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Who Hijacked Reality / #701 Kamloops Burlesque, a great night out.

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Journal Entry #701

November 30th, 2012

I recently moved to Kamloops B.C. from Ontario to start my life over, a new place and new people. One of the things to do while healing is to get out as much as you can so I promised myself to try and get out and just explore the world. I am a documenter and I love documenting life. I do this through the many art forms I enjoy. This is how we share our life’s with others, capturing those moments in time.

One night in June I was walking down town on a Thursday night and I saw the sign for the burlesque troupe. I had an idea of what it was but truly I really did not know. I decided what the hell let’s go see it. $5.00 later I was in for a great night.

Of course every guy thinks that it is all about the stripping but being an artist I had the idea there would be art to it. I was wrong it is not about the stripping at all.


A parody or comically exaggerated imitation of something, esp. in a literary or dramatic work.   for more info on what it is..

It is about expressing one’s self through art and having an audience enjoy and be part of this expression.
I saw a great show with comedy, skits, magic and music. I loved it.

I laughed, I was enthralled, I was waiting with anticipation for the next act. What would it be?

I asked some questions later talked with some of the troupe and found out they were a group of people who were excited about what they were doing, loved to perform and were dedicated to what they were doing.

A bio given to me by;

AKA Lizzie Borden

Kamloops Burlesque Monthly showcase was started in January 2011 by Vain Calamity Jane.   Vain Calamity Jane has now moved to Vancouver but still joins us as a special guest performer from time to time.  The KBMS is currently produced by Lizzie Borden and Corrie Tucker.   Since its inception the show has featured a huge variety of local and out of town talent.  We showcase Burlesque performers, singers, dancers, belly dancers, magicians, comedians, sideshow performers, and more!
Kamloops Burlesque was started to fill an empty niche in the Kamloops performing arts scene, and has been tremendously successful since the beginning.  Our show has a large support network of performers, an MC, musicians, and a backstage crew.  A typical show has a minimum of 2 dozen people working together to make the show happen.  Shows generally have 12-16 acts.
Local acts often come to us fully prepared, but we also have performers who offer classes to produce more awesome acts!  This means our wonderful little burlesque community is growing and becoming more dynamic.  Miss Coco Crème offers Burlesque Classes and Gilda Lily offers Chorus Girl Classes.
The Kamloops Burlesque Monthly Showcase focuses on fun and sexiness as well as empowerment.  Our performers come from all walks of life and all body shapes and sizes.  We aren`t focused on promoting the false expectations of perfection by the media.  Our show is about rocking what you got!
Kamloops Burlesque is produced with the amazing support of the Blue Grotto who provides our venue.


The Kamloops Burlesque face book page.

I salute you guys and thank you for the 2 evenings of pure enjoyment I have been privy to. Carry on in your greatness and keep growing. You have my support and respect.

A video I took of a performance, now it is on their FB page so you might have to join to see it but I guarantee it is worth it.  

Kamloops Burlesque night November 9th 2012


I salute you in pictures. Here is a sample of the great night I enjoyed and please come out and support them. You will not regret the evening.


Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #685 So I think I am a guitar GOD or so I have been told.

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Journal Entry #685

August 26th, 2012 

Actually I would say my son Zack is more of a guitar god and can play circles around me. Music for me is a passion as it should be for all musicians. It is an extension of who I am. All my emotions flow through the music. All my thoughts flow through the music and in essence I flow through the music.

Not being able to play for me would be akin to losing my limbs.

If for even just one moment I can bring a connection to another through my music it is all worthwhile and I have done this more than once. I do not play or create for fame or money. If that is to come then it will come I play for the love of playing for the journey of expression.

All the arts should exemplify this extension and for me they do. They all combine into one creating a piece of art that is part of a greater body of work. To truly appreciate an artist you must look at their body of work and not just one song or painting.

I have amassed a rather large body of work that I am sure will stand the test of time. In fact I expect I will be noticed long after I am dead more so than now as it takes time for many to find and connect.

Playing on top of a mountain to myself is a freeing experience. I am truly at one with the natural world, with the universe during these moments. I hope that all can find their way of connecting. Dance alone; sing loud, do something to free yourself.

Please share the love and enjoy…

Click on the picture to enlarge and see it as it is.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #679 More of my thoughts in quotes.

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Journal Entry #679

July 23rd, 2012

I don’t know why but this is the thing I am seem to be doing now. I am out documenting life taking 100’s of pictures and then I find the ones that fit into what I want to say..

This is part of my journey right now.

I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to share anything here.


Click on any picture to see it full size..



I get the feeling that my words and my thoughts are about 20 years ahead of humanity. I really don’t think they are ready for what I offer. Unfortunatly for people like me we are not usualy valued for who we are until we dead.
This may come off as arrogant but I usually do…

Something that was said to me;

(Name withheld) What you guys don’t know is that I too have the deepest and utmost respect for Gary David Currie. He is a creative genius as far as I am concerned.
His opinionated arrogance, however, and resistance to others points of view and inability to be reasonable with people will destroy him in the end, And that is sad for me to see because I know that he is better than that.
So realize that in my own stupid way, I am trying to help a friend as well.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #677 I continue to find amazing things to photograph as I am open to the journey of life.

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Journal Entry #677

July 18th, 2012

I pretty much carry a camera wherever I go now. Once I opened my eyes to what life offers I am seeing so much. It is not that my eyes where closed before but the journey continues. I have not felt this alive in years and I will take in every moment. In fact I have so much to write about and say that soon if not now I will need help.

Please stay tuned and take this ride with me..
I now have ads on my blog page as I have many readers. Funny how so many thought I would fail at all of this and tried to bring me down but I just keep moving along.

To my family and just a few exceptions sorry you were wrong..Thanks for not supporting me as this just fueled the fire even more. I am living my life what are you doing.

ENJOY AND SHARE PLEASE as sharing is the key to all.

Click on any picture to enlarge it and see the real size and share, share , share…

A big thanks to these guys for the love they displayed and their willingness to let me take the picture.


Thanks To all for the journey If I have taken your picture and did not use it yet then it was not meant to be but I still thank you deeply as it was a moment for me and you as well.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #658 Abandonment

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Journal Entry #658

June 5th, 2012

This is another of those topics that I have been holding back on until the right time and as I woke up this morning it just felt right. For me this is one of humanities biggest problems. It is a result of others running away and not honouring their commitments. Not dealing with things when they become uncomfortable and they always will and valuing others. It can lead to disastrous consequences for all.

Being abandoned is the most devastating emotion we can cause in another human being as we have destroyed their trust and sense of self worth that they placed in us.

As I have said to many; ”There will come a point when something I do or say will offend you, challenge you and force you to step out of your comfort zone and how you handle this will be the measure of who you truly are.”

Now I will relate my story here and while I am not looking for others to feel sorry for me I am sure there will be many that can empathize.

Since I am all about reality and truth there would be no point sugar coating this and there will be those who read this who will see what I say different but this is my view on it.

I like to think of myself as a caring, kind, loving, deeply devoted, loyal, intelligent, passionate human being. I would help anyone I could and not hesitate in acting out of empathy for another human being. I do not trust easily but in stages but once my trust is offered it will be the best trust you can have. I will take a bullet without hesitation for those I love and fight for the rights of others. I will not stand by the sidelines and when I am in I am in for the long run. I will support others and share in their journey. I will value who they are and meet them best I can where they are at. I will not and have never abandoned those I love and anyone I have made a commitment to and yet all but a few have abandoned me.

At times in my life this has been devastating. Even now as I put myself out there with my music, words and art those I love have abandoned me. Not all of course as my children and few others are there for the long run. Most of my family has offered no support in fact they have turned and ran the other way. Almost all my friends well at least I thought they were my friends have cut and run at some point and yet when this was done to them they knew the feeling, how painful it was and still will do it to others.

There is nothing more painful than watching the breakup of a family and the consequences that will follow when people stop trying, when they give up on the commitments and when they run away. The ripple effects of this will last for years to come but most that leave never see this only what they want for the moment. In fact most will not even acknowledge that they have abandoned those they said they loved and the justification they will use afterwards simply boggles my mind. Very few will ever admit they have done anything wrong.

Abandoning your children is the worst thing you can ever do and they will deal with this the rest of their lives so I hope the reason one leaves is worth it. To me it never will be.

The list I have personally is huge and yet I keep trying, keep trusting and offering who I am when I know that most of the time I will be fucked over.

Again I tell this to relate to others not to get sympathy.

My dad left basically never to be seen or heard from again when I was 8 years old.

My mom while trying to do her best as this was a hard time for her left me in an institution for emotionally disturbed children at this time. 3 months of hell and then later shipped to my grandmas for a year of hell. My brother did his best but he was not in the position to take me. Friends, girlfriends and now the most important person in the world to me and this is the short list.

Yet I still put myself out there because what I have learned out of all of this is that it was not me. I was not the problem they were but it took a long time to get there and I am a strong person so imagine those that are not and what they will go through.. Just because many consider me the black sheep and see it as a negative that is their issue not mine..

Being abandoned or given up is the most devastating emotion we can cause in another human being. While your reasons may be justified to you if you have done this I will have a hard time agreeing.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie