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Who Hijacked Reality / #551 “The Code” introduced in 2 published articles. A better guideline than the bible or any other holy book I believe.

Friday, September 2nd, 2011



Journal Entry #551

September 2nd 2011

I would like to share 2 articles that were published in our local newspaper. Now this may seem like no big deal but the subject matter I had been talking about was not traditional. This is the foundation for all I write about.

The links to the articles on line, apparently only one is now available.


THE Articles.


They always use the worst picture of you they can find in the papers.


“The Code”

Did you ever wish that you had super human powers? What would you do with them? Would you do good or evil? Would you help yourself or use those powers to better the world? What would your definition of making the world better be? How far would you go? This idea certainly opens up infinite possibilities but the most important question is this, as a species are we worth saving? Not as individuals but the human race. Have we proven ourselves to be of enough value to continue to live?

In my short time on this planet I have tried to come up with a set of ideals to follow which I hope if followed would show us to be of value. I believe if everyone embraced these ideals we as a species can reach our full potential. I call these ideals “The Code” and I would like to share them with you.

#1.” The Truth, we either acknowledge it or we do not.” This is the bedrock of all things and I have thoroughly covered this throughout my previous articles. Although it may have appeared in the past that I have been attacking religion I believe I have not. To me religion and any believe in the supernatural is a symptom of not acknowledging the truth.( In other words believing in lies). I believe this to be the root cause of all manmade problems. This is what must be changed. No more secrets and no more lies in all aspects of our lives. I also believe that a belief in a god and all that results from this action is very harmful. Believing in all lies can only result in negative consequences by its very nature.

#2 “Everything we do, all our actions are done for selfish reasons.” There is no such thing as a selfless act and the key to positive change results in understanding this truth. We are only concerned with our own lives and since this is our primary focus we do not see how we fit into the big picture. This must change in order for us to reach our full potential. We can achieve peace and harmony with the planet we live on. You might be saying to yourself, your wrong I give to my community, I live for my family or any number of statements that you feel prove my ideal wrong but once you understand what I am presenting you will see that you can absolutely care for other people, you can help other people and even give your life in the service of others but you still do it for selfish reasons. It probably makes you feel good or you could not see yourself being any other way. What I am presenting is not a bad thing it is just the truth. Once we realize this truth we can then understand the basis for all of our actions and why we do the things we do. Understanding is the gateway to harmony within you. For example, if a suicide bomber kills for his beliefs stating that this is Allah’s will he is probably not telling the truth but certainly believes that he is. If we follow what I am presenting we can see that he really is doing this because he believes he is going to Heaven and he has furthered the cause of his god. It is all about what he can gain from this action even though it is disguised with lies.

In my last article I asked for responses on how we could make the world a better place. I wanted your ideas. Back in June I presented a plan to eliminate poverty and disease. I did not receive one response from these ideas I presented. These are about the greater good for our species. If I mention that your god is a murder or challenge your beliefs presenting arguments that show an alternative I receive many responses. This to me demonstrates the selfish nature that we all share. There is no escaping it. It is a fact of life, but once acknowledged you understand that yes I am primarily concerned about myself but in doing this I can make a positive contribution to this world.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, if you had super powers what would you do with them? How can you benefit this world? In reality we do not have super powers but we do have the power to change. So I will ask again. How can we make this world better for us all? Please think carefully about your answer. Follow it through to its conclusion and base it on the truth not what you want to be true. I do not expect many of you will even give this a second thought and the reason is this. We really don’t care about anyone but ourselves. We all want someone to listen to us but what we really need to do is listen to the truth.

Over the next 2 articles I will present the rest of “The Code” I have just scrapped the surface but I welcome all responses.

Let us try to teach generosity and altruism, because we are born selfish.
Richard Dawkins

Seek the Truth

Gary Currie     



“The Code” Part 2

Who in this world has not been offended by something that was said to them? Have you ever been called a name or term that you were insulted by? Have you ever had your feelings hurt by someone? You are probably reliving those events now. Step back a moment because what I am about to say will probably offend you.  #3 in The Code, No one can offend you, you can only offend yourself. No one can hurt your feelings except you.

In September 2005 A Danish newspaper printed a series of cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed. The reaction from the Muslim world that followed was shocking leading to several deaths at its worst. Islamic tradition bans depictions of the Prophet. It was claimed that the cartoons were extremely offensive to a large group. Who is to blame for the violence and other actions that followed? Did the cartoons cause the violence as was said by several articles or was each person responsible for how they reacted?

The freeonlinedictionary definition of “OFFEND” 1. To cause displeasure, anger, resentment, or wounded feelings in.2. to hurt the feelings, sense of dignity, etc., of (a person).

This definition shows exactly how our society reacts by putting the blame on others instead of where it belongs.


Can someone say something offensive to you? Absolutely, but you determine if you are offended by it or not. The point is this, you control how you interpret what you hear, read or see. You give it the life you want it to have. You can choose to ignore it or you may not even understand the statement. No more blaming someone else for what they said. You’re driving down the road and someone is screaming at you how do you react? What is important here is that you react to what you perceive has been said. If someone was calling you every name they could think of but it was in a different language until you assigned meaning to the words you would not be offended by them.

So no more he or she hurt my feelings unless that is what you want. You are now free to not be insulted if you choose. What a different world this would be if people did not react to every insult because they blamed the other person for insulting them. I realize this seems contrary to everything most of us were brought up believing but it is the truth.


The person who is saying the insults is not without responsibility which brings me to #4 in “The Code” You are responsible for all of your actions and thoughts within the house rules. If you are not responsible then who is? If someone hits you is it their fault you got hit? No, they are responsible for doing the hitting but you placed your face in the way of their fist. The house rules are events that you have absolutely no control over such as natural disasters or the actions of others.

I realize I have presented very hard to believe concepts over the last 2 articles but it is the truth. I have looked extensively for these to be flawed because I only want the truth as well.

Once we understand the flow of life from a perspective of truth we can now determine what is not true and focus on reality. This is the goal.

Recently I had an experience that will demonstrate how things can go very wrong when the above concepts are not accepted.  As many of you know I have written several articles offering an alternative view to religion and the concept of god. I have been approached frequently by people wanting to tell me why their beliefs are valid and I am more than willing to talk respectfully. During one such conversation a certain person became very angry as I was not willing to just except what they said without evidence. As the conversation moved on they said to me” people like you make me very angry” to which I responded “I can’t make you angry only you can do that’. This of course led them to be even angrier which resulted in an unpleasant result as their anger boiled over.


It has been a while since I have offered a worthwhile challenge. I have been saving this one which I will soon be presenting to the world via the internet. Verifying my point in the last article in regards to selfishness I have not received one e-mail on how we can make the world a better place but I have received letters of support. It is sad when we only react to being insulted instead of working together for the betterment of humanity despite our differences.

I challenge all religions to practice what you preach. If you preach peace in any form it cannot coexist with violence. I challenge all religions to work together with no excuses and put all of your assets and manpower towards solving the problems of poverty and disease. Lay down your violence and agendas that do not achieve this goal.

Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24

Seek The Truth

Gary Currie  

Until I see something that offers me a better way to model my life I will follow “ THE CODE”


Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #550 Does fear rule our lives?

Thursday, September 1st, 2011



Journal Entry #550

September 1st, 2011


Fear; a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

I think that much of humanities daily life revolves around fear. Is this a good thing, a bad thing or just the way it has to be? I don’t think it has to be this way on the level it exists but it is a necessary part of life, of being human.

With the 10th anniversary of 911 days away the climate of fear just in the USA alone is overpowering virtually crippling the country which is the goal of terrorists. After hearing several reports on this in the news today it got me thinking on how much the emotion of fear dominates our existence and I asked myself is this the way we want to live? A small group of people can through fear virtually control the lives of many. This saddens me. Why do we allow this to happen is the question that kept running through my mind? We try to control so much that is out of our control.

What we fear;

For our safety

Growing old

What others will think of us

Being alone


Pain including illness

Lack of the basics

If I just leave the list at these few so many other fears can be included in each category. Industries have been built and fortunes have been made to alleviate these fears but they are built on illusions.

I am no different than anyone else in that I have my fears but I do my best to realize what is beyond my control and to not let my fears control my actions unless it is absolutely essential.

Fear is a legitimate response for our survival at times but this is where it should end but for many it does not.

Religions are based on fear as they offer the illusion of answers to the above fears I offered but again it is an illusion. Realization of reality in life and acceptance of reality can certainly alleviate many of these fears.

I offer what I use as my guide to keep me grounded in life.

                        The Code


Truth – I either acknowledge it or I don’t.

Responsibility – I am responsible for all of my actions.

Selfish – Everything I do is selfish.

Offend – I can only offend myself.

I have gone into more detail on each one of these and why they are important.  Who Hijacked Reality / #7 The Code Introduced  Who Hijacked Reality / #64 The Code / Responsibility.  Who Hijacked Reality / #65 The Code / Selfishness.  Who Hijacked Reality / #67 The Code / Offend.

You can either let fear control you or you can control your fears.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie