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Who Hjacked Reality / #648 Here is the real secret..

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Journal Entry #648

May 5th, 2012

We are all looking for that magic formula to life, to answer those big questions and to navigate our way through our daily activities. We all want happiness and to be successful. Each one of us will determine this in a different way but I do believe I have found the secret well I call it that because people love secrets but really it is just something as a species I see us continually failing at. Understanding this one concept I do believe will change so much for us.

I see this in my daily discussions, in personal relationships and all over the world. What it leads to I do believe is the basis for so many of our conflicts on every scale imaginable.

Are you ready?

I will personalize this but the idea is that if everyone adopted this it would open the doors for us all.

I am willing to admit and accept that I can be wrong on anything.

You would not believe how many people that will not accept this. It doesn’t matter their belief system in fact most belief systems demand that you cannot accept this which is the flaw and the control mechanism. They have built in punishments for doing so and are well crafted to take away the option.

If I follow my motto of seeking the truth always then I must do this even though I could be wrong on this as well. Over the last 2 years the acceptance of this has proven to me to be the one thing we need to do because when we do we actually break down all the walls and open ourselves up to the truths in life that we all seek but many think the have found.  

This does not mean we do not accept certain things as true based on the available information but we realize theta things can change. Change is a constant that has proven itself beyond a reasonable doubt at this time so to not accept this is to ignore reality as we know it.

The objection to the admittance of being wrong is vast and sometimes hostile. When it comes to a personal belief that someone accepts as an absolute they will adamantly object. This has lead to so much misery in the world and so much pain when the simple acceptance of this will prevent much of the harm we inflict upon ourselves. We accept that we live in a world of uncertainty and I do believe that is a good thing.

We all seek the truth and yet so few are willing to even define it, here is my definition and I certainly could be wrong.

Truth- all that is, all that is real, all that is part of reality and all that is factual.

How we determine what is true based on a shared accepted point of reference we call reality. – Verification through the method of the scientific process, reason and logic.

I believe that we cannot verify anything 100% as doubt can always be cast however small so we work on a system of probabilities, best guess and beyond reasonable doubt to
say that we know something is true.

We should never believe anything in the unknown to be true until it is verified as known. We can speculate, imagine and engage in fantasy thinking but must always come back to our base of reality. The unknown should not be used as an argument to dispute the known or another unknown as this is just pure speculation.

For every question there can only be one answer that is true.

Once something is known it is no longer up for debate there is only acceptance or ignorance.

There is only truth based on my definition.

The truth will remain the truth no matter what we think our try and do to it, we are powerless over it and yet it is what gives us our power.

Something is either true or it is not even if we do not know if it is true or not.



This frees our minds to offer the most fantastic answer ever “ I DON’T KNOW” which is the answer on the vast majority of questions we ask and I am ok with this. I will qualify it by adding this “I don’t know but let’s see if we can find out”.

Now everything we do takes on a new meaning as our minds become open like when we were children when all things seemed full of wonder and awe. We no longer need to fight over who is right and who is wrong because we all know we could all be wrong so we are willing to take the best guess.

This is what science offer us and the method is sound;

Here is the Scientific method so we are clear;

1. We often first make an observation of something that has happened.

2. We then consider what caused this thing to happen by posing an educated uess or hypothesis.

3. we can then make predictions about what we should expect to see if our hypothesis is correct.

4. If necessary, experimentation and data collection may be conducted.

5. Further observation is necessary, which will lead to 3 possible outcomes..

a If we observe that our data positively supports our prediction, then we have hypothesis confirmation..(at least for now)

b. If we observe that our data do not support our prediction, then we have hypothesis falsification and we may be forced to either give up or modify our hypothesis.

c. If there are simply not enough data to decide either way, then we suspend judgement.

6. Finally we need to consider whether there are any other competing hypothesis that provide an equally plausible or likely explanation for our observation. If there are we need to ask ourselves which seems more reasonable. If there are no others, then we may decide to tentatively to accept the hypothesis based on the currently available information.

From Christopher DiCarlo…Phd Bioethics & Philosophy..

Like I have said the opposition I get to this is amazing but when one accepts this then we have great discussions. The one I like the best is when I am told I always think I am right usually just after I have said I can be wrong on anything…

Here is an amazing example from a page of devout Christians called Born Again in India. The answer to my question is simple but it challenges the very concept of the belief and to deny the belief is considered a sin so to accept the obvious answer is blasphemy. What a great trap devised by someone long ago.

Gary David Currie

If I told you I was god and I was here to test you most would fail the test…How would you know if I was god or not?

Jawahar Peter…… HolySpirit in us says you are not yet bornagain. so u can be god but not God. disobedient angels lucipher etc have become gods and make u god. But JESUS is God incarnate to save us from the clutches of god of this world and make us BornAgain to give us Gods image back.

Jawahar Peter……… u should know the difference between only “God” of abraham jacob issac moses and the gods of heathen like baal baalaji .

Gary David Currie….. Jawahar Peter you have failed the test once again. your arrogance has blinded those I have sent to you. Your path has become poisoned by your
condemnation of others that is my job not yours. you are my servant but you are playing god and you must stop. Go back and follow the path of Christ, be humble and give to those in need without telling them what they need as I will do that. You shall reap what you sow I have sent a humble man who serves me well and you have done nothing but condemn him he exhibits what I want and follows my path and you have strayed far from the path. Accpet him where he is at not where you are. Humble yourself before your god and pray for forgiveness in your arrogance this I command of you. Break my command and pay the price Jawhar….

Jawahar Peter …My God is JESUS. is JESUS your God? many times u rejected CHRIST and so i refuse to buy your commands which are from lucipher. I am washed in the blood of Christ. are u washed in the blood of Christ? if u say yes then i can consider your suggestion but if you reject Jesus as your Lord u have lost the opportunity to correct me. i cant listen to people whose god is Satan 2 cor 4:4


Derek William Helberg….. Jawahar, come on now and get off of your soap box. Can you not see that this jackal is trying to bait you, the same jackal that seems to have no friends but hangs out on this page begging for attention. Dust your feet off of this pretender and move on, it is not your duty to argue, the Holy Spirit will have his day.

Jawahar Peter…. satan will have so many final words. he is deceiver and thief. But Jesus love is eternal He gives chance till last breadth. dont loose/forfeit Jesus grace by
your arrogance. i have lot of problems in my person i am the worst sinner forgiven by Jesus. its not my goodness or any thing. despite my shortcomings Jesus loves me. i am also ready to accept you provided you dont deny grace of Lord Jesus. i am trying to love u a fraction of what Jesus loved me. but i cant condone the atheism spirit or obstinate person in you.


So the obvious answer is….. I wouldn’t know….. but this person would have lost their mind if they had to admit that. It would shake the very foundation of all they held as true and brought into question everything, I see this as a good thing they did not.

“The moment we are willing to look into nothing is the moment we will be willing to see everything.”

I hope one day all can see the power in this statement I offer. I am not the first to see this and I hope I am not the last.. We don’t know what we don’t know. This is probably the most important post I have written but will mostly be ignored. I have planted a seed that will germinate and bear fruit one day.

Gary David Currie

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #619 The eternal human dilemma…

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011



Journal Entry #619

November 22nd, 2011

What is this dilemma I speak off and how could I possibly know what it is? Good questions…

I don’t claim to know but I will venture to take an educated guess.

We all think we are right and we feel no one else is listening to what we are saying. I am sure there is not one person who is capable of understanding this concept who has not felt this way at one point or another in their lives.

How do we get past this?

We can’t both be right if we disagree but we can both be wrong”. This saying and I could not find the source of if I am quoting it exactly sums it up. It really doesn’t matter what we believe to be right or true what is important is if we can verify it or prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

I see this dilemma in so many aspects of my life and the life’s of others as we all want to be heard, we all want to feel important and what better way of achieving that feeling than to be right on something. It feels good to have accurate knowledge on something. I am no exception to this.

What I would like to clarify with me is that I hope I am at stage in my life where it is not about being right but about acknowledging what is true whether I am right about something or not. Why is this important? Well at times it is not but I will say most of the time it is because if we follow something or believe in something that is not true I will say it will eventually provide negative results. The truth is important as it leads to trust and if we do not have trust in things again it will be difficult to act with positive results. We can trust what is not true but I do believe we are just fooling ourselves by doing this.

If I am wrong on something I deem important I would like to know as I want my beliefs and my journey to be as true as possible.

I guess it mystifies me why people want to live in a delusional state as eventually the fantasy will end. At some point the party stops and the after effects of the party always bring back reality, hard. Eventually the drug wears off, the beer glasses refocus and we have to deal with our actions.

So how do we figure out who is right and who is wrong? This is the problem as the method one accepts to do this; to validate what is true will determine their actions. It appears that too many use a method which distorts reality and we see the problems daily. The only method we have so far that has a good track record is the scientific process and yet many deny this process in favour of their version. It is not being right that should be important but what is true.

Because I use this and so many don’t my method has been an affront on those I interact with and I find this sad because I personally only want what is true as the truth has demonstrated its value in accepting it.

We need to listen to each other as this is very important but the companion to this is when we talk for others to listen we must try and talk with what is true as our focus.

Without truth we are living a lie and that is the truth..

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who HIjacked Reality / #600 Evidence, evidence and more verifiable evidence, people evidence is vital in discovering what is true.

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011



Journal Entry #600

October 24th, 2011

First let me say that as you can see this is my 600th article on my blog. I think this is pretty impressive that I have stuck with it in both consistency and content. I don’t get paid for this although it would be nice someday and thanks to all who have read anything I have written.

Now to the topic at hand; Evidence and most importantly verifiable, credible evidence is the key to discovering what is true. When you apply the evidence to the credible testing method of science and reason we can often arrive at a conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt but so many ignore this during daily life from their beliefs to just dealing with the moment.

An example to get my point across;

This picture was posted on Face Book.

Shaye Heyman

In Boston, Veterans For Peace formed a human chain around protesters to stop the police from arresting and beating the demonstrators. In retaliation, the Boston Police beat these veterans and arrested some as well. Share this image if you are anywhere near as appalled as I am.

Now some of the comments…

- outrage … as a vet I am now ready to march with them!

-  Absolutely appalling!!

- Looks like it is time for the rest of America to help the Boston PD to take the polar bear plunge. Maybe it will clear their minds.

- violation of the first amendment

- This worries me. A country that beats its Veterans will be beaten as well!


Ok these type of comments went on for a while as most thought it was directly pertaining to the Occupy movement happening now until someone posted this;

………The above picture can be found in an 11-12-2007 Boston Globe article. It was from a Veterans Day event and the veterans gagged themselves as part of their protest….

Guess what the comments still continued and the person posted it again and then again and finally with the link to the actual article and still people ignored what they
were saying despite the evidence
Veterans Arrested on Veterans Day in Boston

So before anyone jumped to any conclusions they should have gotten their facts straight, asked some questions and engaged in some critical thinking but most don’t bother. We see this all the time when it comes to peoples’ beliefs and in daily activities. How SAD…

Even when the evidence clearly disputes what people believe they ignore it. I see this all the time from believers in everything from gods to ancient astronauts to Bigfoot when despite no verifiable evidence, broad speculation, self verifying evidence people again ignore the process of verifying evidence and continue to believe what they want to. That would be fine but then they tell everyone else about it and soon you have a bunch of people believing in the same nonsense.

I have to tell you that in my opinion this makes those people stupid.


1. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.

2. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.

3. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless


What else can it be if you ignore evidence that verifies what you believe is not true or you jump to conclusions? I am not trying to insult anyone  just demonstrate the result of refusing to base decisions on verifiable evidence or to even take the time to gather the evidence before rendering a conclusion.



Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie


Who Hijacked Reality / #515 The lawgiver argument for god and why it is not sound.

Thursday, July 28th, 2011



Journal Entry #515

July 28th, 2011

I tried to very hard to engage in a discussion with a person who I have had many discussions with in the past. Now I highly respect this person and very much enjoy talking with him. He is highly intelligent and knowledgeable but we consistently run into this wall and in my opinion it is because you cannot defend fantasy , faith  or the believe that your god is true b y using logic as logic is based in reality.

A sound premise or logical proof in its structure must then be defined by the definition of the terminology used. If you are just demonstrating a progression of a logical argument then anything will do fine but once  it is used  to prove a certain position then you run into problems if the position being defended cannot be confirmed.

Let me demonstrate as here was the initial proposed logical premise or proof;

1. If God does not exist, objective moral values don’t exist.

2. Objective moral values do exist.

3. Therefore God exists.

Now the progression is fine but now for it to be valid we must define the terms. We must define god and objective morality.  Now I could not get the person to do this. He simply avoided it.

1. If evolution does not exist, objective moral values don’t exist.

2. Objective moral values do exist.

3. Therefore evolution exists.

If we replace the term god with evolution then one can see the progression of the argument but still the terms must be defined in order for it to be true.

This is basically the law giver argument used by C.S. Lewis  MORAL LAW

Let’s examine this; first of all I do not accept objective morality as it has not been proven and reasonable doubt can be cast.

Objective morality means that there are set rules for behaviour that cannot be changed. …

These behaviours are subjective as the rules change all the time. What we consider right and wrong is not set in stone. Also this only is implied to humanity and there is a big ole universe out there.  Now evolution has shown us that certain morals produce better results for our survival but that has nothing to do with rules set in stone.

The term god is vital to define for this logical proof. If we are talking about the gods of man then which god and what are the parameters and how do we know them? This will all be subjective and pretend and that is the problem with using an argument like this to prove your god.

While this is an interesting proof it is not sound when applied to prove the god you believe in as you must define the god first.

If god is defined as;


in this argument he states that only a believer can accept the premise of the arguments.

It its not the premises that are logical but the argument itself once you’ve accepted the premise.

Anselm Argument for the definition of GOD>

God is something than which nothing greater can be thought

So God exists in the understanding

But to exist in actuality would be greater than existing only in the understanding

Thus God (b/c nothing greater can be thought) must exist in actuality

To conclude otherwise is to violate the def of God


This argument is sound  but in no way is a proof for the gods of man and when you get right to it if this is what you are presenting to prove your god then you are fooling yourself.

After trying very hard to discuss this I got this;

Gary, this really sounds like there is no point in feigning a discussion as you truly believe that you know the outcome of every argument (relating to this topic). 

Gary David Currie..  (MY rebuttal which was completely ignored.)

That is a cop out  that I usually hear when people have nothing to back up what they say and then make me the topic of discussion. I get this all the time. I have presented you with several discussion topics here that have nothing to …do with me. I presented an alternate logical statement. I asked you to define god in your premise and to define the other terms if you did not agree with my definition. So how did we get to this point where you feel I think I know everything on god and that I have assumed the outcome of every argument.

Why do you try and create this alternate version where god exists and when I ask you to define the parameters of it so I can talk in that realm I get nothing. Look  if you are going to profess god as real at least bring something to the table. If I say it is fantasy and you disagree then show me why it is not instead of saying that I see things in a different world. Show me this world you profess and how it works and why I should accept it. Give me some good reasons for anything you present instead of making me this topic which you are doing.

If the fact that I value evidence that is credible is not acceptable to you then show me why it is not acceptable. This is how one argues and how logic is used which you are trying to use.

To this topic if you present the same arguments over and over of course I know the outcome as they have been refuted over and over beyond a reasonable doubt. That is how life works my friend and I am truly sorry that you do not accept this as the way life works and have not been able to show me that it does not work that way.

I refuse to just pretend that something is true I will always have to have good reasons backed up by evidence. Show me another way I have asked you and you have been unable to do so.

The bottom line here is that your arguments are not sound your reasoning is not sound and your premise is not sound in reference to god as true, If it was I would surely accept it.

On the entire topic of god you only have a faith position and that is what I refer to as fantasy and I will not accept this as true just based on faith, why should I? You have not given me one good reason to and that is what I have been asking for. When I see a good reason I will accept it and the argument will be over.

We have no way of knowing exactly where we get our morals but the evolutionary process is the best explanation so far. To imply a law giver you must first prove he exists. And that has not been done so far.

By the way the gods of man are certainly not presenting morality I would follow as a complete guide.

As I have said before logic and reason will trump fantasy every time as it is based on verifiable evidence not speculation.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #414 The dangers of the argument from ignorance.

Monday, April 18th, 2011



Journal Entry #414

April 18th, 2011

What is the argument from ignorance and why is it so dangerous when believed?

Argument from ignorance, also known as argumentum ad ignorantiam or appeal to ignorance, is an informal logical fallacy. It asserts that a proposition is necessarily true because it has not been proven false (or vice versa).


Neil Tyson talks about UFOs and the argument from ignorance.

Basically what this means is that when there is no apparent answer to a question or an issue instead of saying I don’t know or actually trying to find an answer using evidence people just fill in the blank with what they want to. I also will hear often that you can’t prove what I say is not true ultimately so until you do I will chose my answer. Now often an answer can be provided that will be true beyond a reasonable doubt but that will not be acceptable to many.

If one doesn’t know that should actually be the answer. In the case of religion or belief in a god the ignorance has taken on epic proportions when all that needed to be said was I don’t know.

Today on Face book a video was posted from Godvine about a supposed miracle.

When an SUV plowed through this music store and ran right into the drum set this little girl was sitting at, her parents thought she was gone forever. But just watch what happens a few seconds later….amazing video!

Comments from the post;

Say what they will, I don’t think there’s an atheist alive who can explain how a little girl could have gone from the drum kit to the back of the store in a split second to avoid an SUV that plowed through a wall and right at her.

An atheist would be hard pressed to explain this away with science alone.

I’m thinking that atheists will have a hard time explaining this away but I’m sure some of them will have a good go at it nonetheless.

Thanks for sharing ! An amazingly beautiful story with a dose of the mysterious. Of course, miracles won’t sway the unbeliever (though they claim they will), but those who receive them know their value.

♥ Please note – any predictably negative or pointless comments will be deleted… (yup, I don’t want to head any deeper into Ad Nauseam territory) ♥

It just goes to show you that miracles still happen. Jesus said…”Let the little children come unto me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” What a beautiful story for this time of year! He is risen!

My comment;

Gary David Currie ….Excellent now we are censoring the comments when they disagree and you were telling me you were worried about atheists trying to do that to Christians

I have never disputed that ultimately I cannot confirm or deny anything but that is why we follow what is called a reasonable doubt. Just because I cannot confirm he or it or whatever you feel god is does not give people the legitimate… option to say that it was god. That is just plain silly and ignorant. I can’t confirm that the cookie monster did not have anything to do with it as well but I don’t hear anyone saying he saved the girl and that is just as plausible as god or Jesus. This argument is getting really lame from people. Argument from ignorance is how it is defined. Again the burden of proof is on the one making the claim and in this video that would be the parents..If they fail to met the burden then stop saying it is what happened. This is when humanity runs into problems..

There is more but the point is that with absolutely no evidence for god or Jesus being the source of this story so many will assume that he is for various reasons but the real reason is they just want it to be true.

It really should go like this;

That was an incredible story. I am so glad the child was not hurt and that should be the end of it since we really have no idea why or how it happened but no people begin to speculate and then add their own reason. They then get confirmation from others who believe them and then it goes off to crazy land from there. I can’t tell you how many times I see this particular argument being followed.

This IS the real problem people are just unwilling to say 3 little words that will change everything;


They are not willing to take the time to actually look for the verifiable evidence to confirm or deny what is actually true. Then they embark on finding others who will share in the delusion to confirm it being real.

It is absurd to argue from a position of fantasy as nothing can ever be confirmed or denied that is why one must accept reality and argue from reason where a conclusion can often be determined beyond a reasonable doubt.
This is where religion / faith based claims fail everytime..
Gary David Currie


8 Month Old Deaf Baby’s Reaction To Cochlear Implant Being Activated

Here is how reality works.

Delusional thinking is an epidemic that is the root cause of almost all of our manmade problems from politics to conspiracy theories humanity thrives on it.

Gary David Currie

The most common method of determining what is true and the argument I see the most often is the argument from ignorance. I find this sad that people do not value verifiable evidence in favor of what they want to be true. If they actually took the time to check things out they would find that what they thought they wanted to be true really isn’t want they want at all.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie