am sure a number of emotions would come in to play to direct your decision. Whatever programming you have in your brain will direct you to make your decision.

Once you recognize this you have a better understanding as to why people do the things they do. You can now place things truthfully in the proper perspective. This understanding is the key as to why people do good things or terrible things. This will factor into our understanding as the book progresses.

selfless 1          selfless 2

                  Are these selfless acts?

Link to a thread where others have asked the same question

Once you understand and acknowledge the ideals I am presenting you are truly as free as you can become. You now know that you have the power in your life and that no one can take it from you but that you can only give it. This is about understanding yourself and that is where everything for you flows. Remember we are all the stars of our own lifes.      

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie