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Who Hijacked Reality / #623 Left are the Memories….

Sunday, December 4th, 2011



Journal Entry #623

December 4th, 2011

Today I released our latest music video called “Left are the Memories”. I wrote this song about 3 years ago but was waiting for the right time to record and release it.  The song is about dealing with loss in our life’s be it due to death or any other form.

I had hoped to convey a message that with our without god we still must get to a point where we realize that what we have are the memories and we can at that point chose to focus on the good or on the  bad. This is how people live on with us.

I hope this song speaks to those that feel they need it. I hope I have offered a connection for those that need it. I will tell you I put a lot of work into both the song and the video and a big thanks to those that helped.

A special thanks to my wife Kelley for playing the beautiful ghost that certainly helped set the mood I was looking for. I thank her for her willingness to go out in public in her pyjamas.


I dedicate this song to all those who have lost someone either through death or other means.

“Left are the Memories” by THE FREEMAN..I am the creator of the music and video. I hope that this song offers you a connection.  Please share as you never know who this will touch.

The guitar solo alone is worthy of your attention and should stand the test of time..

Gary David Currie of The FREEMAN………


“Left are the Memories” by The FREEMAN (OFFICIAL)

Left are the Memories
  September 20th , 2007

Lyrics & music by Gary David Currie

Verse 1

I hear your voice I hear you call

But your so far away            ( so far away)

Where did you go, I need to know

I miss you



Are you free, are you falling

Are you alive are you calling  me

to be with you for  eternity

or all that is left  is the memories

Left are the memories

Left are the memories

Left are the memories


Verse 2

Am I dreaming is this real

your so far away               ( so far away)

Where did you go I need to know

I miss you


Video stills………

Seek the truth always

Gary David Currie