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Who Hijacked Reality / #273 Apparently I’m going to HELL. See you there.

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

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Journal Entry # 273

December 2nd, 2010

This really is what religion is all about isn’t it, the threat of going to a hell. Once you get past all the nonsense this is where it always ends up. This is what is told to countless influential children and ignorant people looking for hope in their life’s. If you do not submit in whatever way is deemed appropriate for the religion in question you will end up in a hell. The Chinese have 1,000’s of them.

Recently I was invited to offer my challenges to religion on a FACE BOOK page called Born Again.!/group.php?gid=300766774609  Born Again


          Instill that fear.

 As you can tell by the title they are a group of Christians based out of India who consider themselves Born Again into Jesus. Now there are people from all over the world on this page and I have talked with many. Mostly the standard silly arguments. Now the reason I was asked to do this was twofold; 1. So they could convert me and 2. So they could practise debating an atheist. Well I guess they had enough as this was my final warning.

Moderator…….. Dear all Born-agains…  Gary is intentionally choosing Hell. We know God never puts any one to hell without reason or sufficient warning. I am sure Gary has seen Gods love through our persuasion. Better leave him now. He is adamant. Thank God our time is not waste because we are sharpened to face still bigger atheists.

Different Christian…..I agree. Some will argue just for arguments sake. What little Jesus does ask of us after giving it all? God bless you brother Raj.

Gary David Currie ……WOW you say I am choosing hell. Thanks for condemning me. Why can’t I still be a non believer and go to heaven? That is what a real father would do.

I would never treat my children the way you say your god will treat me.

I am a great person,… I am in the service of others and have been so for many years. I care deeply about humanity and I long for a peaceful world. I am all about love and peace.

But because I at this point or may never accept your god as true you and your god will condemn me to torture and hell for eternity.

This is pathetic and why I speak out.

You call that love. You say you care, All your god and you do is judge and condemn if we are different than you.

You say you’re are about Peace how is this Peace. This is a twisted version of PEACE. This is not unconditional love.

Your Statement has verified exactly what I say about Christianity and the sad thing is that you are all fine with this concept. You wish hell for me if a do not agree with you or accept your god. Do you not see how wrong and twisted this really is

If your god was really about love he would accept me no matter what I believed.


Laurie Lebo from the documentary Judgment Day — Intelligent Design on Trial: Nova on how here father viewed life. She believed in evolution he did not.

It is difficult to think rationally when this is your primary focus.

“If you believe in heaven and hell and you believe you have to be saved nothing else could possibly matter. Not the first amendment, not science, not rational debate. All that matters is that you’re going to be rejoined with the people you love most on this earth.”

This pretty much sums it up. When you are so diluted that you believe in a Heaven and a hell you will do whatever you have to do to get there with the ones you love. You will be blinded to the actual idea that your god is a control freak which of course verifies he is no god at all. This basis for everything else that takes place in the life of the faithful. They will now have to follow all the rules so they don’t go to hell.

This reminds of the Brutal Regimes we have in the world today. My way or death but you disguise it with the veil of love.

If I actually thought this was real I would fight the idea to the death. The problem is that many do think it is real and they follow it to the death of others.

The veil of love thinly disguises the beast it conceals but once challenged the fangs will slowly appear until they are deep within you.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie