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Who Hijacked Reality / #635 Songs from the album “Sandbox Junkies”

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Journal Entry #635

February 3rd, 2012

Well if you have followed my blog at all or scanned through our website you will have noticed that besides writing I have many other passions and music is at the top of the list.

2 years ago we released our debut album. “DOG KUF” and slowly started to build a fan base. Over the next 2 years we worked on the new one “Sandbox Junkies” which was planned to be released 2 months ago but life got in the way and it will be put on hold for awhile but since the music was completed I decided to release the music as videos on You Tube for people to enjoy.

I will offer 2 of the songs here and the rest over a period of time on the blog. If you like these songs or even if you don’t please share for others to decide for themselves.


“What I Have To Say” by The FREEMAN

“What I have to say..”

Lyrics by Gary David Currie       Music by Gary David Currie & Zack Currie      Copyright   July 2011


You don’t want to hear what I have to say..           Repeat..

1st verse

What’s your drug of choice, what gets you high, are you satisfied with just getting by ?

Do you feel the need to believe in lies? Born innocent eyes open wide.

Counting the days until you die, graves calling you gods waiting by..


You don’t want to hear what I have to say, what I have to say


2nd verse

Join the machine a cog in the wheel, days repeat no green fields.

Take your head out of that feeding trough see what it’s like when you’re not lost.

Is the weight of living like a cross to bear, let the saints and sinners all beware..


You don’t want to hear what I have to say, what I got say what I want to say…..Repeat..


Repeat main line..

Say, say, say, say, say, say, say…. (low voice to high)



“Ya Got” by The FREEMAN

“Ya Got”  Lyrics

Ya  got

Right wing left wing chewing on a chicken wing.

Mac book Facebook does anybody read a book

Pop, rap, rock is back no playing with a backing track

Science geeks Jesus freak here’s the dumbass of the week

Double down Baconator stuff it on and pay it later

Ah what a world


What in the world do we think we’re doing?

  Is anyone still sane?

What in the world do we think we’re doing?

  Is it a game…


Ya got

Free speech, no speech airports looking in your briefs

Viral, out of control post it on the you tube show

Star wars, Start Trek what a stupid argument

Bollywood, Hollywood 15 minutes if you could

Polar bears running scared, Clinton on what not to wear.

Ah what a world



Ya got

Gay, straight lots of hate climate change is it too late

Big bang star burst what a great big universe

Vampires, cheating liars, evolution revolution

Sex, drugs rock n roll Dr. Drew for your soul

Conspiracies, clear the trees oceans filled with our debris

Everyone thinks their right, Guns kill people fight

Everyone thinks their right, Guns kill people fight




Thanks for listening

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie

Who Hijacked Reality / #596 I think I figured out our basic problem as a species..We just don’t like to share.

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011



Journal Entry #596

October 19th, 2011

I am always wrestling with what the core cause to our problems are and I think I have an ingredient better defined to add to my recipe. We just don’t like to share. Now I have stated this before in what I call “The Code”;   Who Hijacked Reality / #7 The Code Introduced

“The Code”

Truth – I either acknowledge it or I don’t.


Responsibility – I am responsible for all of
my actions within the house rules.


Selfish – Everything I do is selfish.


Offend – I can only offend myself.


I will focus in on “Selfish” here; now I say we are selfish in all we do but that does not mean we have to act selfish but we just can’t seem to help ourselves. Watch a child playing with a toy when another child wants to join in. We do not unless we are taught want to give it up and share.

This really hit me over the last year and a half trying to get our music noticed. One of the platforms I use is Face Book to do this. There is a button if you are not familiar with FB that allows you to share any post or comment. All you have to do is just press it and the post will go to all you friends on your list, easy right, easy to do but not to get people to do it.


“What I Have To Say” by The FREEMAN

As an artist who is independent I have no promotional machine behind me so this is how I get the word out. I encourage original creativity by sharing all I see but very few will return or even think of doing it. If it is not in line with their beliefs or thoughts or they do not like it then they do not share. It may appear as if I am whining here but this is an observation that really struck me on the song we released 2 days ago. I know it is a good song, for those that have listened the feedback has been awesome but still I cannot get people to share and that is what social networking should be all about.

I even created a photo that directs people to the share button..

Now translate this behaviour into all other aspects of our lives and we have a basic problem. We have enough food to go around but we don’t share. I am sure you can think of a million things well not literally but you get the idea that people will not share. Now of course not all things should be shared and this topic certainly needs to be discussed at greater length but I am offering a basic problem of humanity here.

The problem is that this is actually counterproductive to our survival. As a species we will need to work together, to share our assets and ideas. We will not advance if we do not. We sure love to share our ideology and that is cool and very different than forcing our ideology on others. Sharing is not the same as dictating.

Right now we see that the rich do not want to share with the poor and the poor are fed up with this. Balance will always find a way.

We are greedy in so many ways and we must change this.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie