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Who Hijacked Reality / #541 Let’s make a list of all the things that are probably not true, get them out of the way and move onto more important matters.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011



Journal Entry #541

August 23rd, 2011

The amount of money, time and energy that is wasted on issues, concepts and beliefs that have no verifiable evidence to support them is staggering. If we concentrated on other things such as dealing with global warming, dealing with poverty and disease and moving towards a peaceful world just imagine what could be accomplished. It is painfully obvious that the list I will present is a huge waste of humanities precious resources.

Remember that the vast majority of scientists and intellectuals will agree and I for one think their credibility is worth the time and effort to value what they say.

Now of course there will be many who disagree with what I present and believe many of these things to be true but that is not what the evidence tells us.

The list;

This is a great resource and their list is much more comprehensive than mine

Religion, gods and spirituality.

911 conspiracies

Conspiracy theories in general

Ancient astronaut theorists

Ghosts & paranormal events

Climate change deniers.

Pseudo science

Even if we just focused on accepting the reality of this short list so many problems we create could be avoided.

I realize that certain people need a cause in life, I know I do and there is nothing wrong with that but let’s focus on issues that are realistic and achievable, that will truly benefit humanity.

Science and reason once accepted shows us the way and I am continually baffled why so many deny the validity of what the scientific world offers humanity.

I think this statement made to me during a discussion on the 911 Truthers movement I was involved in (as I assume very little I should let you know I was taking the position that they have no case to support their claim) will illustrate my point.

  • “How you can deny all the evidence and continue on in your delusions is way beyond my understanding. But it is typical Virgo behaviour. :)

    If you do not see the irony here then what can I say.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #370 The death of GOD.

Saturday, March 5th, 2011



Journal Entry #370

March 5th, 2011

In life there are certain things that are inevitable. Time always moves forward and the cycle of life and death is a natural process. If we are to survive as a species god will eventually die. Not a real god of course but the manmade concepts we call gods.

The concept of god presents the idea of freedom but this is an illusions it really represents absolute control. It is that very idea of freedom that will be the death of god. Freedom of thought will lead man to embrace critical thinking and this will lead to all other freedoms. It is the youth that will change the world.

We can see it all over the world as countries long denied the basic freedoms are at their breaking point. There has never been in the history of man more opposition and challenge to these long held concepts. People are waking up to the idea that if we continue along the same paths we have been on it will lead to our destruction and the basic desire to survive will prevail.

We must embrace our evolution and give up the archaic beliefs that have been the justification for so much misery. I and many others are speaking out, challenging the claims and asserting our rights to live in a peaceful world and we see the belief in lies with gods being the dominant one as destructive. It is time for god to die, all gods and all concepts that are related to delusional thinking.

God is so small in this modern world. The universe is so vast and amazing that we can only imagine what wonders it will offer us.

We will either kill ourselves while clinging and acting the manmade gods or we will move past them. The evidence is massive to demonstrate that there are no gods and there has been no credible evidence presented to verify that the gods of man are real. I have written many posts demonstrating the evidence so now is not the time. It is the time to predict that god is dead and now it is just time to prepare the eulogy and say goodbye.

The concept of god has had its place in history. It was the answer to the questions we realized we wanted to explore but we have much better answers now and we understand the concept of truth and how we verify it.

God is Dead and the quicker we get through the mourning process and stop the denial the quicker we can get on with the process of building a better life for humanity. That really what is where we are at we are moving through the 5 steps of grief denial, anger, bargaining depression and acceptance. The sooner we get to acceptance the better we will be.

It is almost like we are dealing with the first 4 steps all at the same time. Time to move on.

GOD IS DEAD  time to accept this fact.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #303 The idea of PEACE. Let’s put a plan into action.

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

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Journal Entry # 303

January 1st, 2011

I have noticed that many people promote the idea of peace, world peace and individual peace but in my opinion this is futile without a plan. Talk without action is ultimately useless.

I have a plan but I have found that no one wants to hear it. So does this mean people really don’t want peace? Do they just want the illusion of peace or to feel that they are contributing to bringing about a peaceful world?

Is world peace actually possible? Do we really want this as species?


My plan….

Step #1. First we have to identify what we really mean by world and individual peace and have agreement on this. If and this is a big if we can get past this step we will have identified the goal.

Step #2. Identify the root cause preventing us from achieving this peace. I believe it is believing in and acting on lies. Not acknowledging what is true. Now this presents another roadblock. What is truth? So now we need to identify and agree on this. I also believe that the most prominent lie we indulge in is religious doctrine or faith based ideals in all their forms. They simply by evidential nature are not true. They as verified by the evidence led to so much misery and pain being the root excuse for the violence and  the prevention of peaceful ways.

It is simple if you give control to anything but ourselves you take away the responsibility for our actions. When you are expecting a god or other force to save you will not act to save yourself.  We must stop following lies and acknowledge what is true. The simple fact is that most conflict can be traced back to some form of religion invented by humanity and the resulting action that it dictates.

Step #3. If we can get past step #2 we have a chance. We can now see that we are responsible as a species for bringing about peace for ourselves and we can now decide on the method to achieve this. We really must change our fundamental thinking and attitudes. It is obvious that what we are doing at present is not working so why would we continue to expect things to get better if we do not change? That is the definition of insanity.

Step #4. Implement the process that we as a species have adopted. Will there be problems? Absolutely but if we don’t change the results will continue to get worst. I am sure that the greatest minds on this planet can formulate and implement a plan of action where all will benefit not just the few. We must think as a species not as individual little tribes each trying to protect our little piece of dirt. The world is now global and we must view it this way.


If anyone has a better plan I am all ears. I will tell you this though;

 I don’t care if you believe in a god but I suggest you leave him out of this one and that we take on the job ourselves. Let’s see how that works for a change.

This will be as difficult as we decide it will be. The results are completely up to us. As demonstrated before I do dread that things will get worse before they get better. It does not have to be that way but so many will be unwilling to let go of their ways even though those ways do not work for humanity. We must put aside our selfish nature and realize that we all benefit from this change. Our future will benefit.

I am willing to put this plan into action who else will? It takes one to start it but all to complete it.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie