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Who Hijacked Reality / #416 The power of music, the internet and humanity.

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011


Journal Entry #416

April 19th, 2011

I believe that the one common thread that all of humanity shares is the power of music. It doesn’t matter what genre, music is music and emits emotions from everyone. One song can unite us all given the chance. I am sharing the video of the song “Sleep.”

There is an amazing story behind this video and I suggest you watch the link to hear it.

This is beyond amazing. I actually was so chocked up at the beauty of this and the story behind it that I slowly shed tears. This is the power of humanity, the power of the internet the power of one voice from many.

Eric WhitacreEric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 2.0, ‘Sleep’

Amidst the chaos and violence of this world there are those moments that will take your breath away. Be open and ready for those moments as they are few and far between.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie