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Who Hijacked Reality / #585 One skill will change the world… CRITICAL THINKING……

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Journal Entry #585

October 7th, 2011

Well first let’s define what critical thinking is;

Excerpt from article..

“the process of purposeful, self-regulatory judgment, which uses reasoned consideration to evidence, context, conceptualizations, methods, and criteria.”

Part of this is to not jump to conclusions, to think before you act while using common sense and reasoning skills.

Here is an example of poor critical thinking from a discussion I was having with someone on 911 claims. It was going nowhere so I tried to bring it back to the basics.

Gary David Currie………. Let’s start at the beginning. Can we agree that 2 planes crashed into the twin towers?

Ford………. Just read the post, Gary. About the money connections.

Gary David Currie …………and now we see the problem if we can’t even discuss the basics of this issue then what is the point. I offer an olive branch and you refuse.

Ford…………. The money connections are the motive. You remember I said, to find the guilty party, or parties, you look for method, means, and motive.

Gary David Currie……………… Holy shit this is the most basic fact of 911 and you won’t even agree on it. Why not?

Ford………… Yes, Gary. We have already said that planes ran into two of the towers. Why rehash that?

Gary David Currie……………. Ok so you agree now who flew the planes into the building?

Ford….. That doesn’t prove anything really. Many tall buildings have been crashed into by fully loaded jet airliners and none of them came down like the towers did. None
of them, Gary.

Ford………….There is no evidence that the planes that flew into the towers were actually commercial airliners, Gary. In fact, there were witnesses who said they were planes that had no windows and looked like military planes.

Gary David Currie…………. Just answer the question I am not trying to prove anything I am discussing what we know and what we do not know. First we establish what we know. Stay on point that is how it works.

Ford………… No one knows or has any conclusive evidence of how the planes were piloted. They could have been flown remotely.

Ford….. I shouldn’t have said “no one knows”, because obviously the perpetrators know.

Gary David Currie……….. Really I think the video footage is good evidence and the passengers who died as verified is good evidence​ws/nation/2001/09/11/victi​ms-list.htm – People killed in plane attacks

People killed in plane attacks Partial lists of passengers and crew killed in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001

Gary David Currie……….. You said there was no evidence and I offer you this as evidence so you are wrong stay on point..

Ford…. Gary, nothing in the news media can be used as “evidence”, as, obviously, if the media is owned by the same people who we are saying did 9/11, and it is, believe me, then everything that goes in there is controlled by them.

Gary David Currie………. So you are denying that all these people were killed in the terrorist attack. I would think this is a dishonour to them and their families.

Ford…………. News stories are not evidence of anything. But on the other hand, that people died, or were on a passenger list, does not confirm anything else about what

Gary David Currie………. OK we are done if you will not acknowledge basic facts then you are deep into the delusion. enjoy..

Ford….. Those planes may very well have been landed and the people aboard murdered. I honestly have never seen anything that confirmed the deaths of real people on
those flights. We know that Donald Rumsfeld said on the air that the plane in Pennsylvania was shot down.

This person is not using critical thinking skills or interested in basic common sense. I was trying to establish some basic facts to this conspiracy claim to see what we know and what we do not. From there we can see what is speculation and what evidence is valid but as you can see I was not even getting past the basic fact of the event. Now this is not some crazy person ads I have heard them talk on other issues with clarity and some other with no clarity but if you forfeit basic reasoning skills when something challenges what you want to be true then there is a good chance you will arrive at a false conclusion.


What Does God Need With a Starship?

My point is this. We need to try and educate all of humanity as best we can with this skill and then things will change for the better as many beliefs we hold as true will crumble.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie





Who Hijacked Reality / #488 Let me clear a few things up on my agenda..

Friday, July 1st, 2011



Journal Entry #488

July 1st, 2011

During my many conversations I have been accused of many things but the one thing that I would have hoped that was made very clear is this;

The accusation- You always think you are right, what makes you so right, you never admit you are wrong and similar type accusations.

I thought that I had made my position on this very clear but apparently not so I will say it again.

I feel I can be wrong on any matter. I am not set in stone on any issue. I am more than open to learning and exploring new ideas and concepts and if any new verifiable evidence is presented on any issue I disagree with or present as not true I will certainly change my mind as it will be true and I believe in acknowledging what is true.

The problem is that the vast majority of what is presented in countering what I have offered has not been anything new or verifiable. I will not dispute your personal experience as your personal experience as I am not you; I would just hope that you would want to know that your explanation you offer is actually true and this is what I hope you are willing to explore.

If you feel I am presenting an attitude of arrogance please show me a better method besides the scientific process, reason and logic has offered that will work on all things. I value what is true based on good evidence not bad evidence. I in no way declare that I even come close to knowing everything and that is why I have my motto as “seek the truth always”.

If there is anyone who publically demonstrates how I view things I would say it is Sam Harris.

Below is a great video that demonstrates issues and concepts most are not willing to talk about.


Ask Sam Harris Anything #1

I hope that I have made it clear that I am not doing what I do to attack anything, to bash any person or announce that I am right and you are wrong. I simply seek out what is true and the best method I see to achieve this is to have open respectful discussion.

I will say that in doing this I will ask hard questions and call those who proclaim what I see as bullshit as true on their claim. If I am wrong I will be more than happy to acknowledge this. You will view me as you will view me and I can do nothing about this but I do hope that you are willing to not be judgemental until you get enough information to make a good decision.

I realize that what I present is not even close to the norm but it is just how I see things in this life at this particular time.  I have accepted the way my mind works is exclusive to me as it is my mind and your is exclusive to you but there will be common truths that we can share and that is a great start for discussion which I look forward to from all who are willing to do it respectfully and with an open-mind.

This is my voice and I am going to use it. I hope you use your voice as well.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #423 How can one just set aside reason?

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011


Journal Entry #423

April 26th, 2011

Each morning you wake up and take for granted what the process of science and reason has enriched your life with.  If you are reading this it is because of science, it is because people have used the process of reason to eventually lead to the wonder that is the computer and the internet. Look around you and mans discoveries and inventions are everywhere and yet when it comes to the gods of man people suspend this reason and ignore what science tells them is true. I am mystified by this.

Is the power of eternal life that has no bearing in reality that strong? Do you actually think you and others who believe like you are so special that the laws of the universe will completely change for you so you can go to your heaven? Do you actually think that just because you say the magic words “I accept Jesus Christ as my lord and saviour” that you are now special and that everyone else who has not done so is doomed on judgment day?

Do you really believe that without god you would commit terrible acts against humanity? Do you think that all you have to do is wish for something and it will come true? Do you actually think that just because you believe something to be true that it is true? Do you really think that an invisible god cares about what you think and want in life, that he cares if you swear or think certain thoughts?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you have suspended reason. You have stopped thinking rationally and you are delusional.

There is absolutely no evidence for any of this to even be worthy of being considered to be true. This kind of thinking should not even enter our thought process and we definitely should as a species not give any of this legitimacy.

This is how it begins and then the rules come into play, yes the rules and then the real problems begin. In order to fulfill this delusional thinking people will do terrible things. They will hurt the ones they love both mentally and physically and will do it all in the name of their god who they consider a god of love and compassion.

I ask you to apply the same reason that you do in all other areas of your life to the belief in your god.

- Would you jump out of an airplane on faith? No because you understand the laws of gravity.

- Would you jump in front of a moving car? No because you know that you will get hurt or die.

- Will you open up your laptop and tell it to work and expect it to do all you are thinking? No because we understand the limitations of it and the capabilities as science has shown us.

- If you had your leg cut off would you just start to pray or would you want to be in a hospital with the best medical care you can get? Of course you will want the very best science can offer you.

- If you were accused of a crime would you want due process of law and the case based on verifiable evidence or to just go with what the judge felt was right?

You know that science and reason is the very best system we have to determine what is true so stop putting it aside when it comes to the belief in your god. Science has shown you that your god is probably not real and that there is much to be enjoyed in this life you have, this one and only life.   

I have to this day not heard one piece of convincing credible evidence that would show that god is real and I have looked very hard. This nonsense just needs to stop.

I am sorry life is not the way you want it to be suck it up your not the only one. Get over yourself feeling so special that the laws of the universe will be suspended just for you and start using reason to see what religion / faith and a belief in god truly is and the harm that it causes daily by people who engage in this fantasy thinking.

Reason is not the enemy of faith reason is just how we figure out if something is actually true. Try using it in all aspects of your life.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #412 My position on the term Atheist.

Saturday, April 16th, 2011


Journal Entry #412

April 16th, 2011

I saw a posting today in Face Book that once again reminded me that I need to define the term Atheist. Now I can only speak for myself and I certainly do not expect people to agree with me or even care what I think as I will say again that the term has become a label that has taken on a life of its own, a life it should not represent.

By using Atheist in the form many have chosen I feel it is counterproductive and will create division even further than it already exists. My goal is to not create division but find commonality.

There is a section on Face book that asks you to define your religion and in this people are putting atheist. It is not a religion but appears well on it’s’ way to becoming one, the religion of “NO GOD” which is absolutely ridiculous. Under this section people who are non-believers should not even enter anything and ignore the category.  Once you give credibility to atheism in this form you also give credibility to religion which should not be the goal. The idea is to not give legitimacy to a concept that has not been proven. It is fantasy as it stands.

This was posted by someone;


I bet we can get one million people to say they are proud to be an Atheist

To have one million people say “They are proud to be an Atheist”

Page: ‎1,154 people like this.

My comment. 

Gary David Currie …..The only reason I am an Atheist is because people publically claim gods. I am not proud or unproud of this it just is. If no one declared this I would have no need to challenge however I am proud to be a person who cares about humanity, who… values truth backed up by reason and the scientific process. I am proud to associate with others who care about positive change towards a peaceful world. I would much rather be promoting peace than challenging claims of gods and other silliness but unfortunately that is what must be addressed first.

Now I certainly will once again not fit into the accepted mode of thinking.  I do not believe in declaring being an atheist as the method to challenging religion but in promoting truth and how we determine it. I have no problem with having the label of atheist but it is not part of my belief system it is simply a position against theistic claims and that is all.

This method that I see many taking will only further the delusion held by many of the faithful that there is an enemy that must be challenged. It should not be a battle but an process of discovery for many. I can respect the person but not the belief and it is the claim of a belief that I see no evidence for that I challenge.

I am bothered by the term Atheist movement so I offered in earlier post the name “The Second Age of Enlightenment”. So far no takers but I will keep trying. Am I opposing like minded individuals from becoming united, not at all I am promoting a togetherness based on truth. I am sure I will be mostly ignored but I still must stand on the position that I fell is the best course for all of humanity.

You see this is not just about religion as there are all sorts of other delusional beliefs out there and the label of Atheism just doesn’t cut it. Labels really do box one in and divide.

It should always be about discovering and acknowledging what is true.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #347 Reason smeason / A challenge to all those who deny the validity of reason.

Friday, February 11th, 2011


Journal Entry #347

February 11th, 2011

I am consistently told by the faithful that reason and faith are not compatible, that faith has nothing to do with reason, I hear things like;

Reason smeason

Reason is the enemy of faith.

Faith does not require reason

Science doesn’t know everything and can be wrong

Let go of your god of reason and logic and set yourself free.

Reason and logic make me laugh.. ( Which is more true than they know)

What they absolutely fail to acknowledge is that it is the process of reasoning that brings them to their belief in their god. To have true faith is an impossibility as a human must think in order to understand what it is they have faith in.

Well let’s put this to the test. No more talking and speculating since you will not agree with what I say let’s see if faith can actually work as they say.  Faith will require to just do things without any thinking and I am interested in seeing how this will translate in daily activities.

In order to demonstrate this I offer this challenge;

If reason and logic make you laugh then stop using it. I challenge you to go an entire day without using reason and logic. You use it constantly and don’t even value it. Without it you would walk around in circles all day long not knowing why, where, who, what or when on anything.

Reason – comprises conception, judgment, reasoning, and the intuitional faculty.

Logic – The study of the principles of reasoning, especially of the structure of propositions as distinguished from their content and of method and validity in deductive reasoning.

Human beings cannot function without using reason and logic so I am very interested in the results of a complete day based on faith. If you cannot complete a day with only using faith which is just allowing what you have faith in to guide you then I ask you to be honest and acknowledge that reason / logic are incredibly valid in human existence.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie