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Who Hijacked Reality / #677 I continue to find amazing things to photograph as I am open to the journey of life.

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Journal Entry #677

July 18th, 2012

I pretty much carry a camera wherever I go now. Once I opened my eyes to what life offers I am seeing so much. It is not that my eyes where closed before but the journey continues. I have not felt this alive in years and I will take in every moment. In fact I have so much to write about and say that soon if not now I will need help.

Please stay tuned and take this ride with me..
I now have ads on my blog page as I have many readers. Funny how so many thought I would fail at all of this and tried to bring me down but I just keep moving along.

To my family and just a few exceptions sorry you were wrong..Thanks for not supporting me as this just fueled the fire even more. I am living my life what are you doing.

ENJOY AND SHARE PLEASE as sharing is the key to all.

Click on any picture to enlarge it and see the real size and share, share , share…

A big thanks to these guys for the love they displayed and their willingness to let me take the picture.


Thanks To all for the journey If I have taken your picture and did not use it yet then it was not meant to be but I still thank you deeply as it was a moment for me and you as well.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #581 Shelter for the Scarred

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011



Journal Entry ##581

October 3rd, 2011

Today I am going to promote a couple of up and coming musicians Alex Carl & Morgan Currie. At this point they are the current members of “Shelter for the Scarred”.

Morgan Currie

As you have probably guessed by now Morgan is my son. He is the drummer and continually tries to better his craft. The drummer rarely gets enough credit for the work they do. Being a musician is hard work but then add that your father and brother as well as other members of your extended family all play and you are expected to keep your chops up. Music comes naturally to my family but also requires immense dedication to hone the craft.

Alex and Morgan have been friends since grade school with the usual ups and downs of any good relationship but have remained true in their friendship. Since they have been playing there have been many hopefuls to fill the other spots in the band but so far no one has stuck. This doesn’t stop them though they just keep going.

Alex Carl

I have known Alex for many years. Alex’s dad was his main inspiration to get started and his family has consistently supported his passion to be a musician.  Alex and his dad have built guitars together which has given him an overall appreciation for the instrument itself. He takes pride in his guitars.

I have watched Alex go from the usual I don’t need any help in my music to become a student of the not only the guitar but all that goes into being a great musician. It has been a pleasure to watch both him and Morgan mature over the years.

Alex had asked me at some point if I would help him record some of his songs and recently he finally was ready. He has played some songs for me in the past and each time I could see the improvement. He has also been working hard at his vocals as well. The other day he played a couple of songs for me and I could see that he was ready so I offered to record one for him. It turned out amazing.

The song is called “LEAVES” it will be released along with a video very soon as I still have to shoot and edit the video for them but I am onfident all who hear it will enjoy it.


It has been my pleasure to watch these 2 musicians and great human beings develop over the years and it will be my pleasure to help introduce them to the world.

There face book page  I encourage you to like to be in the great things to come;!/pages/Shelter-For-The-Scarred/114349681962024

Stay tuned

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #505 Everybody’s a star on the internet or so they think..

Monday, July 18th, 2011




Journal Entry #505

July 18th, 2011

The internet has changed everything in the entertainment world. Instant access to almost any video or audio recording as it has allowed not only struggling artists to get their stuff out there but what I call wannabes.

As a musician, artist and writer I take pride in what I create. I take the time to learn all aspects of my craft from writing the songs to recording and creating the videos but my goal is always to be as professional as I can. The internet specifically program like Youtube have allowed us to be heard whereas before you had to be picked up by a record company. Not only this but now all the professional gear needed to create the music is affordable, I can now get that quality sound I have been looking for all my life.
What it has also done though is allow every wannabe artist to think they can create great music when in reality they need to learn the craft. Some throw out what they consider songs and videos of their music at an alarming rate. Most don’t even know how to actually play music but call themselves musicians.

I am all for people taking a chance an putting yourself out there but really give it your very best. If you have 20 videos or songs out that really are crap then what are you doing? Take the time to make one great video and write and create one great song that you can truly be proud off. If you really have the dream of being a good artist you will do this.

Let me be clear on this not every song is good or worth putting out there as you will be known for the crap before the good stuff. Take some to time to diversify and not sound the same every song. The bottom line is this if you don’t really know anything about music don’t say you do and don’t pretend to be something you are not. Learn the craft. Dedicate yourself to becoming great at it.

Who am I to judge others? Well I am someone with some experience even though I am not famous I know what I am doing.  I try to take younger inspiring musicians under my wing and offer some advise to help them on their journey. Some are receptive others are not. The receptive ones stand a chance the ones who think they know it all are basically doomed.

I talked with a Hip Hop group who was playing at a battle of the bands where my younger sons band at the time was playing. I thought they were good and I offered to connect them to some people I know. They were incredibly respectful and receptive. They stand a chance.  R.I.P (Real Important Poetry)

I also talked with an artist in my area that disrespected me telling me I don’t know anything about Rap or music. I saw some passion and offered some dialogue as he is trying but needs dome guidance.  Now I don’t offer my help and this was a mistake as we are going places and you never know who you are talking to. You should always be receptive and appreciate any help you can get. I will post his latest video and you can judge for yourself.



My conversation with Revamp;

Gary David Currie…..Ok downloaded it.. not bad.. Now do either of you play any instruments or are you using backing tracks and predone melodies. I like the syncopation and flow of you words but those MIDI sounds are very static. I am just offering some insight. I see some talent but like anything good, a  song and craft  requires to keep it up and work at it. Take my advice or leave it. It is very difficult to get the depth in a good song just using standard MIDI sounds without actually playing the music. Here is a song we did that shows the feel of live playing if you are interested.

REVAMP………….gimme a break, I’m just making music and no offense or anything, but it doesn’t really look like you produce much hip-hop anyways. What do you know about music..

Gary David Currie…. No problem.. Some advise though.. Again do want you want with it. Don’t take things so personal. I was not attacking you just offering you some advise. producing music is producing music whether it is hip hop or anything else the process is… the same. I saw something in your music that I liked so I commented. Also you never know who you are talking to or how they can help you so I suggest you don’t burn bridges .I will leave you alone after this. The music biz is a hard go. good luck with your music.

There was more said but I think you get the point. If you ever find someone who knows what they are doing close to where you live who is willing to help you and you blow it well then you are a fool..

Like I said I get it and respect anyone willing to put themselves out there but please take pride in what you do.

You have to get your music out to people who are not friends or family as this will be the true test of what you have created. Be willing to take all criticism and learn from it.
Let’s be honest you either got it or you don’t and if you don’t just be aware that you are just doing this for fun.

With so many videos and songs (or so called songs as anyone can write a song it is not hard but to write a good song that is the goal) it is way too easy for the good stuff to get lost in the giant ocean of the Internet.

I will take the time to promote and help anyone who is trying but if they disrespect me well then fuck em they are going nowhere fast. 5o videos of shit are still 50 videos of shit. 100 rap songs that suck are still a 100 rap songs that suck. Create that one great song, take the time to learn to be a real musician as this is becoming the lost art with people thinking that all they have to do is press a few keys on the computer and they got a song. It takes more than that and always will. That human influence those human dynamics can never be replaced.

I love connecting with young musicians in other countries such as India as they are hungry to learn and grow. They are just starting to get what rock is all about.

Here is a great band that has a bright future once they get their hands on some studio time and some guidance from India. We think we know it all over here while they are hungry in India and willing to work hard and learn.


Feasting on the Blood of the Insane- Six Feet Under (Cover) by Prime Rage

Prime Rage

An artist doesn’t put out pencil drawings they actually learn to be a great artist so apply the same dedication and respect towards music.

Anyone who I featured here just got publicity and the saying goes good or bad publicity is still good publicity.

I know the artists who are willing to put the time and effort in will get what I am saying and the others well good luck to you anyways.

I would like to see the lost craft be valued once again and I think it will take countries Like India to bring this back, artists that are hungry.

So you have an idea that I know what I am doing here is one of our videos. A song from our new album called “Sandbox Junkies” available in late October. There is more on this website if you are interested.


“Broke N Blue” by The Freeman (Official)

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #497 My Reality….

Sunday, July 10th, 2011



Journal Entry #497 

July 10th, 2011

 I often hear people say to me that their reality is not the same as my reality and I get what they are trying to say but I do think they have it a little mixed up. What I believe they mean is that there part of reality is different than mine which I agree with but what is true in life is going to be true no matter how much we want it to be different. You will certainly have different experiences than I will as I am not you but things that we have in common will be true for all.

I don’t have all the answers and certainly have no problem admitting I can be wrong on anything but reality is still reality. What I would like to hear people acknowledge is that it is their part of reality that is different than mine but I guarantee you that god can’t be true for you and false for me, that ghost exists for you and they do not for me.

I see life from my perspective, from my experiences and you see it from yours. I live each moment in my mind by using my senses to experience it just as you do in your mind.

There is so much to life so much to experience and if there is one thing that truly bothers me is that there is not enough time to experience enough of it. While I do not like this I have of course accepted it as it is reality.

Now I keep my personal life away from my public life as I believe all should but let me share a few moments that I feel show me that being alive is fantastic.

As a father I have done my very best to fill this role with all that makes it the experience I want it to be. You never know how things are going to turn out but you plan for the best. You are always questioning yourself along the way and working hard at learning from and enjoying the experience.  

As you know we are musicians my boys and I. We have put out one album and are currently working on the next. We hope that we have grown during this process and that with each song you improve.  Now we have all the songs written for this album and are about half done the recording process which is just the start but today was one of those special days. We don’t do this full time and we have to work at day jobs. Also my boys are young and want to enjoy their lives so time is always at a premium. I finished recording the bed tracks for a song. For those unfamiliar that is generally the drums, bass, guitars and the main vocals. This is when Zack comes in and adds his incredible talents to fill out the song. This particular song evolved nicely along the way and when Zack heard it he was excited to put his part down.

By the time we were done it was one of those moments when you know you have something special, something you have been working towards but never know when you are going to get there. His guitars were exceptional and I had goose bumps running up my spine. This is a good sign to me. While this is fantastic the best part was when I realized that I am recording music with my son, we were creating something memorable together that can never be taken away from us. This was a moment where I could see every other moment in my life as a father culminate in complete and utter satisfaction. I said to myself” I have done a good job as a father and I can see it in my sons”

That is part of reality that I have experienced and it is a moment I would wish upon all.

Look there are things in life that we believe are real, that are part of reality that simply are not true. How do I know this, I don’t 100% but the probability is very high that certain things are not. I have spent almost 500 articles listing them out and explaining why they are not real so you can go back through my blog posts if you are curious about this.

Life is way too short to waste on stupid stuff and it is the parts of reality where we try to fool ourselves that take away from these moments of clarity and positive emotions.

My message is and always has been this; I am for peace and a better world for all. The only way I see this happening is for us as the human race to stop valuing what is not true, what is not reality as reality. It becomes this web of pain and misery that can be avoided by accepting what is true from the very beginning and teaching this to our children. Your actions are not exclusive to you as we all affect each other some directly and others indirectly but don’t kid yourself this connection is there. The only way for this to truly change is for each individual to change and with this change we are all affected. We are all affected either negatively or positively so which do you prefer? All the misery I see in my opinion can be linked back to someone somewhere accepting lies as true so why don’t we just stop this so we can all have these moments of positive emotions that make life worth living.

What is true for one will be true for all because it just is what is. You know I do believe that most people deep down know when something is not true, they can feel it as not being right but continue to accept it anyway. We really should stop this.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #338 If we are all talking then who is listening?

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011



Journal Entry #338

February 3rd, 2011

Maybe I am completely guilty of this as well but I try very hard not to be. I keep my friends list small so I can pay attention to what others post and to hear their opinions. I want to be able to interact with people. I just don’t get it though, the idea behind Face Book is to be able to connect with people all over the world, the power of networking but very few use it. Very few actually help others.

The other day I saw a person who is an aspiring artist in the car detailing business who came up with a great idea, he was doing airbrush that would be seen by and is a replica of Gene Simmons. He asked for all his FB friends to give him feedback. He has over 4,000 friends  and he could hardly get anyone to support him. All he wanted people to do was just press like. All I ever ask people to do is press share. I do it for others but very few return the favour. I just don’t understand this.

I posted this.

Just press share and give original creativity a chance to be heard. By Gary David Currie

Maybe I am a little bias here but I think that we are missing out on the power of FB. Especially if it is from unknown original people. Even if you don’t like it give it a chance and share it. Help those creative people. Someone else may like it or let them know that what they have done is not liked. I realize that we all think our page represents who we are so maybe part of being who we are should be to give others a voice.

Independent artists whether they are musicians, artists or writers usually don’t have the financial backing of the big names and they work hard and I do mean hard, (speaking personally creating a music video from song to uploaded on you tube is a lot of work when you fill all the roles) to create something they think is great. I certainly don’t expect you to share everything but if you see an original piece of work maybe think about giving it a boost to reach others. You never know what spark you might ignite.

Often the best art, music or writing goes unnoticed so I ask you to just take that extra second and press share.

Thanks for considering doing this

Gary David Currie

As I feared I couldn’t even get people to pass this along. We all want to talk and give our opinion but you also have to listen as well and show value in others. I rarely see this.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie