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Who Hijacked Reality / #590 What would it take to unite all of humanity?

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011



Journal Entry #590

October 13thth, 2011

We are so divided by so many things, race, color, culture, geography, intellect, money, religion, politics, age, history, to name a few so how can we ever become untied as a species? Is it even important that we are united?

If we were to find out that we were not alone in this vast universe would this be a start? Why is it we focus on all of our differences instead of the commonalities we have? What one thing would unite us? Is it a combination of things that will achieve this?

I don’t know the answer but I do think it is an important question. Will it be a tragedy that propels us to act as one? Are we at our best when things are at their worst? Often the ones we look to for inspiration or leadership quickly become the ones we condemn. We feel we do not get what we think we are promised and we turn on them.

It almost appears we are ready for a reboot as the system we are currently under is infected beyond repair. This will naturally occur if we do not take the initiative and upgrade ourselves.

Imagine there are no people and a giant tanker is left floating in the ocean. The cargo is grains and with this naturally rats will follow. With no controls nature will take its course. The rats will breed and multiply eventually consuming all the resources. They will then turn on themselves until they are all dead. We are the rats and the ship is the planet. If we do not get this under control as best we can nature will take its course.

We will never please everyone so how do we decide what is best for us all? Some things are just not going to make the cut and if we are in this for the long haul and the species we will have to make these choices. I do believe history should be an indicator to what works and what does not but what I do not see is a group of people willing to make this a priority. A group secluded away that will have an agenda of what is best for humanity. I realize what I am proposing will be hated by many, will be viewed as a conspiracy agenda but like I said you can’t save all the puppies.

We have an opportunity at this time in humanities existence to plot a course that will produce a positive outcome or we can just keep going without rebooting and the virus will keep infecting until the entire system is corrupt and beyond repair.

We can take what is best in all of us and work with it.

To answer my question, I really don’t think beyond an alien invasion or similar global event that we can unite as we are not willing to let go of our divisions. If I am capable of understanding that this must be accomplished then I am sure there are others. Maybe this is even being done right now.

Personally I am willing to let go of the divisions and I hope there are more people like me to talk and move towards a solution. We simply are not doing enough because enough are not willing to change. Maybe there will come a time when someone will read this in the future and say that this guy had the right idea, too bad we did not listen to him and others. Maybe I am wrong and I hope I am but the signs of this are not there.

There are enough experts on many areas that can be consulted, there are people who are willing and there are people with money to help fund this very important task for humanity so let’s get to it. If we do not have a solution in place then we can never start. If we just continue to bitch and complain and dwell in our misery nothing will change. If we continue to allow those who bring harm to this world do their worst then nothing will change, if we continue to do nothing then expect nothing.

I will tell you this with confidence whether we try and influence the change or not it will take place. Nature will do what it does and we may not be part of the plan to survive.

I think what I have to offer is a direction I do not see as we are caught up in our little crusades, championing the little fires we see burning. I offer a view of the big picture, the root causes looking at the species not the divisions.

I write these words hoping that one day they will be heard and acted upon for if I do nothing then nothing will happen.

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie